Sunday, October 31, 2010

Not Enough Buttercups.

After a pretty hard-core weekend, of my children ditching me and vice versa....
we super-over-loaded FamDamly Time on Sunday.
We had a pretty strict schedule of Fun-ness that needed to be attended too.
A Big Ol' Party, hosted by the our Dear/Crazy/Overambitious Friends. Forty-Nine children attended. Seriously. That was Forty to the Nine. Children under the age of Ten.
As an official Station Manager, I needed to arrive by 11:45am. Therefore, Costume Preparations for my three children began more than an hour prior.
First picture snapped....
AM stands for Morning.
Before noon, on Halloween.

(Pink Sparkle Rockstar Fairy)

(Blue Alien)

(I Spy a Pumpkin Rockstar Fairy. I also Spy my little, last Baby... Running. And totally Growing Up.)

(Trick or Treat Grammy! Oh Pop-pop, are you still enjoying your morning Coffee..? Bewildered as to why Halloween begins before Noon, on Sundays?)

(My Station. Scary Door Hangers.)

After a VERY Packedtothebrimwithfun 3 hours... we began our Trick Or Treating. Our Town opted for an Afternoon Tricking Hour. We were missing a teeny bit of the Spooky Feel, I remember as a child. My childhood was filled with gloves, shaking teeth and parents with winter coats... not so much, sunglasses and sweaty little kids.

(We trekked way across town, to Aunt Flag Girl's. She allowed the kids to dig Handfuls of Candy. Remind me to Thank-you later, for the tight jeans.)

At least one hour into the official Treating....
both Fairies were napping on couches.

(I honestly, could have taken pictures of these wings, All Day Long.)

Probably, our most successful Halloween, to date.
Thanks for another awesome Party, Julie Dr!
Tru Stories (Aka Super Mom) threw a Turkey in the CrockPot. After the children OD'd on Candy, I counteracted the sugar with a little Turkey/Sleepy Time Dinner.
Hopefully, their very tired parents, will be napping on the couch, sooner than later.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

For the People and Things, that Went Before....

With a very romantic, Poetic Justice,
The following, has been The Kid's
"Favorite Song Ever, for All Times"
for the last couple months.

There are places I remember all my life,
Though some have changed
Some forever, not for better
Some have gone and some remain.
All these places have their moments
Of lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I loved them all.
And with all these friends and lovers
There is no one that compares with you
And these memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new
And I know I will never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them.
In my life I loved you more.

-the Beatles.

We had a big Day today, Kid.
You were the First Thing, I did right.
The First Thing, to break my Heart wide open.
I would give you the whole world.
You are mine, you are ours,
you are Loved, Wanted and never Forgotten.
I love you, Kid.
Always have, always will.
And all the Good, Bad and Ugly... in between.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

'Electric blue eyes, always be near me'

Ten Days Later.

You must have spent those extra ten days,
in your mommy's belly....
Growing those long legs.
Beautiful, thick Hair.
And long, graceful arms...
for Big, tight Hugs.

You needed a little more time to:
Perfect your Scene-Stealing Smile.
Enhance your Finger-pointing, Hand on Hip- Rule following, Mom-gene. Which will come in Very Handy, while keeping that Tru-ly Messy Tink and Your Itty Bitty Sister, out of Trouble.
We expect you to be the 'Voice of Reason' and Coco to be 'The Muscle', when it is past time to round those Hot Messes, into the Car for Curfew.

Mostly, those Extra Ten Days, gave Tink the opportunity to realize what she was missing...
Her Faborite Cousin, Best Friend, Classmate, Slumber Party Buddy and Hand Holding Little 'Big' Cousin.

To my only God-daughter:
You are special,
your Enigmatic, Electric Blue Eyes, captivate me
And I am grateful, you are in my Life.

And I'll do anything you ever
Dreamed to be complete
Little pieces of the nothing that fall
May, put your arms around me
What you feel is what you are
And what you are is beautiful

-Goo Goo Dolls

Happy Birthday, Eleven!
We Love you.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reason #38, The Garbage Man, Totally hates us.

Me: Just a weekly, friendly reminder....
It's Tuesday night. Garbage Night.

Coach: ugh... Shhhiii...!
(Standard look of shock and disdain.)
You know,
I really prefer to think of it as,
Wednesday morning. Garbage Morning.

End Scene.

