Saturday, October 31, 2009

Not making...

...a Shutterfly photo book out of this holiday.
In my mind, Halloween would play out like this. All 3 children dressed up cute as a button. Trick or Treating on this beautiful, yet chilly fall day and then family after party, for dinner with friends. I spent the day making white chicken chili. Then, lots of cozy sleep, thanks to time change.
Halloween, actually, played out like this:
After, a COLD soccer game, I frantically spent my day organizing children, as Coach had to both work and coach. Here is how my devotion paid off for each child.

1.) The Mummy:
Money Spent: $0
Time Spent Preparing (cutting sheets, dyeing with tea and paint, wrapping and placing strips, make-up): 8-9 hours
Time Spent Trick or Treating: 50 min. (he got bored)
Time Spent Cleaning his room after getting very mouthy and therefore not attending after party: 25 min
Time Spent Letting him know he is Ungrateful: Enough

2.) The Bug, Dragon, Pink thing with hearts:
Money Spent: $5.99 on clearance yesterday
Time Spent Shopping and Prepping: None, Grammy found costume on her lunch hour
Time Spent Trick or Treating: None, but she did stop by the after party to drop off our chili.
Time Spent Hating us for Making her Look Ridiculous: We'll have to add that up later.

3.) The New Adventure Tinkerbell:
Money Spent: On the birthday wings (too much), the other stuff, maybe $20
Time Spent Preparing: She declared this her costume in March, later I shopped, matched clothes, sewed leaves..etc. Approx. 6 hours
Fever when she started dressing: None
Fever when we got the Wings on: 102.5
Time Spent in Costume: the 45 seconds Pop-pop carried her to this bench and I spent taking this picture.
Time Spent Trick or Treating: -15 minutes. She was actually asleep when her other grand-parents came to bring her candy.

If you look carefully, you can see her slowly falling over as the fever rises. You have to get the picture, right?
In the last 6 weeks, Tink has had 13 stitches, missed a Carnival, missed her favorite cousin's birthday party from this fever, missed Halloween and now tomorrow, will miss her BFF's birthday party. (Happy 3rd, little Flower!)
Stroke of bad luck that is flitting around my Tinker... we are way over you.
F off, how 'bout.
As soon as I finish typing this, I am packing my Halloween stuff in the attic.


Anonymous said...

I am going to ignore the ungrateful child and the sick one. Let's focus on the "Love Bug." We should keep her in animal clothes all the time. I don't know what I love more, the face on her hat or the feet. Coco, you are very welcome for finding you the most adorable Halloween costume. Love you all, Grammy

The Mrs. said...

That is the saddest Tink I think I've ever laid eyes on. Being sick on Halloween is just no fair (for mom or child). Love the creativity on The Kids outfit and Coco is cute as a bug.

Ditta said...

Coco was the coolest but tink...we missed boo!