Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Birthday!

To our Princess Grace of Monaco,
You have become such a beautiful young lady. A little version of your pretty mother, except with the most gorgeous long Rapunzel hair eva!
Again, I feel I hardly know your best traits because you only grace me with a mini smile now and again... But if the way The Kid and your father boast about you, is a judge of your character: than you must be far beyond extraordinary!
The cousins have voted you the most hilarious, hands down.  They constantly surround you in a crowd of hysterical giggles.  My hope, is to have a chance to one day enjoy your humour! 

(The Kid took this lovely picture!)

I wish you many happy days.  Many loyal friends.  And I even wish you, many more opportunities to wear several different uniforms, in Raider purple (see... that's how much I love you!)
Happy Birthday, Princess.
All our lovin- 

(Please remember.. the big kids check their bday Comment section!)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sweetbreads and Warhol Marry...

If you have been a long time blog follower, you have watched so much of their courtship.  They are like our very own Ross/Rachel or Jim/Pam! Of course, we were all honored to share their engagement.  And Sunday evening, in a glorious break from the rain, they became husband and wife!
The Kid walking Gramma down the aisle.

 Coach and his VERY tall and beautiful bridesmaid, Sweetbreads' sister.

Handsome Coach. 
 Cute Quincy.
 Galway Girl, pretty in pink.

 Sweetbreads loving her groom.

You may kiss the gorgeous Bride!

 The Flower Girls.  So cute.

 Coco, unable to resist throwing up her Rock On!

 Coach's beautiful siblings.  Gramma and Grandpa, job well done..

 Warhol and his 'babies'.
That version of the brothers is nice...
But this one with The Commish, may be the best picture ever taken... it's probably gonna be the version we print... Totally one of his expressions.

Congratulations Sweetbreads and Warhol.
I wish you MANY many years of wedded bliss.
Keep laughing together.
Always hold hands.
And enjoy the small stuff.
Love you both.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

To the Bride:

Yesterday, you were a birthday girl.
Today, you were a beautiful bride.
Tomorrow, you will be a wonderful wife.
as I toasted you earlier today..
I could not have hand picked a better sister, to join this already amazing group of women, I belong too... And because of your influence, I have another great brother.
Happy Birthday and welcome to our family.

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Sorta R-rated Roast

You know how you hear stories about a Groom being taken on stage at a strip club, during his bachelor party and the strippers will knock him around... spank him, whip him, humiliate him. I don't really understand the logic behind it.
Poor Warhol has been getting a small slice of this over the last two weeks, from his siblings.  And here are two examples:
(PS- You're welcome Blog World)
#1 Mother's Day.
We were all separated, living our own lives, when Commish sent out a mass text, attached to a photograph. (which you HAVE to understand was taken by Warhol's grand-mother, when he was 16).  Commish added a caption, underneath....

 (Man, I love Summer!!)
Sweetbreads: In 2 weeks, that'll be alllllll mine.
Chili D: I've totally lost interest in Summer!
... Nice AJ's tho.
Commish: Are AJ's really short, tight shorts?
Chili D: No, them are called ball huggers.  I was referring to the Air Jordans.
Warhol: Xxx-Bleepit!!!!
Me: This text thread is by far the best part of my Mother's Day.
Warhol: My Mother's Day is ruined.
Chili D: I'm seriously considering making this pic the Linds and Chad Facebook cover.
Warhol: That made my stomach hurt.
Me: I can't wait until Commish projects it across the entire ceiling of the wedding reception tent.
Warhol: Little did I know.. Deep down in my heart, there was a car seat with Sweetbread's name on it..
Sweetbreads: Ohhhh so wrong.  But hilarious.
Commish: 'Like' every comment on this thread.
Flag Girl: I want to save this thread in archives.
Me: Is 'archives' code for the blog??
Warhol: Ugh....
(Sorry Warhol, but 'Ugh' sounded like a Yes to me!)
#2 The Bachelorette Party.
One of the clues on the Scavenger Hunt, was to locate a stranger that looks like Warhol and take his picture.  Our group accomplished this clue, probably 5 hours after we started drinking....
This guy... was my pick:

Flag Girl got a picture with her pick...

This man, in the red shirt, was Doc's pick..

With each stranger picked and each picture taken, we laughed harder and harder... Kinda like this:

So there you have it.
Obviously, poor Warhol totally needs to marry into a new family.  Because his siblings (and spouses) are really a bunch of Bxtches.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Baby is Four

On Saturday, my baby turned Four. 
And while our life has been in a constant whirlwind of events, activities and frenzied schedules... I've been quietly contemplating of her birthday post.  Because honestly, there are no words to describe my Coco.  She is beyond the written word.
Obviously, the entire blog population is familiar with Coco's more obvious character traits... She is 'full of everything'.  Full of spunk, glitter and glam.  She is full of volume, of expression and flair. 