Monday, October 25, 2010


I know!
I hesitated.
It has taken me nearly 2 full days to get this post up....
The problem is and was,

It took HOURS, to delete or crop the pictures with Waldo, hidden in the back. Where's Waldo???
I bleepin know the answer,
He's in EVERY single picture, I took that evening.

Maybe you were unaware, Waldo joined the Spice Girls, around the release of their second album.

The Second Reason??

Friday, I wrote a moving and intellectual Post, regarding a very serious Vote in our town. I poured my Heart into that Post! I kindly referred to my Husband, as a capable, caring, respectable Man.... shaping the youth of our community. Molding them into 'Better Men'.
And now,
I have to admit this man...
is also my Husband.

Take that in, people.
The Future leader of your Sons.
Your Coach.

It never, ceases to amaze me,
what a very lucky girl, I am.
Cupid, must have pointed his Bow..
Straight at my Brain.

Other high lites, from our evening:
One stop on the Scavenger Hunt,
Two blood related 'Brothers' Not 'Brothas' had to Hug each other, slow enough to capture on film.

Coach is still settling his gag-reflex.
Especially, when it happened again.

Other Creepy moments:

Taking a picture, in the Men's Bathroom, at Da Willy's.
(FYI- Not Clean.)

Taking a picture, laying on an actual grave.
It's sad, how quickly The Bride, threw away her Soul.
She really fits the family nicely, right Ginge?

He roams in a Wolf Pack, for One.
Or maybe, two..

Most unsettling...
This man, did not wear pants, ALL evening.
Not exactly, Tom Cruise.

But hey,
at least his Arm pits were covered.
Simple Pleasures.

Friday, October 22, 2010

It takes a Village...

My husband, is a Junior High Basketball Coach. He is one week into his 4th season. Coaching can be exhausting. He chooses to guide and teach, 17 teenage boys. Each and Every Season, we'll happily choose it again. Until, the choice is taken from us.
On November 2nd, our Little town, has a Big Decision. We will vote on a Referendum, to increase property taxes, to save our Grade School from Drastic Cuts. Including, our Athletic program, Arts, Music, reducing teachers and increasing class size. Surprisingly, it appears the vote, may not go our way.
Our Paper, has informed the public of several pertinent facts. I would like to make this Personal.

Here are the Facts:
(the Facts as they pertain to you.)

1. Our Grade School District, has NOT had an Education Fund Increase, in 27 years.
In perspective, our District has not provided an increase to our Children's education, during the course of Coach's Lifetime. Do you suppose, that is the case in China or Japan?

2. If we do not vote Yes, programs will immediately be cut. Currently, there are hundreds of children, participating in Sport Programs, Art and Music Clubs etc. Our town will take away their entire social scene. Where would you prefer those children, spend their evenings?

3. The Illinois Constitution, declares the State must provide 51% of Education dollars to our Schools. Currently, Our Town receives 33% of it's revenue from the State.
Our School is not in jeopardy because of Huge Coach or Teacher Salaries (trust me). Our School is in jeopardy, because our State is not providing. We must provide for our children's futures, ourselves.

4. The 50 Cent increase, for the value of my home, would raise our taxes, just over $200 a year.
In perspective:
We spend at least $600 a year on pizza.
We spend $200 on a school trip to Old Navy.
We drop $200 on a day at the Cubs game.

5. If we do NOT Vote Yes. Our schools will suffer. Enrollment will drop. People will turn to Private Education or reconsider moving to our community. Eventually, our Grade School will close. Forcing our children to be Bused to Pontiac. We will lose our 'Small Town' appeal. Consumers will leave. Our home values will plummet.

6. Last:
We are NOT raising taxes, to help a few kids play Ball.
If you were to put in perspective, how our School system provided an 'additional education' to the 3 Men, of Coach's Family....
What if there were no Art classes? There would be no 'Dead Wall' to view at Turtles.
What if there were no Clubs, Band or Prom Dances? There would be no President to make an Impact on our town.
What if there were no Sectional Bound Basketball Team? No Citizen's Award or Football Field to run? There would have been a very empty Gym that year and no Coach, as we know him.

In Four Seasons, Coach has guided Boys through painful divorces. He has met with kids to discuss drugs and alcohol. He has helped those who had less, with difficult home lives and those who just needed a little boost to their self-esteem. He helps them smile. He coaches boys to become better men. To learn respect, patience and healthy competition.
Coach, provides them with Life Skills. Him and many other Teachers, Coaches, Athletic Directors, Art and Music Teachers.

