Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Twenty Shades of ummm Orange"

My Official Book review on a little series, we'll call "Twenty Shades of ummm Orange or Something"

Earlier this week, I finished the second and third book, within 48 hours. I'm not proud my reading has been kick-started into hyper speed by first the Hunger Game series and now the Twenty Shades series.... but what are you gonna do?
It was sorta awkward when The Kid continually KEPT over and over asking me "What's that book about??? It must be pretty good, you keep reading them!"

Let me start by making this clear:
These books are not for the faint of heart.
These books are not exactly ummmm... clean-ish (if you get my drift). I mean... it's blush worthy.
The writing is not superb, to say the least.
I nearly lost it over the 'Laters Baby' and repeated mention of 'chin nibbles along the beard line'
(no one really does that).
It's sorta like the Twilight series: Not exactly great reading, not written very well... several times I questioned why I continued reading page after page.  The books are TOO long and totally redundant.  The writer could have easily deleted 300 pages from the entire series and left enough for two actual good books. All of that said, I guess... I get it.
The books did get better, after the first.
I was totally offended often and eye rolled (YES Christian... I eye rolled!) many, many times. 
The chapters with the Rules???
You. Gotta. Be. Kidding. Me...
No way. No how.
The repeated emails??? Waste of paper.

Soooo... on the official scale of 1-5.
Great being a 5.
I would rate the books a 2.75ish.
Probably not gonna be my first selection for my new BlacKbird yoga sTudio Book Club.
That said, I read the second book in a matter of hours.
Not sure my children were even fed, during that time.

Still.... ummmm... if you want....
maybe you should read it.
For strictly research... I suppose.
I mean... it's not gonna hurt anything.
Unless, maybe you're Gramma.
Then please NEVER EVER read this series. 
Or at least, never discuss that you have.

Anyone else: Game on.
Just maybe hire a babysitter....

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vacation Planning

I would like to take the kids on a long weekend away, in August. Just the five of us. 
The Problem:
Mini Arthur T refuses to take much time off, from the new shop.

Any suggestions for a 3 day trip, somewhere fun and different, which will amuse 1 ten year old boy and 2 little girls??

Secretly, I'd love to rent a cabin somewhere and trap all five of us together, for some serious bonding and alone time.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Princess Grace of Monaco:

aka- Mona

You and I made HUGE strides this year.
Practically becoming besties!
There was at least 3 times you kinda spoke to me...
You almost looked at me directly, for this pic.
We sorta shared a moment over the blog, after I wrote a long and rambling post demanding you return my (The Kid's) Hunger Games book... and you did!  Then you almost sorta spoke to me and shockingly laughed/eye rolled in my general direction when I suggested you and your sista should still hold hands and sing a song.  The entire experience, almost made us book club buds! High Five!
Mostly, we shared an awesome summer carnival experience last year, after I offered your dad leave you guys with me one night and he skipped/ran away smiling before I changed my mind.  Plus you wore my hat and sweatshirt.

So ObViousLy...
you and me are BF4 Eva!!

Otherwise, this is what I understand to be most tru about you: I've heard from The Kid, Quincy and Galway Girl... you are without question The Most Hilarious Cousin, hands down.  It seems sorta hard to imagine, given I hardly know what your voice sounds like but they cross their hearts SWEAR a vote has been taken and you are Super Hysterical Funny.
Your dad repeatedly mentions, he agrees.
You were also unanimously voted by the very same cousins, to be Dance Party Champion 2 years running. Which brings me to my last observation....
You are very much Loved.  Your cousins think you are AhMaZing... and so do I.

Happy Belated Birthday,
to Doc's most Beautiful Mini Me.
And seriously... WHO doesn't love Doc?

PS- My apologies for your delayed post but Your Buddy The Kid, decided to start Summer with a rage filled hating every boring thing weekend... draining my mind of all kind thoughts! Sooo... blame him.  Deal?

PSS- I really like your hair, too.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Tru Luv is Blind

This is what Warhol posted on Facebook, as a Happy Birthday Message to Sweetbreads. 
With the Following caption:

Happy Birthday Sweetbreads, here's to hoping you don't rethink your life choices.