She is a walking talking acting class muse. 
Coco smiles large.  She'll wink you happy or glare you uncomfortable.  She may run and leap into your arms or blatantly ignore you to suit her fancy.  She'll knock out her hip or dramatically speak with her hands to emphasize her point and engage your attention. 

Coco looks exactly as I had dreamed her.  Like a smaller version of myself... if perhaps, a story book fairy had waved her wand and made each of my traits more sparkly, more exceptional and more captivating.

Because her personality is larger than life, it is easy to miss that Coco is actually very dainty.  Though beyond her petite legs and adorable face, there is nothing small about her.  She is completely unabashed and unapologetic.  She demands the attention at every occasion and craves a crowd of admirers.  She is the self-appointed lead singer of her solo rock band.
Without question, Coco's most endearing quality, is inherited from her Daddy.  Coco loves equally with fierce unwavering loyalty.  She enters a room with an infectious bright light and shines that light around her.  While she demands attention, she will also pay that attention back to you.  Every person is her Favorite.  Each of us, credit her for lifting our spirits and warming our insides with her Coco-goodness.

Coco, very well may be the death of me.  She is trying my patience, with the conviction of a teenager.  Outfit choosing, hair brushing, clothes shopping have already become activities I dread.  I am completely missing the cheer leading gene, while Coco's is a mutated super gene, completely foreign to me.  She has declared pig tails 'over and done'.   She would gladly prance to the local grocery on a Tuesday afternoon, in full Gypsy dress attire.  There will never be too much sparkle or two many sequence.  If Tink is my carefree, dancing to her own bongo drummer hippie chick... Coco is a 1957 Georgia Belle Debutant.

If I were to utter that infamous mommy line "If so-n-so jumped off a cliff, would you REALLY jump off to follow her..??" Coco would respond without a blink of hesitation "No because I would have jumped first."
Coco may be my last baby but she will never come in last again.  She will be noticed.  She will not be forgotten.  And that's just fine by me.

My Sweet Coco-
Never lose your sequenced flair.
Twirl a random Gypsy skirt, anytime you please.
Remain completely indescribable.
Always stay as golden as your daddy and as strong as your mother. You are the best thing, to ever result from my stubborn streak.
All my love-

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sweetbreads in Wrigleyville.

While waiting to find even 10 quiet minutes to compose my poor ignored baby's birthday post... I will appease the crowd (aka Mrs.) with a photo recap of Sweetbreads Bachelorette Party.
We took a large group to Wrigleyville for the afternoon. And I sent 3 teams off for a scavenger hunt (cuz that's what I do...)
Here are a few of the adventures (mostly from the Calmer Slightly Older-ish Lady Team)

 The whole group.  Before.

 (Doc under Clark. Funny stuff. Except, maybe not for her brothers....)


 And NO... You are not allowed to stand on the statue.. We found that out very quickly.

 On a Bike Carriage ride for Two.
Ohhh... Flag Girl...

 The Whole Group. Much later.

The Bachelorette... I'm pretty sure everyone needs a bright Cubbie blue Tutu. Why wouldn't you??

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The First Half of May:

in a photographic nut shell.
Just a few days before our May 6th wedding anniversary... The Kid and I were traveling on the highway and got a flat tire.  Luckily, I was able to slowly pull over to a station and call Coach to help. (I'm too old to change tires...)
Grandpa was ironically nearby and stopped to observe the progress.  No better way to spend a sunny afternoon.  Quality family time.

Soooo... guess what I got for my anniversary?!! 
4 bright spankin new tires.
And a thinga magig also needed to be replaced.
Without gifts.... did we spend the day, whispering sweet nothins and basking in our love?? Not exactly.  We were cheering and basking in the glow of The Kid's All Area County Track Meet.
Our 5th grade son, placed in the Top 6 for the entire County in the 7th Grade 200 dash.  Romantic? No.  Awesome? Yes.

Am I a woman scorned, who wishes her husband did a better job of wooing his wife?? I should be, except the following greeting card was my only gift to Coach:

 Obviously, neither of us are Romeo or Juliet..

Next, we stalked Jumbo Joe and The Cute Girl, on their Prom day.  They are too much together.  Coco was star struck by The Cute Girl's sparkle.

Only 3 days into this week,
and Coach has chaperoned one trip to the zoo.
And I another trip to a State Park.
Not to mention, a recent diagnoses of strep throat to both our girls.  A baseball game and a Sports Banquet... and it's only Wednesday.

(Awkward moment captured on film, Coach was holding Tink's hand... Jackie was holding Owl's hand... and then Tink and Owl began holding hands: End result. Jackie and Coach appearing to be a married couple with daughters... Funny.)

The Kid and his buddies... you'll recognize The Kid as the 57 year old woman with the sweatshirt wrapped around his waist like it's 1993...
If you think the first half of May looks busy,
You have NO idea.
The second half??
Birthdays, parties, birthdays, weddings, parties, dinners... and many end of school activities. 
It's getting KaRazy up in heer.