Friday, December 31, 2010

2000 and Ten and it's Top Ten.

Sure... us and those around us, suffered a few bumps (literally... stupid deer) along our road. But for the most part, I could easily label this one of the very best, most smiley, most thankful years of my life.
Here are several reasons Why:
(In no particular order)

1. Chicago, Chicago, Chicago.
Our Family Rocked that City. Trips to the Aquarium, Bears Game, Bleacher Seats at Cubs, Dugout Seats at Cubs, Train Trip. Thanks for the Memories, ChiCaGo. We (and our money) Hearted the Heck out of you.

2. Me pretending to be a Runner. Ummm... not so much the actually Running. The many blogs (mine and others) dedicated to running. The pretend 'Practice' with friends. The 4th of July Race. All of the active participants and their jokes (except Doc and Mrs, who kinda took it serious.)
Running was fun to pretend to care about.

3. Na'Orlens. Which Coach and I now pronounce with a Southern Accent, as if we lived there for years, before settling into a Midwestern Family Life.

4. Personal Achievements (outside of being Coach's Wife and the Mother of his cute children...blah.)
I stepped Way the Bleep Outside my Box this year. My Blog took off.. Thank-you Dear Followers. My Yoga Class has blown up. I feel I have become more myself. Oh... and I am a Runner.

5. My Baby turned One. And honestly, seriously, no-joke has gotten cuter every second of every day.
For Realz.

6. Summer. This Summer was awesome.
My Husband was super cute, at the event otherwise known as The Bride's Wedding. My kids were tanned and adorable. Long days spent at Pools and Beaches. Boat Trips, Road Trips, Family Vacations. I'll say it was the best summer since I was 17 (and that was a pretty darned good summer....)

7.) Taking my children and husband to the Rocky Mountains. Huge Life Experience... Checked Off.

8.) Tinkerbell. Not just the Party. (though nothing is cuter than 15 little Fairies in wings) The 2 months leading up to the Party. Her Giddy Anticipation was priceless. She enjoyed every moment, more than any present. She really is pixie magic.

9.) Our Friends. I laughed. I smiled. I embraced (well sorta, I'm not really a 'toucher'). I considered High-Fiving. We had FUN this year. Dances, weddings, birthday parties, van rides, Day After events, movies, games... etc. Lots of people made me smile (and that is NO easy feat.)

10.) Last and Really 'The Most Important'.
The complete and absolute legal and spiritual joining of my little family on our bumpy journey of life. I have a family. A beautiful, growing, loving, healthy family.
And that... Made my year.

Good-bye 2010.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

So...Ya know You've Thrown a Great Party When.....

You find leftover traces of said party for several days following the event.

The most peculiar clue, would be these:

Allow me to pose 3 Questions:
Which one of our Friends...

A.) Claims The Slippers as a part of their wardrobe?

B.) Actually chose to wear The Slippers to our Party?

C.) Enjoyed themselves so very much,
they left our December Party barefoot?

Just the fact, that I am completely baffled and find it difficult to narrow the list, to even a few....
Sadly, defines the character of my group of
friends and/or family.

And I must say...
I Heart That.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Only 1 Month!!

Exactly, one month from today...
our Relay for Life Team will throw the much anticipated Recycled Wedding Reception!

Will there be a real wedding?
Maybe another skit or team dance?
Will we have a grand finale, auction Conman paintings, have cheeseburgers or a pep rally?

Only one way to find out.

Start searching for your outfit (costume fun but not required). Squeeze into an old wedding dress. Dig out a purple bridesmaid dress.
Take another route...
Copy your favorite celebrity wedding.
I don't know...
Maybe Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.
Anyone bold enough to pull off a white bikini in January??

Tickets available next week!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On Christmas Eve:

my children were The Most Beautiful Ever. I Could Not stop gushing over them. I just kept pointing them out to Coach, "Do you SEE them? Can you get over those dresses? Is The Kid's face exceptionally handsome? Isn't their hair beautiful, when actually brushed??"

I can not allow The World,
to be denied of their Beauty, for one more day.

Christmas Eve:
You have become the best part of my Holiday.

Well, you and 'The Day After Party'.
Which is trailing as a pretty close second.

Monday, December 27, 2010

He sang 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand' like he was David Grohl.

I have always known,
The Beatles were the greatest band, ever.
Since I was a child,
I can vividly remember loving their music.