Good Stuff.

Sweetbreads Bailey

I appreciate:
that this is one of Coco's favorite pictures eva.
Proving that she really is open minded and willing to accept her Barbie girl, without yellowed hair AND with a mustache. Though, it's possible her open-mindedness is recently more obvious, after declaring Warhol her best friend.

I appreciate:
- your amazing Triangle in Yoga.
- you're always sorta up for anything.
- your shoulder shrug of "I don't give a bleepness" can only be topped by Tink's shrug. (don't feel bad about placing second... Tink was born shoulder shrugging her general disdain for most things)

I appreciate:
- your 5 drinks-in dance parties.
- your crazy extended cast of family members, you have introduced to my life.
- your participation in being a crucial playa in one of the greatest pictures I have ever snapped (below).
And I'd really appreciate if you would plan our next trip back there, sometime in the next 12 months. Seriously.

But mostly, I appreciate:

A.) That your dry, quick sarcasm so easily compliments mine... yet beneath that Tough Girl exterior, you are a kind and loving soul.  Whom tru-ly appreciates her family and friends, with a fierce loyalty and genuine compassion for their happiness.  ALL of your parents are lucky to call you their daughter and your younger siblings are better little people, for following your life-loving example. (making you a welcomed match for our family)

and B.) Above all, I appreciate that at such an advanced age, Warhol has flourished within your bright smile and caring eyes.  His talent and zest for life, have been invigorated with you in his corner. 
You have made him a better man.  Well done.

Happy Birthday dear Sweetbreads.
Enjoy your typical 4 day affair.
I appreciate, that you are my friend.

PS- I still like your hair.
PSS- So does Coco. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"All children, except one grow up." -Peter Pan

But she is...
she really is growing up.
Last night, Tink 'graduated' from Pre-K.
'Graduated' in the sense that she went to one Preschool and then went to this Big Girl Preschool for about 7 weeks... and now will automatically go to Kindergarten (with or without a Pre-K diploma). Not because I am choosing to send my baby Tinkerbell to Kindergarten but sorta because the State requires our children to attend. Dumb State Laws.

Being presented with her medal.
Our Town is home to maybe 6-7,000 people (including the surrounding areas) and I would guess approximately 65% of our entire population was shoved into that gym.
It got a lil toastie and cramped.

(DTodd, Tink and lil Coco, sneaking in the picture)
Teeny bit difficult for Coco, not to receive a medal. 

Technically, Tink is now all ready for Kindergarten.
Technically. Legally. Essentially ready.
But not her mother.  No danks.

Peter: Well I will not grow up! You cannot make me! I will banish you like Tinkerbell.
Peter: Then go home. Go home and grow up. And take your feelings with you!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Honoring the Letter B.

This weekend was Busy.
Letter 'B' kind of Busy.
Kicking off with a Barbie Birthday party.
Full of Beautiful little ladies, Bunches of pink, a Brand new Barbie Bike.
 And a few new Bumps and Bruises, after the (no longer a Baby) turned Big girl, fell from her present.
 The Barbie Birthday, followed immediately with the Boys school lock-in, leaving a totally Bushed Daddy surviving on Barely any sleep....
who then had to Bust out a Warrior Yoga,
Before prepping for a VERY long day at a Minor League Baseball field.

 (The Kid playing first Base)

 (Quincy swinging large for his Triple!!)

 (Followed by ANOTHER Back to Back family triple... not a bad day for Coach's boys)
 (Tink scoring her first 'homerun')

Tink likes to claim her individuality, by choosing her own tall Baseball socks.  They certainly did not help her notice the Ball jumping right up and over her tiny foot, But at least she looks good....

After Tink's game, the Coaches played the Pony League Team.  As Coach finally took the field, his too kind brother The Commish, exclaimed "Watch out, here comes the B team!" Ouch.
Coach had an impressive inning on the mound.

And maybe a little less impressive showing while facing the mound..... But he's apparently still super cute. 
At least that's what I've heard.