To give our children, the tools to compete in the 'Game of Life' we need smaller classrooms, attention to detail and extra-curricular programs. We need to provide our children, the opportunities we were given. If not, we are creating a Generation, that will be less than Us. Less than our Parents. Less than other competing Countries.

In Junior High....
Did you play a Sport? Join a Club? Play an instrument? Did your brother, sister or parents? Did you meet a new friend in that club, which you still talk to today? Did your Sport make you feel better, during awkward teenage moments?

Do you have a Child? Do you have a niece or nephew?
Imagine, stealing the same opportunity from them.
Just to save $200??

Young Voters, can win this Referendum.
If you have never voted before. Vote now.
If you recently bought a home, had a baby or are planning to get married. Vote for your Future.
Never, depend on others, to vote your conscience.

It really does take a Village, to raise a child.
(please ignore, the political source, of above quote!)

Vote Yes, on November 2nd.

People often say that, in a democracy, decisions are made by a majority of the people. That is not true. Decisions are made by those who make themselves heard and who vote - a very different thing.
~Walter H. Judd

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Email Inbox, Really Hurt My Feelings.

Oprah, can you hear me?
Oprah, can you see me?
Oprah, can you find me in the night?

Oprah, are you near me?
Oprah, can you hear me?
Oprah, can you help me not be frightened?

Ok....anyway. That got weird.
But, she did Not hear me.
And, she will Not see me.

At least not, during the month of November.
'You were not Selected' email, received, loud and clear.

I think maybe, she knew December, would be best for us. Or possibly, a special Birthday show, in January.
I'm sure, that is it.
She is so knowing and wise.
She has a plan.
I will follow.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

To my Community:

Just a Quick Warning:

I have submitted my name to the Oprah Show, for tickets during the month of November.
It is possible, I may receive a last minute phone call, naming me the lucky recipient of my dream. (honestly, it is a dream!)

To the members of my Yoga Class:
Absolutely, yes, I will dash off to Chicago, without so much as a 'Class Cancelled' note on the door. Maybe, we should consider establishing a Phone Tree. I may have a chance to call from the road (No texting, Oprah). Though, dialing may be tricky, with the extreme shaking of my hands and/or entire body, from the excitement.

To my Children:
You know where, the granola bars are kept. The Kid... I trust you to change a diaper. Probably, I should teach you Grandma's phone number. You may want to call her, if you see your mother dash from our home, in a blur of screams.

To my Wardrobe:
You are most definitely, not suitable. It would be smart, to purchase a complete outfit, to hang Ready, in my closet.

To My Husband:
If, there is a chance you have hand-written Oprah the most heart-felt, appealing, eye-watering letter.... that Oprah's Cameras will Surprise! arrive at my doorstep, to whisk me away on a Spa-filled day, before her Favorite Things Show... I would sincerely appreciate a little Head's Up. So that I may actually shower and dress myself before Noon (3:30pm) and freshen up the kitchen from breakfast (night before's dinner).

To The Oprah Show:
I have dreamt of you! If I am selected, it will be a monumental knock off my Bucket List.
That said, I'd really love a taping of the complete reunited cast of Friends, or maybe Brangelina's first interview. Certainly, I will not turn away a Free trip or even a Book club selection... but I am kinda hoping to Not attend the taping of a Child Rape survivor or an Episode of Homeless Children.
For Two Reasons.

A.) Those shows make my stomach turn. I applaud your effort to rid the world of Evil, but sometimes I do not need to know, people can be so disgusting.

B.) It will seriously, be Super Awkward, if the camera scans the crowd, as the Child recounts her tear-filled story... and I am caught smiling at Oprah, like a stoned-love-sick-puppy. It would be hard to explain, the lack of control, over my own emotions.

So here we go....
Fingers crossed.

PS Oprah: I NEVER believed, Gayle was your secret girlfriend. But if she is, I am totally cool with that.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Tink's 4th Birthday Weekend... Day Two.

Tink's actual birthday was Sunday.
For her gift, we went to The Zoo.
It was a beautiful Day!
Families were packed in like sardines
(get the animal reference?).
I saw at least 4 Furry Backpacks placed around adorable children, with long furry tails....
Otherwise, known as: A LEASH!!
Fur it up as much as you like, you still have a dog leash on your child.

We had a wonderful day and (sadly for The Kid) we actually left with only memories, as our souvenirs.
We then headed to a quiet dinner at Flag Girl's home.
After opening a few presents from Mom and Dad,
And a Matching Jammie gift for Tink and Eleven.
Tink sighed, "Now my birfday is ober."
Eleven exclaimed, "And now it is my birfday!"