Yet, I had no idea, how Truly gifted they were... how their voices were finely tuned instruments...
until I spent the evening, painfully listening to Coach sing along on Beatles Rockband.
Like how you appreciate a peacefully sleeping baby, after hearing her Colic scream for two hours.

Ahhh... The Wii.
It only took us 2 maybe 3 years, to realize your Awesome Power of Family Togetherness. If you can't laugh and point at each other (until your sides ache and somebody cries) then really, what good is Family?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

We wish you...

a Merry Christmas.
We wish you a Merry Christmas.
We WISH you a Merry Christmas...
well, you get the idea!

Merry Christmas, Blog World.
I am honored to be a part of your lives.
Happy Christmas wishes to you and yours.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Grinch Stole Our Christmas.

Without question, The Girls most faborite Christmas movie has been The Grinch. Thanks to the wonder of DVR, we are viewing this holiday treasure daily.

"It came without ribbons! It came without tags!"
"It came without packages, boxes or bags!"

And he puzzled three hours,
till his puzzler was sore.
Then the Grinch thought of something,
he hadn't before.
"Maybe Christmas," he thought
"doesn't come from a store."
"Maybe Christmas... perhaps...
means a little bit more!"

And what happened then...?
Well... in Who-ville they say
That the Grinch's small heart
Grew three sizes that day!

This year, more than ever, I completely understand.
I am giddy with anticipation, to share the next 24 hours with my 3 little Grinch's!

**You'll notice I didn't write '3 Little Angels'??
I am excited to share the holiday, yet still not oblivious to who they actually are!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

She Even Meaner Like Pony.

Tink has become even more Tinkeriffic. To best explain the complete and total transformation into the infamous temperamental fairy...
A random list of her Tink-like behavior.
Merry Christmas.

1.) She missed one day of pre-school. The flu?? Nope. She refused to put on clothing. No... not like she was in her pajamas all day. She was naked and physically fought back hard against any clothing.
She was called out of school: Naked.

2.) She missed one evening of Tumbling.

Tink: "Becuz mine legs are too tired. My arms are berry tired. My fourahead muscles are too tired."

Me: "Your forehead can't go to Tumbling?"

Tink: "No. It is too tired for Somenearsaults."

Yet another sweaty battle, trying to get her into Tumbling clothes.
We lost.

3.) This is a familiar picture of our Tink.

In her Time-out Chair.
Let's pay careful attention to her now faborite outfit. We snagged the (very cute) nightgown at the Mrs. Garage Sale. Tink loved it and wore in constantly, this summer. However, when the weather turned cold, we explained she had to wear warmer pajamas. One night, she added my Cubs Tshirt over top of her beloved nightgown, as a robe/shawl of sorts.
She now wears the combo at least twice a week.
We have tried hiding both.
Again... not pretty.

5.) Tink has become exceptionally short (get the joke) with her father. For example:

Coach: Tink, I love you.

Tink: No. You can't. I lobe my mom.

Coach: Tink, why are you in my closet?

Tink: I not. I in my mom's closet.

Coach: Tink, come in my bed and snuggle goodnite.

Tink: I can't. Dat's mine mom's bed. I lobe my mom.

Coach: Tink, you are so pretty. I love you.

Tink: You don't! I can't be your pretty!

Frankly, I don't really see the problem with the above. We all get tired of being His Pretty.
But it is upsetting her father.

6.) Tis The Season.

Me: What are you asking Santa for?

Tink: A Baby All Gone.

Me: What else do you want for Christmas?

Tink: NOTHING! Just a Baby All Gone.

Me: Mommy wants to buy you something.

Tink: You can't! I want nothing from you.
Santa will get me a Baby All Gone.

Me: I want Santa to get me a puppy.

Tink: He can't neber. He doesn't dink so. He wants to get you nothing.

Naughty or Nice??
I just can't decide...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I swear, That Kid is aging me.

Recently, I passed by the window and noticed I have 'Old Arm Skin' shining in the reflective glow off the miserable snow.
That was news to me.
Maybe not to those around me...
But still news to me.

Then, last evening The Kid graciously counted down the days until my Birthday.
When his mother will be "Really kinda sorta old. Not really old but kinda old. At least, pretty old."
Obviously, he has noticed my arms.