Our Sunday evening included Baths, Bedtimes and Boulder sized hail. And a very tired Five Family.... prepping for summer.

And that Arizona...
is why I was just a Bit too Busy to Blog!

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Loving Bond Between Sistas

I've always wished I had a sister.
I'm still bummed that I do not.
I was so excited for Tink, to gift her a baby sista.  I hoped they would become inseparable...
it appears, they are already on track.
For example, this evening:

Leaving the very long baseball game (where Warhol told me my barefoot Gatorade stained daughters 'looked like a crime scene')... Coco ran out on the road. I grabbed her, raising my voice and telling her NEVER to run into a street.  Looking deep into her eyes, I continued to reinforce my point "... if you just ran out, without holding my hand... you could get hit by a car!"

Tink shrugged her shoulders, eye rolled and casually commented "And den you'll be killed and den, I won't have to share my room anymore" followed by a smile.

Best Friends.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Third Times the Charm

Do you know those giant, brightly colored, swirly Lollipops you find at a large carnival or amusement park? The type that are too large to make sense, noticeable from across the park, painted like a rainbow?? They are obscenely sugary and sweet.  Even as an adult, you have the urge to throw caution to the wind and buy just one.  Then you remember: giant Lollipops are sticky, messy they inevitably stick to your clothes or gather any fuzz floating nearby like Velcro.  But they just Look so Happy!
My Baby.  My Coco. Is a real-life Lollipop.

Too sweet?  Too sugary? Without question.
She has left a wake of charmed admirers, behind her confident little hip-shaking walk.  She will small-town chat up strangers.  She has enthralled her uncles, convinced her aunts to play Barbies for hours... with hardly a smile or much effort.  She owns her brother, her father and her grandfathers.  Coco's hugs are intoxicating sweetness. 
She has expertly learned to run and wrap her arms around her grandmothers... just before demanding a doughnut or a new toy.

She is a Skittles rainbow of brightness.  Very early, she insisted on dressing herself (to her mother's dismay).  She prefers Broadway costumes.  Skirts over sweatpants? Rain boots with nightgowns? Hair ties as bracelets, upside down sunglasses?? Sometimes.. all combined in one fabulous ensemble. 
There is no such thing as TOO much color, TOO many sparkles or TOO many fabric clashing layers. 

She radiates: "Look at me. Notice me. Remember me!" Her sista Tinkerbell, continues to be our most sarcastic but Coco is the most dramatically amusing. By Far.  She is a showman.  Jazz hands, hip shakes, eye rolls and head tilts.  She's not afraid of props.  She assigned herself a stage name. She is a singer, a dancer, a skipper, a runner.  Coco has proven from the Yoga stage or the jump roping gym floor... that this girl craves a clapping audience.
I'm pretty sure we're raising a Cheerleader. Oh my.

 If you are able to calm her, if even for a moment.  If you are able to look past the growling, wipe away the sticky fuzz or dirt accumulating on her all too often messy face.  If you imagine, what her hair should look like tamed if she would JUST LET HER MOTHER fix it!! you may notice: Coco is beautiful.  Breathtakingly, shockingly, can't look away from her painting: Beautiful.
Her pouty lips are Snow White worthy.
Her Lollipop colored swirly eyes, change each day with mood-ring dips and sways.
And dare I say: She is oddly even more inspiring with her self-designed pixie hair-cut.
As each year passes, I am clearly able to see the beautiful woman, she will become.