We happily snatched up Eleven and moved the very mini Slumber party, to our home. The girls were super cute and eagerly posed for a future photo montage.
Poor Coco, tried very hard to hang with the big girls.
They really were not having it.

After (Eleven literally) kicked Coco off the Slumber Party Couch, the girls were able to retire in peace.

And now... Tink is really Four.

This birthday was probably our least expensive event.
Yet, one of our most successful.

Thanks, especially too:
One Aunt, who opened her home to Rootbeer floats and sparkle parties.
One Aunt, who picked up an awesome (especially for breakfast) cake and made special T-shirts.
One Uncle, for wrangling up a projector for our Mobie.
One Grammy, for making Tinkerbell Grab bags and painting finger nails.
One Grandma, for making BBQ and last-minute popcorn-run.
A fingernail painting Godmother.
A ribbon tying Teacher.
And several mothers... who primped, sparkled and jazzed up their little fairies.

Tink is Tru-ly surrounded by Luv.
We appreciate each of you.

Disclaimer: One day you will be blamed and possibly prosecuted for actively participating in the aging of my little girl. Very soon, this will stop being cute.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Birthday Weekend.... Day One.

When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies. And now when every new baby is born its first laugh becomes a fairy. So there ought to be one fairy for every boy or girl. ~James Matthew Barrie, Peter Pan

Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear: My Tinkerbell

During my ultrasound, after realizing you were a girl....
I was bummed.
Can you even imagine?
I had expected (and wanted!) a houseful of boys.
I believed, it would be too difficult to raise a little girl. What if she was girlie? I do not speak 'Girl' very well. Or worse... What if she was her Mother's Daughter?! We would eat each other alive.
One quick trip to The Gap and Grammy and I were OveR being bummed. Baby Gap is much cuter in Pink.
I am a mother, to 2 daughters.
I have a Pink room, filled with adorable Pink clothing.
You are most definitely, your mother's daughter.

Physically, you share your Father's DNA.
And yet, your quirks, mannerisms and personality...
are mine.
Except, the 'Oddities' inherited from 'that family'. I'm sure they may find it adorable that you only eat Carb-filled garbage. You hate to swim, do not enjoy popcorn and would rather not befriend an animal.
Otherwise, like me:
You are selective with your love.
After it is earned... your loyalty is strong.
You resist kisses.
Your Smile is elusive.
You are shy and quiet...
until comfortable, when you shine.
You prefer the Couch.
You would live in your jammies.
We like our home. Our safety net. We 'get' each other. We give space in the morning and cuddle up tight, late into the evening.

You will not 'play nice' but you are kind.
You are funny. We like Sunglasses, chillin with our thoughts, chocolate milk, planning parties, taking walks and... Dairy Queen, cookies and candy can be eaten ANY time of the day.

You are Mommy's Girl but you are so very much more, than I.
You are so unknowingly beautiful.
Your voice is a fierce, tiny bird.
Your eyes, filled with answers.
Your feet, legs and button nose are Too Cute.
You draw people in.
People strive to be a part of your Tinkerbell allure, your mysterious sparkle and your fought-for acceptance.
I want to take you every where. Fold you up in my pocket. Listen to your chatter, share in an eye-roll and soak up your magic.
You. Make. Me. Happy.
End of Story.

My 'Middle Child' is No Filler.
You are the Double Stuffed Creme, of our Family.
for making us 'more'.
for keeping things 'interesting'.
for your unpredictable imagination.

You have taken my breath away. Carrying your tiny, warm body to bed each night, is the best part of my day. I am a Mother to a Daughter.
You are special. You are Unique. You are Extra.
Happy Birthday, Tinkerbell.
I do Believe, in Fairies!

I Believe in you.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We have 12 Bikes.

With the Impending Tinkerbell Party days away,
we are in Classic Coach Fashion,
finishing last minute home projects.
While I am dusting and wishing I had decided
NOT to wait on cleaning the carpets...
Coach is assigned to The Garage.

When I asked this morning,
"How is it going out there...?"

He responded,
"I am deep, in the Storm before the Calm."
He also mentioned, it would be better for me,
to NOT check on the progress.

I am nervous.

I wish a dump truck would drive by.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

4.4 Million is a long time.

While wandering the Grade School Hallways,
I let the girls drink from the Water Fountain.
Once I got past my fear that a deadly staff
infection was crawling all over it...
The whole thing was pretty darn cute.