Merry Christmas, Brat.
You are lucky,
I finished your Christmas shopping on Monday.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Tom Brady:

What must it be like, to have the hand of God, reach down and declare "This boy shall be Golden"?
I mean, really was it not enough...
that you are a professional Quarterback?
Or tall and fairly attractive?
That you had one already very beautiful Baby's Mama and then traded her up for
The Most Beautiful Super Model in the Entire World?
Who Models for Victoria's Secret.
Speaks 3 languages and is from Brazil (enough said)?
AND those Mama's pop out a couple of very cute little sons. Who will also be tall and attractive.
And probably professional athletes.
And those Baby's Mamas are still super hot.
Oh... and you are all billionaires.
With lavish homes across the globe.
Adding insult to injury... you went and grew hair.
Lots of hair. Donating to the children kind of hair.

So really, would throwing One interception been too much to ask? You nearly did several times. Green Bay barely allowed you to touch the ball.
And still...
You actually continued to set records for consecutive games without an interception.
Super Awesome for you.
Because your life needed to really keep on keepin on, getting better.

And we certainly did not need a new TV or Toilet.
I mean who cares about $750, right Tom Brady?

Coach lost his Fantasy League by 1 point.
Continuing his life long-running streak of being
'The Greatest Guy to almost finish anything Big'.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Four Little Girls really ARE Cuter than Just One...

Friday night, was Cookie Decorating Night, with cute little cousins. They were sweet, well behaved and on a pretty fun sugar-high.

(This picture accurately depicts the frequent little frosted fingers to mouth action for the evening.)

On a completely unrelated note....

Dear Coach's Family:
I am bringing frosted cookies to the Christmas Party tomorrow. Go ahead and eat a few... I dare ya.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why are my Children so Odd?

At what age can you diagnose a child with Pica?

Poor Tink, is out several markers (non-toxic...) from Coco sucking the ink out of them.
And no...
Coco is not a Vampire.

Unless, of course, Vampires can be blamed for knocking the 5 ft Fake Christmas Tree over twice... from trying to eat the branches.
That really happened.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"If you want Something Done, you have to do it yourself...Huh?"

... was the sentiment bellowed from across the street, courtesy of The Neighbor. And was the sentiment playing on repeat in my mind
(save a few select swear words.)
Yesterday, Coach attempted (again) to manifest a pathetic little light display. He shoved and mangled 2 lines of icicle lights and 2 net lights, into a bush.

But shockingly, when you connect and connect and connect, 2 different types of lights together...
they sometimes will not even light.
Light Lesson #1.
And shockingly (again) just because you leave that mess plugged in for 24 hours... does not mean they will magically RE-electrically correct themselves.
Light Lesson #2.
Therefore, this afternoon I dramatically declared
(in my head) "Bleep This Noise!"
I am perfectly capable of wrapping Christmas lights around a pole.
I can NOT drain a Three from the opposing team's Free-Throw line.
I can NOT put on an aerobic display of Short-Stop godliness on a baseball field.
and I can NOT be HomecomingKingFriendly (sigh).

But I CAN and I DID, string some Christmas Lights while simultaneously spreading some
Mother ##$@!% Christmas Joy.
2 colors, no less.
(please ignore use of Painter's Tape.)
Go ahead and Crown me The Queen of
"Doing myself a complete DiS-service because now my husband will never even try this again."

The entire process took 18 minutes
(actually timed for Blog Bragging Purposes.)
The most time-consuming part??
Photographing Coach's Lameness.
Photographing My Awesomeness...
and my Daughter's Grossness.

Deck the Halls...
And all that Jazz.

Monday, December 13, 2010

No Plans to join the Christmas Walk, just yet...

It has been written...
the exterior of our home, can be a bit of an eyesore. The Country Boy that lingers in my husband, has some trouble with the aesthetic.
One source of contention, in our marriage:
The ongoing Christmas Lights Saga.
I am not asking for a synchronized light show.
No bells, ribbons or whistles... of course.
Admittedly, my husband is a busy man in the winter months, clocking in MANY hours.
Which I do not discount for anything.
That said, I calmly mentioned this weekend, it may not KILL anyone to hang 1 string of lights. Not much. Just one little string of lights, wrapped around the porch pole. That is not an unreasonable request.
Just 1. Plain string. On a porch pole.
Simple, right?
Sunday morning, I faced the blizzard and headed to the mall, with detailed shopping list in hand.
(following 8:00am Mass... of course...)
The kids were shipped to Grammy's.
And Coach was left alone.
Per usual, he attempted to over-extend himself.
He headed to the Garage (black hole of lost lights from Christmas Past) and pulled out 2 lines of Icicle Lights. (Purchased during an ambitious post-Christmas Sale. Because 'Next Year' was gonna be 'The Year'... declared 3 years ago.)
The Result was sad, to say the least.
After years spent shoved in a plastic bin.
The light were a little less than Icicle-ish....