My little Baby:
Today, you turn Three.  Though you are convinced you run with a pack of 5 year olds.  And I am not sure, you are wrong.  You are so FULL of life.  The best part of your Daddy.  Both of you, are The Babies of your family... completely unwilling or unable to be ignored. 
You project pure confidence.  Charging through our china shop, like a bedazzled purple bull.  How quiet our life must have seemed, without you.  You are a stubborn and defiant little thing (I am sure we will battle over your steadfast determination and iron will) still I secretly hope, you do not lose one step of your foot-stomping march.
If Daddy is our rainbow.
Tinkerbell is our floating Pixie dust.
And The Kid, the first warm sunshine of my heart:
You are our Tornado.  A tru-ly awe inspiring phenomenon, demanding attention and yet strangely romantic in your strength and ability. 
I love you entirely, Coco.
I'm still surprised by how much I had not realized, you were the last missing piece to my heart.  You complete our perfect Five Family. 
Happy Birthday, Baby girl.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dear Mona-

I'd like to take this moment to respectively speak as your Aunt and elder: Maybe 6 weeks ago, The Kid and I, made a pack to read the Hunger Games books.  I read the first in the series (he read all 3) and we took Coach and went to the movie.  (obviously, Coach had not read the book... but we allowed him to join us.)After viewing the movie, I grabbed the second and spent 4 straight hours reading the entire book, until 1:00am.  As many of you are aware:
The second book ends abruptly... creating an urge to immediately rip open the third, to finish the series. I could hardly wait to wake The Kid the next morning and demand he hand me the last, to complete the series. He responded to my request with a shoulder shrug and totally bored, "Ohh... I already gave the book to Mona.  She took it to her house and is still reading it." I nearly slapped his face.
WHAT??!! Do we just pass out Tween books to other ten year olds, encouraging them to read... with no regard for our Mothers??! I became panicky.  Sorta sweaty and confused.  The book was an ENTIRE hour away from me... and there was nothing I could do because it's not cool for a grown woman to DEMAND a children's book from her niece.
So... for the last few weeks, I have played it cool.
But no more.
I can't stand it anymore, Mona!  What will Katniss do?  Is her family safe?  Will she outsmart the Capital??  I NEED to know these things!!
In the interim... I have read a few other books (that's right Page Turners... I'm reading again) one about friends in yoga studio and yesterday I started this little book, some people may have heard of... **Mona, please stop reading this post now** A book called...
'20 errr shades of ... ummm orange... or something'.
And let me tell you: It's inappropriate.
To say the very least.
Let's try to get past the 'Ummm you know' .. I can hardly handle weak women who fail to look out for themselves.  Therefore... I'm having a little trouble dealing with the heroine (eye roll and cough). It may be the first time, I am unable to finish a book.
**Mona, you can start reading again**
So as you can see... my mind needs a mental cleansing of sorts.  I NEED that third Hunger Games book.  You are scheduled to attend Coco's pink Barbie Birthday party tomorrow evening. I'm expecting, you will present me with my requested book, within moments of walking into the party.
If you have not finished the book: Not my problem. Tell your parents to drive their fancy Travette to Target to buy a copy.  I'm no longer pretending to encourage children to read... at my expense.

If you do not obey your aunt,
the following punishments will occur:

I will make you dress in pink tutus and hold hands with your sister, as you both sing a song entitled "We are the 2 best Friends that anyone can have..."

Or.... I will make you play Barbies with Coco, for 4 straight hours.  And just ask Sweetbreads... it's not such a good time.

Thank-you for your time:
Your most mature Aunt

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day: The Last Part

Finally, to my mother.
Obviously, the High of the past year was the impromtu trip to Savannah, Georgia.  Sure.. it was totally nuts, taking 5 children and shoving them into a van, with absolutely no planning or regard for our peace of mind... but it was so amazing to watch all five run towards the ocean.  Squealing in disbelief.
As a mother and daughter, the best part of our week, was the laughing.  Joking during Traffic Jam from He!! 2012.  The sarcasm that kept us in great spirits.  The trip was stocked full of unimaginable memories.  Definitely, the High.

But I'm writing a post, dedicated to my mother, on Mother's Day.  And this year, the most impressive thing about my mother... was her love, for her child.