Still, not the Cutest thing.
After viewing the Hallway Art outside of my nephew's
classroom, I immediately voted him
The Best Part of my Day.

The Display read...

"Grandparents Are...."

that boy makes me happy.

(I have not included the Name of Said Nephew, as not to contribute to further saddening and humiliating his parents. It's not their fault, Grandparents are the best thing that has happened for 4.4 Million years.
Poor Parents, gotta stick together.)

Monday, October 11, 2010

I Broke a Shovel.

Sunday morning, I woke up with the need to do something productive and positive.
With Coach off to work, Grammy and I gathered the kids and headed to the Creek.
Our 'Adopted Corner' chosen to make an 'IMPACT' on our town... is the little Path near our Creek. My favorite place in town. Loved for each walk, first with my grandmother and now with my little family.
October is perfect for Bulb Planting and yesterday could not have been a more beautiful day.
After we began digging, we realized the ground had fossilized like the peaks and ledges of the Grand Canyon. Very quickly I lost the help of The Kid. Moments later, I lost Grammy (now dubbed 'The Money' of the project, after purchasing the bulbs.)

I dug, chiseled and hack away at that ground, until I planted two small patches. Not exactly the yellow wonderland, I had envisioned. I am determined to try to get back there.

'The Money' still had an itch to Beautify the Town and busied the children by picking up garbage. Mostly, littered from the Homecoming festivities. The ToiletPaper-ers...were not shy.

I had hoped to grace The Carbonhill Bash...
Except, embarrassing Nephews and
Creating a more beautiful Town...
really wears a girl out.

**Friendly Reminder: Get out there and plant those yellow Tulips and Daffodils. We look forward to a town blanketed in Yellow this Spring!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Are you ready for Some Football...?

We find ourselves, tail end on a very active high-school Football Season. We have two nephews playing ball and that adds up to several (Sev-Ver-Al) hours, on bleachers.
Two is playing Varsity and
Three is playing on the Freshman and JV squad.
As you can imagine, those games do not play on the same day, at the same time, in the same town on Nextie Fields.
To say I prefer a Football game, over a Track Meet, would Honestly be The Understatement of The Year.
In addition, the Football Season Gods have been especially kind to Moi and provided the most beautiful Midwestern Nights Eva, to view our match-ups.
Yesterday, our Little Town celebrated Homecoming. Providing yet another, quaint reason to Heart Her.
Early Friday morning, I dressed my girls in green and rushed to meet their brother at school. We gathered with his class to view the Big Homecoming Parade.
(The Parade began at 10:15am. Trust Me... that is an early Exit from our Jammies/Couch Time.)

Coco enjoyed the musical beats from The Bands.
(And if you have ever wondered if the band actually, really needs that girl bouncing her hands up front... Commissioner will add your name and number to the Conference Call, held at a later date, to answer and explain... Yes, they really do.)

Our Three was named to Homecoming Court. A very longstanding tradition (expectation) for Coach's Royal family. They will all frequently Bore you to tears over their Crownings... Blah, Blah, Blah.

Number Eight Seven. Happy to see you in Green.

We've had several exciting moments. Great tackles, Leg blurring Dashes and last night, our first Quarterback toss into the End zone! Great Arm 22.
Very Proud of you guys.
Enjoy your Homecoming.
Try not to spill on your tie at dinner, pull out your lady's chair, keep those hands UP on her back and politely return her home... on time.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Quickly Fly away!!

It is officially Fall. Yesterday, our Neighboring Snowbirds flew South for the Winter. I'm sure the departure was bittersweet. Leaving their hometown and yet, moving on to warmer weather.
I am sure they also felt a tiny bit of disappointment. Yet another year has passed with their Neighbors, proving to be no more responsible, than the year before. Each Spring they nervously drive home, fingers crossed 'This Year', will be the 'The Year' we actually present our yard to the town with the teeniest bit of Pride.
Sorry, to once again, disappoint thee.

We really did Try (not really.)
We worked so hard on the flowers
(I planted one planter.)
We are just too busy (I don't even leave the house.)
We just know nothing about growing anything!
(My grandmother practically wrote books on flowers and Coach's Dad actually grows food for a living.)
Poor Coach works such long hours.
(He plays Softball 22 hours a week.)
At least it doesn't directly affect other people.
(We sit on a giant corner lot and you could hear the neighborhood property values dropping, if my naked kids weren't running wild in the yard.)
I promise, we will do better next year!
(We've all heard that before.)