You will notice the wide gaps, as the lights are spaced randomly along the gutter. Each icicle wound UP tight.

Slight skip around corner.
Except, not from 1 corner of the house to the other....
Ohhh Nooo.
The line extended maybe 11 feet of the gutter line.
Before taking an erratic nose-dive Gap towards the porch pole. Then haphazardly wrapping the icicle lights, around the pole.

After a brief, mature and mutual discussion this morning. We decided maybe it probably wouldn't be a terrible idea, to try again. We reasoned maybe we could try stringing the lights on just one bush and see how that went.

Visions of Sugar Plums,
and what not..

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just a regular Friday night, at the Bar, in your Jammies.....

Our Family had a very happy reason to celebrate.
And we did so...
with a CrazyHatPajamaParty!
A picture tells a 1000 words..
these pics show a 1000 smiles!

(Love the enthusiasm! Great PJ's, Nice you can be so comfortable with your masculinity.)

(Coco shakin it. "All Night Long...")

(The intensity of the above little couple,
made several parents nervous.)

(and when this started, it was time to go home.)

Very happy, for our reason to celebrate.
Very happy, to all of those who dressed-up and looked totally ridiculous on a Friday night!
Very happy, for all of the dancing.
Very happy, for each child, that exclaimed
"Dis is the greatest night eber!"

Very happy, for The Kid's smile.
Great night.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Coach thinks I am Ugly.

I am trying my best to stay home and stay healthy...
But I had made my Hair appt weeks ago and a girl has priorities. This appt was not just necessary for my Holiday Glow... I had to hurry and JUMP before I changed my mind.
I have always wanted to Donate my hair. I have always had soooo much hair. And I felt, if I didn't do this, I would feel guilty. About a year ago, I decided it needed to happen sooner than later.
(Let's get real, the hair is not getting any younger.)
A few weeks ago, my hand literally cramped while trying to brush out my unmanageable mane. Conclusion: This is It! Made the appt, gave myself a mini daily pep-talk, confessed my plan to others and tried to ignore the fabulous hair days experienced, immediately after placing the phone call.
And now...

Did my Heart stop beating and/or leap into my throat as she began to cut?

Do I like my new short hair?
Not so much. Though, it feels more healthy and much easier to brush!

Is it the fault of my Hairdresser?
Absolutely not, she wasn't thrilled with the idea either but she did what she was told.

Am I happy, I donated?
Yes. Check one off my Secret Bucket List.

Will I be growing it back
(minus 3 inches, cuz it really was too long)?
I may even start popping left over pre-natal vitamins, like candy.

Is there a lucky little girl, who will be grateful to receive my 8 inches of naturally curly hair?
Ummm, possibly No.

Coach's reaction:

He arrives home, minutes after I have fixed up the New Do, to the best of my ability...

Me: So... what do you think?

Coach: Well, yea. I mean, I guess I would need to see it done.

Me: It IS done.

Coach (with a much higher level nervous voice): Yea. I mean, yea. It's cute. I just meant done with make-up on, you know. But yea, it's alright. I just have to get used to it. It's cute.

Me: Go away.

Label: Why do I come up with crazy ideas?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Rock.

Tonight, I made dinner.
(I am feeling sorta better.)

Homemade Cheesy Garlic Bread and Sweet Peas.

The Spaghetti:
Heart Healthy Whole Grain Noodles
Ragu Heart Healthy Lite Sauce
Hamburger Meat from a local Cow

The Bread:
Multi Grain White Bread
Lite Country Crock Butter
2% Mozzarella Cheese
Garlic Seasoning (no salt)

50% less Salt Canned Sweet Peas

Served with Fat Free Milk
and one Multi-Vitamin for each.

The year-long Transition is Complete.
Everyone chowed down the food, without blinking an eye. None the wiser. I have succeeded in tricking my family, into eating better.

This must be how Mr. Miyagi felt when Daniel won.
Or kinda like how proud JFK would have been over that whole Peace Corps thing workin out.
Changing the world...
1 Spaghetti Noodle at a time.

Stay tuned for tomorrow evening;
when we drive-thru McDonalds.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why the Heck, have I been Ignoring My Blog.....?