It is 'easy' to love a healthy, beautiful child.  ('easy' as mothering can be) But the test of a Tru mother, an exceptional mother... is to love a child, at his very worst.  As Joel's schizophrenia progressed and became unbearably awful, as our hearts broke, our thoughts turned for the dark, as I began to silently plead for God to release him from this world and the one within his tortured mind... my mom fought, for her baby boy.
She spent SO MANY countless hours on the phone, calling doctors, nurses, aids, organizations etc.  Fighting for his rights.  Begging for someone to help him.  She drove countless hours, to visit for even a matter of minutes. Often times, to hear him argue or blame her, or to listen to him plead to let him come home.  She never gave up on him.
Even when her friends stopped supporting.
When her family stopped calling.
When it became unbearably embarrassing.
Joel was her child.  Her baby. 
He is a shell of what she had once created.  A physical reminder of the dreams, dreamt for her only son.  He is difficult.  He is never going to really be better.  He is honestly, one of the worst nightmares you could never hope to imagine for your baby.
And Still. She will always love him.
To me: this makes her amazing.
Mom- You have been an inspiration.  I can't imagine, I will ever forget or forgive the people who failed to understand what you were living with.  How any person, could not see how incredibly brave you were, totally astounds me.

Years ago: I gave my Dad a typically cheesy plaque for Father's Day, which read: Anyone can be a Father but it takes Someone Special to be a Daddy.

Now, I fully understand that nearly any woman can find the Joys of Motherhood.  But to be able to find the Pure Love of Motherhood, lost within the pain, anguish and ugly... makes a woman more than a Mother.  More than a Mommy.  It makes that woman: My Hero.
Happy Mother's Day, Mom.
You deserved so much more.
All my love-
Your incredibly proud daughter and friend.

Mother's Day Part Two

Grant me a moment, to wish a very Happy Mother's Day to the many amazing women in my life:

Lil GG- without you... much of my awesome world, would not exist.

To my sister-in-laws, the aunts (current and one Barbie playing aunt-pending) to my children, the mothers to my adorable little nieces and nephews who have brightened my life, infinitely.

To the God-mothers to my babies Jackie, Flag Girl, CT, Ditta's Lady and Self-declared #1 Doc. (had to choose so many... cuz just 3 couldn't handle the job of my present crazed offspring).

To my girl friends whom make my life a little more smiley when those mommy moments become over-whelming.  Especially but not limited too: Sweet HelpfulAngie, The Newly Engaged! Teacher and I used to be a Hooker.

The always cheerful ladies in my yoga classes.  Whom are often times my Grown-up escape and sometimes the best part of my day.

And my cousins... My closest blood related sistas and the Cousins I was lucky to inherit from Coach.... Especially, The Bride on her FIRST Mother's Day and Mrs for inspiring me.

I'm a lucky girl, to surround myself with the wisdom, experience and humor of so many amazing women.

Mother's Day Part One.

Without question, the following exchange between my husband and his mother, was one of the very best moments, of the last year:

10:35pm. The Phone Rings. Coach answers.
It is his mother (Gramma).

Gramma: What game was it that you were playing blah blah blah and scored blah blah a gazillion points blah. Was that the game they asked you to play Varsity as a Freshman or was that the blah blah....?

Coach: I scored 42 pts at blah blah during my sophomore year the freshman game I scored blah blah a million points, during blah blah quarter...

(Conversation continues for several minutes..)

Gramma: Ok... me and dad were just having a debate about which game they blah blah Varsity blah blah... points scored... blah blah... you are so amazing blah... so glad you are my Superstar son blah blah...

Coach: I really AM amazing.. blah... call anytime to talk about my awesomeness!... blah... I remember every single basket, as if those moments were the greatest of my life.. blah.

I interrupt from the corner:
Why don't you ask you mother, to ask you...if you can remember on what evening, our garbage man picks up our garbage, on the same night each and every week.... I'll bet that detail, escapes your memory.

They laugh and giggle about how sarcastic I am!! Ha... your wife is amusing... but... she's no star like you.. but who is?.. blah. Thanks again for being born, son... you're our shining light... blah.. blah.

They hang up.

Coach re-enters the room:
Weird, of mom to be the one, to call about that.

Me: You know what's really weird? Usually, when a 66 year old parent calls a child's home after 10:35pm, on a week night... it's to tell them someone died.
NOT to discuss their high school basketball game.

