Monday, August 31, 2009

Lovin those lyrics, category

Did you write the book of love,
And do you have faith in God above,
If the Bible tells you so?
Do you believe in rock in roll,
Can music save your mortal soul,
And can you teach me how to dance real slow?

Well, I know that you're in love with him
'cause I saw you dancing in the gym.
You both kicked off your shoes.
Man, I dig those rhythm and blues.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why the F....TV edition

Why the F....has FX been showing promos for Sons of Anarchy for 4 solid months?
Why the I still equally excited every time I see one?
Why the F....does my son have a crush on the Progressive Girl?
Why the F....are the Sonic commercials my favorite thing on TV even though there is not a Sonic within 3 hours of my house?
Why the my husband and I continue to watch DVR'd Special Victims Unit's in our bedroom at night, knowing full well that we can't even kiss goodnite after it ends because that would make us twisted freaks, considering the story lines we just witnessed?
On that note:
Why the DVR not listed as one of the 7 Wonders of the World?

Friday, August 28, 2009

More code names....

I have assigned the Hubby and his family their nicknames.
Remember when I posted that you needed to comment under names if you wanted to pick your own? Time's up....
See if you can figure out which is which...and why.
The Commissioner, Jackie, Doc, Shooter, Warhol, Clark, Edie, Grandma, Coach, Flag girl and Grandpa.
By the way new readers, we sometimes wear regular clothes...but we really love to dress up.
PS- if you hate your names...start your own blog. Love you!

Thursday, August 27, 2009 we came....

In two days we hit in this order....Field Museum, John Hancock Building (The Kids' Fav), Hershey's Chocolate Store (Tink's Fav), checked into the Palmer Hilton, The Sear's Tower (sorry, Willis Tower), Navy Pier and unfortunately the Build A Bear Workshop (Not dad's fav, while paying $100 for 3 bears he may have mentioned that he was losing a little pride at that very moment), the hotel swimming pool and then finally The Cubs game. It was a very busy mini vacation but the kids loved it. Now, mom and dad would like to check into the Palmer alone to recover from all that family time. Who told us 3 kids wouldn't be that much more work??

"Oh my Lord"

"Oh my Lord" my father exclaimed as my mom yelled to him that The Kid had just fallen off his bike and we were racing him to get stitches. (That is a direct quote and in no way altered to be funny. Mind you, I had never heard him blurt a religious reference in a time of crisis unless it was Holy Sxxx!).
Tuesday night, while preparing for our two day mini vacation to Chicago, The Kid was out riding his bike with friends and wiped out in a tiny crash. He came chin down on the alley and cut a sizable chunk. Thankfully, we had several friends and family over and were able to rush him to our family doctor who was VERY kind enough to open his practice at 8:00pm while still in his bare feet. (Thanks Doctor!) 6 stitches later we returned home to pack.
My parents nerves have calmed. Though, they have once again proved to me that their love for their grandchildren may possibly run a little deeper than the love for their own children.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You say it's your birthday...

This week my cousin, sister-in-law, The Kid's god-mother, and our friend celebrates her 29th birthday.
If you see her, wish her a great day and remind her just how pretty she was in peach!

The 'I Heart' label...

Someone has 'Wordless Wednesdays'. Someone else has 'What I learned today' (which someone has been known to steal from someone else.) I will have at least 3 of these labels on a regular basis.
The first being the "I heart...' category.
For example.

I Heart....when you get a beer at turtles and there is still ice on the outside.
I more when that happens on a Saturday afternoon.
I Heart....when Tink says she can't when I know she most definitely can.
I Heart....when Bryson says he and his Grammy are twins. Cuz I am sure they are not.
I Heart....when my father-in-law text messages me.
I Heart....the Camp Connorfest self declared tether ball champ. At least that is what his shirt said.

You get the idea.
Stay tuned for the 'Why the F...' and 'They say it's your birthday'....labels.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Supporting Characters

The Cast of supporting characters.
I have always wanted to be an aunt. How great to love a ton of cute little kids, have them at every party, keep their adorable pictures in your home, vacation with them, take pride at events that you are related to them (because definitely my nieces and nephews would be the best looking there) and you don't actually have to be responsible for them 24/7. Therefore, when I married my husband and instantly became an aunt to hundreds (almost!) it was a real bonus. I will blog about these kids often. Hope their parents don't expect me to draft a permission waiver.
Since I watch Special Victims Unit, I'll never use their names. One problem...there are too many to nick name so they are being numbered from oldest to youngest. This is a trick stolen from their grandfather. He can barely remember his children's names, I'm sure he hopes this technique will catch on.