Have a wonderfully warm Winter (while we all freeze our bleepers off) and I promise to sweep your curb for you, while you are gone (right, I don't even sweep my kitchen floor...)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

Or.. specifically those who have received an Invite...
(via cute Shutterfly card or Facebook)

By now, you have received your exclusive invite to the Four Year Old Birthday party of the year. (Or at least the month of October...or actually, that particular weekend, as many others will quickly follow.) It appears my Tink, fancies herself a bit of a Party Planner. She has been preparing the intricate details of her event for months. Seriously, months.
One guess. Her desired theme??
Surprise! Tinkerbell.

The simplicity ends there.
Her plans exceed pink cupcakes and Tinkerbell wrapping paper.
The Girl, has ideas...

Tinkerbell's Rules for her Tinkerbell Party:

1. You may have noticed, the invite was intended for females only. This was slightly awkward, while addressing the card to poor, poor Flag Girl and CT. You Ladies, are on your own. Tink has dubbed this party "Girl's Only". Absolutely, "NO Boyds. All ob Da Boyds haf to go to Da Willy's." (Honestly, that was her 'UnCoached by Coach' response.) If you are an Uncle, Grandfather or Male who finds her amusing... Please send your regards to Tink, via Text Message.
(Or at the RootBeerFloat Party at Aunt Flag Girl's the following evening. Oh hey, Flag Girl, by the way...)

2. All invitees are encouraged to arrive dressed as fairies... (please, resist the jokes on how her brother would fit in perfectly.) This includes girls of all ages. Although, wounded parties such as Grammy and Grandma were told 'She guessed they were girls, too.' Feel free to choose a wardrobe sprinkled with wings, glitter, Fairy pictures or quotes... the more glam, the better. (again, resist the jokes.)

3. While choosing said attire, please prepare for pixie dust showers, fairy wing face painting and glitter fingernail polish. All Children must properly sparkle before entering The Main Event.

4. After Fairy prepping, we will escort our party to the Tinkerbell Wonderland (Otherwise known as Coach's junky garage, with Christmas Lights sporadically hanging off nails.) Where we will showcase the new Tinkerbell Mobie "The Great Fairy Rescue". Very recently released and yet, viewed in this home a minimum 742 times. Give or take, a couple.

5. If you were to ask Princess, what she would like for her birthday. She will answer "Tinkerbell Stubf". This would include but is not limited too:
Tinkerbell shirts, shoes, panties or pajamas.
Tinkerbell toys, dolls, blankets, books or pencils.
You get the idea.
Her clothing size: Small. Very, very small.
If you absolutely, are unable to locate a Tinkerbell item, she would not be opposed to anything falling under the category of:
"Pink Sparkle Fairy Rockstar Avril Style."
Or... a card with $5 is totally fine...

6. This Party is not all Give, Give, Give. You will take home a rounded belly, filled with a Tink Requested Janet's cake, delivered with Love by Aunt Doc.
Oh, Shut Up! She might have requested it, if I had given her a chance! Get off my back.

In Conclusion, we would like to pre-thank-you, for attending The Social Event. Sometime immediately following Baby #3, my Thank-you card writing skills rode off into the Sunset.
"In case we forget to tell you later,
we had a really good time tonight."

Name that movie...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Second Base.

This weekend was CraZy ToWn busy.
Saturday, was our Relay For Life Softball game.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and this game is very special. Coach's family, shows up In Force to play this game with smiles, laughs and a
New Memory Makin attitude.
With an agenda to 'Save Second Base'.

(Get it?...'Second Base'.)

(Our Second Place Team. Coach's group. Or...
The First Losers. The Not Winners. The Team with the Least Points..etc.)

Side Note:
No, Warhol has not resorted to a 'Moustache is the Right Way to Go' mentality. He was pre-prepared for a Moustache Party, that evening. An event, Coach and I were VERY sorry to miss. I heard my FaBuLous shirt, purchased WEEKS prior, was a huge hit.
Did you hear me say... 'MY Shirt'??

(Brown Team. Also known as The Commissioner's Conquerors, The Winners, The Victors or, I am pretty sure, The General's First Ticket to 'Not Last Place'.)

(The Bride, our first time DJ. She probably REALLY missed The Kahuna. This was easily the most difficult job of the day. Our Relay Team owes you!)

(Twelve, sampling the refreshments.)

(Our lovely singer...Thanks for your voice!)

(Three, Flag girl and One)

(Uncle Jack and his big brother Grandpa.)

Sorry, boys. You only wish you were #1.