You are a tru-ly amazing woman, who created and then gifted this world, six beautiful babies.  You give so much (too much) of yourself to helping and loving your family.  Each of the babies you raised, became such talented, kind and exceptional people.  (sure... maybe not as awesome as your youngest.. wink.. wink) but still... they have each become the very best parents,  know.  I'm honored to be in their company.  All of which, is a testament to you.
Thanks for sharing your baby with me.
Happy Mother's Day, Gramma.
We love you.

Friday, May 11, 2012

This week, on my Camera

 We celebrated at the very successful Rt 66 BBQ/Springfest. The hard work, paid off and left very pretty (and tired) painted faces, on our girls.

 We were also covered with awe inspired chills, watching the debut of the amazing duet of The Teacher and Chili D (yet to be named... though I am voting for 'Teachin Chili D'.) They were AWESOME and already booked for next year.

 Suffering a pretty hard-core Springfest hangover, Coco spent the majority of Mass, drapped over the Kneeling Thingamajig, crying to leave.  I get it... Childrens Mass is a lil bit long...
 Maybe, under-inspired by Coco's devotion... 'He' hath opened the heavens and dumped several inches of rain on Our Town... flooding the creek (not crick) and canceling baseball. 

BlacKbird yoga sTudio had it's busiest week, to date!  Full classes, new interest, leaking ceilings, hosting Big Wig town meetings (half the guests were family) and posing as the scene for the MOST ADORABLE pic snapped during Children's Yoga relaxation.  Punkin and Tink, let their teeny cousin hands find each other.
Does it get any cuter??
Also an impressive advertisement for my teaching skills, as typically hyper (sorta loudish) Punkin, looks to practically be in a coma.

Pretty great week, in our world.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Conversation:

Last night, Coach's parents babysat during yoga.  (before we get into this... we LOVE Gramma and Grandpa and they are super sweet babysitters!!) Anyway, we returned home and were chatting.
Then Gramma says: Mona called and said she needs some artifacts on Coach.

Me: Artifacts?? Why?

Gramma: I guess she is doing a school report on Coach and needs things from his past.

Coach: Mona is my favorite. I always liked that girl.

Me: Are you serious? This will be the second or third time a nephew/niece has taken Coach to school, or something.

Gramma: So I thought, I would give her some old articles.  A picture of Coach and Grandpa from after a football game.  Maybe some trophies.

Me (eyeroll): God knows, we have trophies....

Gramma: I was even eyeing your 1000 pt Ball.

Coach (shocked and confused): uhhhh... wait, is Doc going to be there WITH HER??

Me: You'd have to put that ball in a glass case to get it out of here.

Gramma: She said artifacts... what else can we send?

Coach: I've got a whole tub of stuff, in the closet.

Me: I have to drive down there for an appt, let me call Doc and see what day she needs the 'artifacts'.

I call Doc...
Doc: Heeelllooo! (in her happy voice because her life is always amazing) What's up??!!

Me: Hey, we missed you at yoga! So I'm calling because I'm sitting here with your parents and your mom said Mona is doing a school project on Coach?? And needs some artifacts???

Doc (starts laughing and exclaims loudly): She's doing a project on GERMANY!  She's needs artifacts from Grandpa from GERMANY!!!

Me (immediately laughing so hard into the phone to Doc, my body is bending over): I can not WAIT to say this outloud!!

I tell the other 3 the mix-up.  We laugh until my face hurts. I declare this is making the blog!

Gramma says: I assume you'll put something about how Coach is totally our favorite and we think he is so wonderful and that's why we assumed Mona was doing a project on him??!

Me: Yes.  Absolutely.

Because to Grandpa, Gramma and Coach... It honestly made perfect sense, Mona would needs official Coach artifacts for a 5th Grade School Project.
I seriously love these people.
They literally write this blog, for me.
(to be fair to Gramma, is appears the first phone call and subsequent confusion, took place between Grandpa and Mona.) Therefore, it was Grandpa whom first assumed, Coach was school project worthy.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Number One.