#1. The big guy in the center holding Kat. Crazy funny, sarcastic, lots of personal style but as much as I love him, I could stand to smack him around a little. Still...he's about as cool as it gets. Just ask him.

#2. Our Streator guy. We were hoping he was our Dwight guy. Holding #12. Great with Tink. Found himself in a little bit of trouble recently. Great hair.

#3. Our state track star. When I joined the family I had never seen someone so cute in glasses...until The Kid. He's holding Tink. You may not recognize him, he has grown at least 7 inches in the last 4 months.

#4. This is an out of towner. Our Cubs expert, cute 'grown up boy' in the white Cubs hat. Has a little crush on his god-father for his athletic ability. Tink's got an even bigger crush on him.

#5. Our oldest girl in the High School Musical shirt. The Kid and her are big buddies right now. Don't mess with this one, she's as tough and cute as her mom.

#6. Cute boy on the edge. The Kid's bestest friend and Kat's twin on the hair part. Watching this boy walk across the yard is a treat. He knows what he is doing on a computer, watch out for his blog to be created soon, I'm sure.

#7. The Kid.

#8. This little blondie in back may look tiny but I think she turned 17 while we were in Shelbyville. She knows how to dress, she is a cuddler and fancies black nail polish.

#9. Her dad's worst nightmare. When she has her license Tink will be grounded for at least two years. When I joined this tiny thing hooked me. Most like Tink in the family. Cute little hippie, skinny thing on the side in one of the many two piece swim suits Tink will never be able to hand me down wear.

#10. Tink.

#11. My beautiful god-daughter with the Smile shirt. You don't see a smile on that serious face often but it lights up a room when she shares it. 10 days separate her and my girl. They are so alike and so not alike. For as messy as Tink is, Eleven is perfect. For as sassy as Tink is, she is sweet. They will be a pair to watch.

#12. Baby with the passie. I don't know her as well as I would like due to the pregnancy cave I was hiding in. She looks a little like someone I live with. I'm afraid she may be more like Tink and Nine. Maybe those three won't be allowed to drive around together. Unless, Eleven is there to keep them in line.

#13. Lucky, thirteen. Kat.

Is that it? Are my in-laws going to be finished with a Baker's Dozen? We'll wait and see.

But here's our first contest. We need feedback on a nickname for my husband. Send in your ideas. I'm sure you all will have MANY suggestions.
PS- Aunts and Uncles if you want your own nicknames start commenting under them. Otherwise, I may use the names my husband has already assigned you. (Stroke, I am looking at you).
Grammy, Pop-pop, Grandma, Grandpa and Gigi...your names are stuck in stone thanks to The Kid.

The baby.

#3. Kat, the baby...if you know her real name you can baby step your way to how I came up with her blog name. Not much to say about the baby at this point. If you were Angelina you would describe her as a blob. She is my sweetest baby, she is already sleeping 7-8 hours a night, smiles all the time and likes to snuggle with her parents whenever possible. Bringing her into our world was a little rough and did not help her mother's normally bubbly personality. Mommy got a tiny bit grumpy for the duration of that pregnancy!
She has the most beautiful lips and if you check out her thighs you may notice she does not miss a meal. She looks very much like her brother but may share her sister's blue eyes.
It will be a long ride for her being Tink's little sister. I clearly envision her rolling her eyes as she spots her older sister in the hall way. Right now, Tink loves her 'sista' when she remembers Kat is around and hugs the baby with that crazy hair smack in her face. The Kid was thrilled to have another sister, giving him a chance at an updated 'big boy room'.... but now he would really appreciate it if we would adopt him a 7 year old brother. Again, we give him nothing he wants.
Blog followers will learn of Kat's personality traits with the rest of us!