It has been mentioned (though very rarely) that I am not a 'well' person. I can be rather...sickly. I do a pretty good job, on a near daily basis, of tending to my illness. Though, there are times, our life gets the best of me and slowly but surely I succumb to my illness. Sometimes (most of the time) there are little warnings. Occasionally, It seems to just knock me down, for the heck of it.
This, is one of those times.
(Not really, it tried to warn me. I was just So Busy!)

Being chronically ill makes me angry.
(which is putting it nicely)
Like really angry.
Kinda mad at the world, ticked off, P O'd kind of angry.

When I am ill, I am less of myself.
Less of a mother. Less of a wife. Less of a friend, neighbor, yoga instructor, daughter, person, blogger... Just Less.
And I am more of a hassle, more needy, wanting, more dependent on those around me.
And all of that. Makes me Angry.
I Hate not caring for my children to the very best of my mothering abilities, I Hate laying around in bed, I Hate canceling classes, or missing events, or dropping the ball on my responsibilities.
I do not do 'Dependent' very well.
And yet, being Chronically Ill, does not seem to care, what I think.

Coach (creepily) kinda enjoys me sick. I am more quiet. More tame. My being ill, puts him 'In Charge'. A position he would never want to carry on a daily basis, but he occasionally enjoys the power. My being ill, kinda sorta, forces me to admit... I need him.
And my mom, and his mom, and sister-in-laws.
This being the holidays and all,
I should probably admit:
I am grateful, I have people who care.
I am grateful, for my husband.
I am grateful, for my mother.
And his mother... and my sister-in-laws and my understanding Yogis and the several other people in the community, this sometimes affects.

I'm not very good, at admitting my weakness:
So this post is a pretty Big Deal.
Living with a chronic illness, is a daily battle of emotional acceptance, in addition to maintaining my physical health.
I accept this week, 'The Newt' won...
Thanks for the reminder.
Now... Go Away.
Being sick for the holidays, is completely, unacceptable.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Four Year Olds are Fun.

Yesterday, in one short conversation, 2 maybe 3 Grandmas were taken down with one stone.

Location: The backseat.

Children involved: Tink and Eleven.

Eleven: Who is you faborite Grandma?

Tink: Ummmm, I don know. Nothing.

Tink: Who is you faborite?

Eleven: Ummmm. I dink maybe GG?

Tink: Oh, yeah. I don know.

Soooo... Grammy, Gramma G or Grandma Pam.
I guess, it's pretty obvious GG spends the most quality time with the girls. Though, Tink seems to be pretty unimpressed with all of her grand-mothers.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Today, we are very Happy.

A Father and Son.

Coach, we can promise you
That by the time we get through
Our world will never ever be the same
And you're to blame

Dear Coach:
Our path lead us to you. You joined us. Took our hand. Redirected our way towards a beautiful community. You held us, promised us love. You helped us relax, feel safe, feel comfortable.
You showed us, what we did not realize we were missing. You turned our little, path into a wide, wonderfully busy road. With exciting turns, interesting intersections and two little girlie detours.
We will follow you.
Our pleasing Tour Guide.
You are ours.
And we are yours.
Both of us.
All of us.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Hate Who I Have Become.

Last night, my Neti Pot and I spent some serious quality time together.
I view our relationship as many Desperate Housewives must view their secret addiction to Crystal Meth. I never could have imagined, doing such a thing to my body and then admitting to the world, how Tru-ly lame I have become.

A.) When I need my fix, I lock myself in the bathroom, unable to face my children and husband. They should never see their mother, in such a disparaging state.

B.) While preparing 'my drug'... I feel a little ashamed, a little embarrassed by what is about to happen and a little sad for my dependency.

C.) While injecting/using the Neti Pot. It feels wrong. I feel dirty, repulsed and wonder how I could have ever been talked into pouring water up my nose. It is very unnatural, to say the least.

D.) When it has ended. I have a mess to clean up and can barely look at myself in the mirror.

E.) Moments later.... I feel the rush. The glorious High of actually being able to breathe! I have forgotten the 'ugly' and rejoice in the swift sensation of fresh oxygen in my system.

F.) I leave the bathroom. Basking in my 'Fix'. Yet, as I crawl into bed with my husband, it feels awkward and uncomfortable... for we both know
(but want to forget) what I have just done.

Neti Pot:
You are my Drug.
I just can't shake ya.
At least, not until this sinus infection clears.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Two Months.

Just 2....

Months from today, our Relay for Life Team will throw a Recycled Wedding Reception.