One year ago, I posted this,
for The First's Birthday post:
For Bleeps Sake boy!
God reached down and blessed you, with so much of the "It Factor" you could pass your pretty sparkle Rainbow Fish Scales, out to the entire sea and Still. Oooze. 'It'. For. Days. So... enough already. Get out there and Announce Yourself, to the world.

Out of many posts, the above quote still remains one of my favorites.  And maybe you didn't get the opportunity to read your post from last year, as you certainly let your scales rust, over the following 8 months.  But I feel... like THIS year... is THE year. 
Be prepared:
The world is about to present itself to you.
You have to be, a matter of inches/moments, from finding your bliss.  A career, a path, an opportunity is floating above your pretty little head... almost ready, for you to discover.
So here we go... get psyched up.
Take off those shades, open those sparkling, charming, convincing lil eyes.. and really take a good, hard, long look. Let's make some plans.
Are you smart?? Yes. Like a fox.
Are you adorable?? Check. Obviously.
Are you a crafty son of a gun?? For shiz.
Are you clever enough to sell a line of bull to a rancher?? Uhh.. fool me once, we know a Tru-er statement has never been uttter-ed.
Are you sweet as honey?  Absolutely, you gotta be to keep us all hooked.
So once again, read carefully, as I declare:
For Bleeps Sake boy!
God reached down and blessed you, with so much of the "It Factor" you could pass your pretty sparkle Rainbow Fish Scales, out to the entire sea and Still. Oooze. 'It'. For. Days. So... enough already. Get out there and Announce Yourself, to the world.

Read a life-changing book. Take a life-changing trip.  Plan a life-changing adventure. Pick up a new life-changing hobby (which sadly, is NOT practicing basketball in an attempt to beat your uncle in Shelbyville... though Coach thinks you're SUPER cute and amusing for pretending!)
You can craft a better you. 
I totally believe.
We don't refer to you as The First, for nothing.
Happy Birthday, Junior Groomsmen.
We Heart the bejesus outta You.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

.....Is how I need you.... and how you needed me too..

Obviously, I love my husband.  Though I VERY rarely say this.  I think the word 'love' becomes so cliche.  So easy to 'just say'.  And we all Love a long list of people... our parents, our children, our nieces and nephews, our close friends. 
But... more importantly, I Like Coach.

if you'd say goodbye to me tonight
there would still be music left to write
what else could I do
I'm so inspired by you
that hasn't happened for the longest time

Once I thought my innocence was gone
now I know that happiness goes on
that's where you found me
when you put your arms around me
I haven't been there for the longest time


Life for Coach, is blissfully simple. 
He begins each morning with the same goal:
Have a good work day.
Phone chat a few siblings (maybe a cousin) and giggle over how awesomely hilarious they are.
Order a pizza.
Slide any athletics into the course of his evening.
Notice how cute his children are and maybe call a sibling to remind them, how cute and funny his children are..
Live his day, in a manner his parents would appreciate.
And... get me to laugh.
If you add a basketball, a Busch Lite or a taco into the above scenario... you've described his perfect day.

and the greatest miracle of all
is how I need you
and how you needed me too
that hasn't happened for the longest time


He is always exactly and amusingly who you'd expect him to be.  There is hardly a person alive, who does not enjoy the company of Coach.  Me... especially.
Sure... being his wife is not a constant parade.
Of course, he irritates me.
Without fail, there are days the awesomeness of Coach, is certainly FAR LESS awesome for his wife.

Who knows how much further we'll go on
maybe I'll be sorry when your gone
I'll take my chances
I forgot how nice romance is
I haven't been there for the longest time

Honestly, EVERY day, since the evening we met.. Coach has successfully accomplished his goal of making me laugh. (even when I'm annoyed, making my laugh more irritating for me and more of a score for him.) He really is... so darned likable.

I don't care what consequence it brings
I have been a fool for lesser things
I want you so bad
I think you oughta know that
I intend to hold you for the longest time

I seriously Like you. 
I'm lucky to know you. (Don't tell anyone, I said that.)
Your greatest talent (in a long list) is the ability to make me smile (which many know... is not easy!)
Happy Anniversary, Coach. I still Do.