2. Our Tink. Our middle child, though she will never be "The middle child". There is no putting Tink in a corner, she is not the passive child or the glue that holds the older and younger wild children together.
She was given this nick name about a year ago and it will stick. Now, first glance at her picture and you may assume this name was assigned solely on physical appearance. Our Tink is tiny, blond with huge blue eyes. She is a petite little thing, with small feet and a slight build. If you are familiar with Tinkerbell in the 'I think I saw Peter Pan as a kid' kind of way then you may believe Tink is a sweet nick name. But if you have watched Peter Pan a minimum of 673 times in the last 10 months as we have, then you would REALLY understand our reasoning.
Tinkerbell is mean, she is jealous, quick, sassy, small with a huge spirit. Tinkerbell stomps her feet, picks on those who are much bigger than her and is not intimidated. Tinkerbell is charming, tricky, bright, unique and not to be underestimated. She steals the show, demands attention and is as clever as she is cute. Tinkerbell may be the sweetest little pixie you have ever seen but she packs a wild punch and fits in with the boys.
All of that and more describes our Tink. This girl is going to be trouble. She will do her dad in way before the baby has a chance to stress him. You have to earn her cuddles, she NEVER hands out a kiss for free and she will rip off a cute dress and run naked down the hall. Beware of that tiny, squeaky voice for when you lean in close she is probably telling you off.
She has spunk, character and our Tink owns our heart....and nearly everyone else.

Thus begins the introduction of the cast of characters.

1. The Kid.
Our one and only son. He is the eldest and this morning he began the second grade. How can that be?? Today second grade, tomorrow his Sophmore year. He is no longer a baby, a toddler or barely a kid. He has lost every ounce of baby fat and a few teeth to match.
His personality is strong. He is very intelligent, handsome (his grammy and I think he is actually very beautiful) and well spoken. The husband would actually prefer to dumb him down a bit. The Kid is a reader and we have discussed that maybe a little more video game time and less library time wouldn't hurt anything.
His has a quick temper which we saw plenty of this summer. His parents are "VERY boring, lame and we never do anything fun or buy him anything he wants".
That said, The Kid is our most affectionate child, he has no personal boundaries and has been a cuddler since birth.
We dream of him being a great athlete and are working on training him for a future scholarship. Dad is pretty excited for the NCAA championship game. We are not opposed to a Heisman trophy either. Unfortunately, he has more of a flare for drama and should instead have a promising future in the Library Club, the Geography club and designing the wardrobe for the drama club.
Attending his events, awards and games are probably the one thing that most gets me out of the cocoon of our home. Be prepared for several posts regarding, The Kid.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

to blog or not to blog...

My carbonhill inspiration has pushed, prodded and encouraged me for months to create my own blog. I have hesitated for some time because I wonder how anyone could be interested in checking out my boring life on a near daily basis. Not to mention countless other worries and trepidations. The list of why I shouldn't have a blog reads as follows:

1. I rarely leave the house, outside blog followers may view me as a shut-in, which may embarrass my family.

2. I'm not sure I am even friendly enough to make real life friends..who would possibly read this?

3. The nick name dilemma. While my children have been nicknamed since birth or before...coming up with clever nicknames for the 200 other people I am related to (thanks to my husband) would really become a job. A dilemma my carbonhill inspiration can relate too after I demanded my very own nickname from her.

4. As my brother-in-law often reminds me, I spell as well as a second grader. And that may be inflating my ability a little.

5. My husband gets enough face time on The Paper- do I really need to give him internet time as well?

6. My 2 brother in laws get enough face time in The Paper.

7. Lately, my mother also gets enough face time...etc.

8. How many times will I be able to blog about how my son is sure we are the worst parents in the world?

9. This could start an online blog war like the world has never seen. What will Carbonhill and I do after attending the same events? Who gets first dibs after the 1955 Sweet heart dance on posting pictures to embarrass Munchkin? What if her photo of Gigi's first pitch at the softball game is cuter than mine? What if I steal some of her blog traffic or vice versa? If I call her to ask how to post pictures will she give me fake advice to prevent my quips from beating hers to the internet wasteland? It seems that the family was big enough for at least 2 blogs....let's see how it handles the third.

10. All of the above and 1000 other reasons. I admit my belly hurt a little when I pushed the 'And create your blog' tab.

All of those reasons have been trumped thanks to the following:

1. My family and extended family are pretty dang funny. Or at least they are sure they are and so far I agree. Now that the entire world can keep updated on their hilarities, we'll find out if they are really half as funny as we seem to think.

But the real reason, the cause for why I am typing this very minute, the subject which pushed me over the edge, nudged me towards this computer was simply... Our Tink. Now, all of our children are crazy cute. The kind of cute that should be illegal. They each are funny, smart and amazing. But that girl, that Tink is one of a kind.

So here we go. The cast of characters to follow.