Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Statement made Last Night.

Me: "I li-ter-ally could not Survive even one single night naked, in our very own backyard."

Never, has there been a more Tru-er Story.

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Selling a house..

After just a few days, we listed our home with a Realtor. 
Within five days, we had three showings.  Each showing went well, though I believe we are still looking for The Buyer. The home we thought we wanted, sold to another.  Which lead to a few stressful hours before I had The Revelation:
I live in a nice home.  Fixed up with care.  Filled with love.  But I've had this nagging feeling this house wasn't My House.  I'm looking for a piece of property that when I take just a few steps inside, I immediately think "YES.  This is my home."  The type of home, they have to drag my stubborn old lady pajamied body out of as I cling to doorways with wrinkled fingers.  I'm not looking for fancy.  I don't need brand new.  I'm just looking for My Home.  Our Home.  I'm not sure that home is currently on the market... but I'm looking.  And I'm sure it will pop up soon. (Positive thoughts... Visualize the future.)
Until then, I've learned a few things during the process:
1. When you're home is on the Market, you clean.  All. The. Time.  Like, it's my New Thing.  I don't blog.  I don't pluck my eye brows.  I certainly am not exercising... I clean. Clean and clean and clean.  When I finally purchase My Home.  It will either be immaculate all the time, out of habit from my current situation... OR.. it's possible I may never clean that home, ever.
2. If you leave for an ALL day long Saturday track meet.  And your home is pretty clean but at the last second you couldn't find part of the track uniform and you rampage the laundry room like a cracked out maniac and leave clothing spastically all over like the aftermath of a clothes tornado... Rest assured, your Realtor will call you for a last minute showing, while you are 45 minutes away, deep into your Track-off afternoon.  And you'd better hope you have a good friend, whom is willing to rush over and pick up your family's dirty laundry (literally).  Thankfully, we had one of those friends.
If you casually look out of your bedroom window, on the morning of a Showing.. THIS:
is never something you want to see.
I strolled outside and casually (with Nooooo attitude what-so-ever) was like "Ummmmmm..... What exactly is This??" with my arms dramatically motioning to the giant hole being dug.

Any-hoooo, I feel like thus far, things are going very well. 
Coach and I remain positive.
Happy Thoughts.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday

Lovely day. Sunshine.
Family. Lots of cousins..

Beautiful warm temps. (Finally)
Let's go fly a kite..

Pretty girls in bright colors.
Great food.

Oh... right...
and Coco set Tink's hair on fire, with an Easter candle, during Mass.
So that happened. For realz.
As you can see... Tink's fine.

Pretty typical holiday for my children.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Future Car Salesman:

I just returned home from a track meet, to find this:
While Coach was working in the garage, on his long list of last minute projects, Tink made this sign entirely on her own-

She was out in the front yard, Vanna White waving this to cars passing by our corner...

Simple. To the point.
She sure knows how to talk up her product.
Man, she is adorable.

Now the Magic Happens

The house has not sold yet.
After only 3 days... Weird.
So we purchased a St. Joseph statue (Doc swears she picked up the luckiest statue in the store) and proceeded with a very positive and uplifting 'hope ceremony'.  We all took turns holding the statue then said a great memory from our current house and a great future memory-not yet-created from a new house. (some memories were more amusing than others...)
We decided to bury the statue in the exact spot we were married on.
It seems to be a pretty lucky spot for us thus far.

Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

House for Sale by Owner $159,500

The Details of Our Home:
One Story Brick Ranch. Built in 1957.
 The Front Room/Formal Living Room 21 X 12 1/2 feet

Front door Entry.
With built-in shelving and new mini Office Nook.

The Family Room Area. 12 X 23 feet
Open Concept to The Kitchen.

The Large Foyer Room.
With hook-up/chimney for Wood Burning Stove.

Newly Remodeled Kitchen. 14 x 18 feet
Dishwasher and large stainless steel sink
All of the open rooms have BRAND new Wood Floors.

The Laundry Room. 7 x 13 feet
New energy efficient Washer and Dryer.

 One of Two Full Bathrooms.
This bath with double sinks.

 Bedroom #3 (12 x 15 feet)
Bedroom #2 (not pictured) 11 x 11 feet

Master Bedroom with attached bathroom.
12 x 15 feet

Our home sits on a double lot, now combined into one large corner yard.  With a 2 1/2 car detached garage.  Beautiful mature trees, a large patio and lots of pretty, flowering landscaping. The play ground will be included in the sale. This home is one short block to the high school and the Friday Night Lights.