Start working off those Thanksgiving Pies.
(note to self, as many left-over desserts filled my refrigerator post-Thanksgiving festivities.)
Line up a Seamstress.
Dig out a Bridesmaid's Dress.
Stop by a Thrift Store.

Practice your Chicken Dance.
Remember how to Hokie your Pokie.

this is a party,
NOT to be missed.

January 29th.
Recycled Wedding Reception.

** I hope your belly feels a little bit excited, anxious, curious and nervous... all at the same time!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday


Coach: I'm gonna get up and go get that $198 Flatscreen TV from Wal-Mart.

Me: Go ahead. Do what you need to do.

Coach: Don't you think I should? That is a really awesome deal.

Me: I don't care what you do at 4:00am.
Just don't wake me up.


Friday Morning...

(4:35am). Alarm sounds.
Coach enthusiastically jumps out of bed.
Pumped and excited to get his TV.
I continue to sleep.

(5:45am). Coach returns.

Me: How'd it go?
(Trying to suppress my 'I told you so' Smile.)

Coach: What a bleepin joke! People had been waiting there since 9:00pm the night before? I didn't even have a chance. They should bleepin advertise that you have to spend the night there. It was bleepin ridiculous. People were crazy acting! What a waste of my bleepin time. I will never do that bleep again.

Me: Some lessons, just have to be learned.

Coach: Bleep that.

We went back to sleep.
End Scene.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thank. Full.

My Family of Five:

is Healthy, Beautiful, Amusing, Active, Happy, Loving, Dramatic, Brilliant, Fun and Snuggly.

I am very Thank- Full to the Brim. With Love.

Happy Thanksgiving Blog-World!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

$300 at Wal-Mart = Holiday Fun.

Brand new Wii: Purchased (via Grammy)

Just Dance 2: Purchased (via Gramma)

Michael Jackson Experience just released yesterday!:
Purchased (via my own wallet... and OUCH.)

New Ping Pong Paddles and Balls: Purchased

Catch Phrase: Soon to be Purchased

Turkeys, cranberry sauce (I don't know if anyone actually eats this but I got it anyway.) Stuffing, wide variety of pops and other beverages, fancy paper plates with the separate compartments to prevent food-touchage: All Purchased

I may be cookin those Turkeys in the Crock-pot but the Fun-ness Level has been painstakingly planned to each age-appropriate and LaughMaximum detail.

Our first Thanksgiving, in our Home:
Kinda/Sorta ready to go...
and we are actually pretty excited about it.

Side Note:
I tried 3 of the Michael Jackson songs, yesterday.
I taught Thriller a lesson.
Today my back and arms hurt.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm not sure they REALLY deserve this much Fan Fare.

Because our children have grandmas that spoil them plenty, we began buying them 'memories' for their birthdays. Rather than fancy presents.
On Sunday, The Kid received his day.
We ditched One Coco and added One Six to our Famdamly Adventure.
Sunday morning (following CCD...) we climbed onto The Kid's First Official Train Ride. (Because "EVERY kid in the whole world has been on a train, except him!")
End Dramatic Quote.

Tink loved riding the train. Not so much the getting on and off. She prefers a more quiet environment.

After arriving in Chicago, we walked for awhile. The boys were VERY excited to visit Sears Tower.
(I don't care how big you carve Willis on that wall, it's still Sears Tower.)

(The Taxi Cab was a pretty big thrill. Except to mom, who held her breath and tried not to touch anything.)

We then arrived to our Main Attraction.
The Shedd Aquarium. We Heart that place.

The Kid and Six asked SEVERAL tour guides, SEVERAL questions. Really boys, they are penguins. A penguin is a penguin, do we really need to know which species and from which continent?

We were a little surprised to learn Chicago has a serious Crack problem.
And that information amused me

We left the Aquarium with time to spare and opted to take another exciting Taxi ride back to downtown. We strolled and viewed the Christmas Decorations. After we got chilly, we snuck into Barnes and Nobles, purchased a few books (Yes Coach! We really did NEED new books!) a hot cocoa and walked back to the train station.

On Monday, we surprised The Kid by meeting him during his lunch hour with Subway. All five of us, squeezed into the grade school cafeteria table. We heard several "Ahhh, are Lucky!" exclaimed to The Kid, with bitter little voices.

We finished our extravaganza, with a Kid requested Ice Cream Cake.

With NINE candles lit on top.
It nearly melted from the flame.
My boy is so old.