20 pts to anyone,
who remembers what was said,
about that above white dress... and marriage.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Ahhh... yes... It must be Baseball Season.... again

We had to rush the girls into last minute 9:00pm baths to wash the 3rd baseline ball field dirt (sandbox) from their hands, arms, faces (Coco) maybe inside their shorts.... Not to mention the red Gatorade stains, from their faces. And only 3-4 times did I yell at Coco..
"Get that dirty feather away from your mouth!"
"Get that rock, out of your mouth!"
"Get your dirty hands, out of your mouth!"

And only once or twice, did I threaten The Kid, that if he didn't stop acting scared of the ball, in the batter's box... I would take him in our yard and throw balls at his body, to prove it wouldn't kill him. (Ummm... of course, I wouldn't actually throw balls at my child...)

Baseball season... a magical American tradition.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We're Talkin bout a Who's Who's in Blog World...

All gathered in one place, at one time.
(and when I say "Who's Who"... I mean.. just the people I know... from the few other blogs, I follow... so maybe it's not headline worthy news... but still, sorta big-time.. like, just within my world.)
Saturday's Rt 66 BBQ Contest/Springfest Event. (FYI- Adding Gala or Event makes it awesomer.)
A group of people, still trying to make an IMPACT, gathered for several meetings and exchanged too many texts or emails... all for planning a cool event, to keep our town cheerfully involved. Totally not for any real profit. Just for good ol' fashioned Family Fun.

Let's review the cast:

Grammy- Head of Just About Everything Springfest Involved including The Too Many Emails Branch.  Instrumental in driving me sorta crazy while trying to book the entertainment.  Also, fundamentally crucial in keeping and organizing countless lists of important duties, essential to Family Fun Time (for example- making sure event is insured, or said event has Porta Potties and booking adorable Face Painter) Because seriously.. cute kids walking around in face paint EQUALS Family Fun.

The Commish- Famously hosted several meetings, while our young children ran wild and unsupervised in his basement, while we strategized.  Also.. a kinda sorta big deal organizing the BBQ contest portion.

Moi- Booking the first several hours of the stage.
Including Mind Blowing Acts such as:
Awesome local singers (specifically a new and soon to be famous Duo act of The Teacher aka a girl whom can REALLY sing.. paired with our guitarist Chili D aka Jimi-First Time Eva to the Big Stage Nervous Belly-Hendrix)
Moi also- Leading the MOST adorable kids in a Children's Yoga Demo at 11:30am. With stars including but not limited too: Shortcake, Tink, Punkin, Coco, Joy, Bella Bella, EmmaLynn...etc.
AND Moi hosting a BlacKbird yoga sTudios booth, with various items for sale. (shameless plug.) 

Other Booths will include the Infamous Artwork by our very own Warhol (not to be mistaken with the ACTUAL Warhol... though frankly, our Warhol is infinitely more impressively talented and only half as weird.) Items for sale.. and the opportunity to pin stripe, practically anything... bikes, baseball helmets, bats, beer huggies, Barbies... Whatev..
(This kind of detail may cost a lil more... unless helmet belongs to a super cute niece. Then it costs only one kindred smile.)

Not to mention,
A Booth by Bird.
A Booth by my incredibly talented cousin CW.
Cute Bartending expert Coach (out of retirement)
Lil Jump Rope Show, with too many cute girls.  Galway Girl, LuLu and Owl included.
A bounce house and other awesomeness organized by I Used to Be a Hooker (a surprisingly sweet girl, with a dirty.. dirty... blog name)
A performance by The Bride's Baby Daddy and band.
A performance by this group Flag Girl fancied herself a groupie of (Marcos and co.) before of course, she groupied herself onto Chili D/Slash.
Listen. Bottom Line.
Saturday is gonna be an AWESOME time.
Everyone cool is gonna be there.
A Mini-Harvest Days, within a fence, with Spring Time Family Fun had by all. Can I get a Whoot Whoot or Holla Back if you are excited!