Additional Details:
Updated all Electrical in 2010 with Pope Joy
ALL new Windows in 2008
Brand new Roof in 2013
New Energy Efficient Furnace/Central Air in 2010
All the plumbing in crawl space replaced in 2011 by Pope Joy
Home sits on a crawl space with a large attic
Taxes for 2013: $4311.22
Professionally installed underground pet fence included.

We are putting our home on the Market (Sale by Owner for a limited time) for $159,500.  Please direct all phone calls and inquiries to Jeremy's Barbershop (you may leave messages on the machine.)  We plan to schedule entire afternoons or evenings (in a block) to show our home to potential buyers.

It's Happening.

We are selling our home.
And yes, my belly hurts.
This home was my grandparents house for 45 years.  And ours, for the last decade.  It has been filled with so much love, laughter and joy.  With only two owners, each couple shared respect and tru happiness, within these walls. And so many beautiful, little smiles within the bright green grass and under the mystical trees, on this little corner. 

More than anything, I am heartbroken over leaving my favorite Catalpa trees.  The week they flower, creating a canopy of sweet smelling beauty, is my favorite week of each year.  I can not begin to imagine how many bowls of Catalpa bean soup have been prepared by little hands.

For thirty years, generations have watched the Harvest Days parade, which passes along both sides of our corner.  (Hopefully, the new owners may like us enough to let us squat?!)

 Our beautiful, bright yellow 'Cute up Your Corner'.  The perfect Easter back drop.

And for 8 years, all three children have snapped their 'First Day of School' picture in the same spot.  So many happy smiles.

So why would we possibly leave??
We have three very busy children, with three baseball teams and three full event calenders.  We have one nearly teenage son, busting at the seems of his clothes, shoes and bedroom (who could use more space from his sassy little sisters). We hope to both simplify our life, while gaining more space for our growing Five Family.
I pray we find buyers, who will continue to fill this house with love.  With compassion.  With new happy memories.  This home was my safe place.  My warm nest.  And now it is simply time for this family to relocate to another beautiful tree.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Weekly Update.

Spring Break-
Day 1. Coco starts puking.
Day 3. Coach starts puking.
Day 4. The Kid starts puking.
Day 8.  Tink starts puking.
Sooo.. Spring Break was super awesome.
Monday, Spring Break fun finally ends and we practically kick those kids outta the house and the grown-ups head down to Clark's Designated Family Holiday, Opening Day.  The adult time was more than needed and very appreciated.  Clark's Gumbo ruled, as always.
Tuesday, April Fools Day.
As a rule, I NEVER trick people, in the hopes that no one will ever trick me.  I'm not a fan.  But my Tinkerbell is two parts funny.  First: she is dripping in perfectly timed sarcasm.  Second: she loves ridiculous physical humour. (much to my dismay).
I stole a few online ideas and played a couple harmless jokes on the kids.  First, I filled both toilets with balloons. As they raced back for After School Potty breaks, they equally squealed in shock. Next, the girls helped me wrap The Kids pillows in aluminum foil. (Tink could NOT stop laughing.)


Last: while the kids were at school I made Jello in glasses with straws, to serve with dinner as their drinks. I waited until every thing was frantic, as all five of us settled into the dinner chaos and then nonchalantly pretended to prepare drinks and pass them out. The Kid immediately said "What's this?!" (I only ever serve milk or water at dinner)
Me: I made Kool-aid today.
The Kid: WHAT??!! (he was beyond excited. I have outlawed the sugar drink for at least 5 years)
He dove head first and started sucking on that straw. Coco enthusiastically followed, her cheeks sucking over and over, as if the straw was broken. Tink followed their lead.
This lasted TOO long. And I laughed hysterically!! Hand over mouth, body shaking, laughing. It was amazing. Top Ten Parenting moment EVER. I literally can not wait to have grandchildren to use this trick again.
And now tonight.
Continuing her year of new starts and adventures...
Flag Girl (and husband) are officially co-owners of an adorable shop in Downtown Morris.  We are thrilled to celebrate with her (and her husband) and my closet is excited to welcome all my new additions!

Great busy week.