Monday, June 23, 2014

June, in Three Parts. #1 The House.

So our house was For Sale. And then it was not.
After a not long enough time period of looking at houses and having our house looked at... we decided to pull our house off the market.
I'm not 100% committed to that decision.
I have officially declared us The Bipolar Couple of Home Sales.
And yes, we are annoying even ourselves.
It kept feeling like the houses we were looking at needed work done, work that we have already done (and paid for) at our current home. It was always going to be hard to leave this location and our neighbors really stepped up their cute factor during the home viewing process. (which really hooked Coach back.)
The only way I agreed to stay, was with some MAJOR changes. To both the yard and the house. Most importantly we need to A.) seriously simplify the yard and B.) Put all three kids in separate bedrooms. Currently, Tink and Coco share a room. Tink is very much OVER sharing. Coco is very much NOT over sharing.
We already starting cutting down trees left and right. Digging up gardens. Tilling spots for new grass. All we discuss, every flipping day, is redesigning this house/yard. And talking about redesigning a home, into a dream home, is actually less fun then one would imagine.
It stresses me out. Normally, I am not a very stressful person. It may surprise people to know, I'm actually fairly laid back and mostly up for anything... but constantly discussing major home changes and/or purchases? Not fun for me. And if I'm not having fun... then Coach is not.. well... Coach is still have fun, because for Coach life is always fun... but it's maybe a little less fun than usual, when I am stressed.
And all of my stress, led Coach to book our #2 big event of June....

#2. Last Minute Road Trip!

Our good friends had been planning for months to vacation in New Orleans... We knew they had an open invitation for friends to join their trip but with The House Drama of 2014 we could not commit to going.  At the very last second, Coach declared Fudge It and booked a hotel room with only 49 hours notice.  And we took off on our first ever Road Trip as a couple. We decided to only tell Really Nice Guy and surprise The Teacher.  And after only 45 stressful minutes chasing her oblivious stubborn a$$ around the French Quarter, we finally cornered her and the weekend commenced!

 Inside The Pirate Bar.

You know how you're Down South and you notice signs and tees and whatnot for Mint Julep's??  So then you decide Know what... let's try a real life Southern Mint Julep for fun?! Heads Up: Mint Juleps are AWFUL.  And the little ol ladies that drink Mint Juleps are obviously hard core.

 Coach standing against our hotel room.

On the swamp tour I was THIS close to the gators.

The swamp was awesome.
The tour, a little rehearsed.

Random snaps on my favorite streets in America...

 He's cute. And the other boys on this street agreed.

Final Assessment of my third trip to New Orleans: I would go again. And again.
Who wants us to bum off their next trip??
Two days after returning to the real world, Coach Commented to me: I already miss your smile...

#3. But Mostly... We play Baseball.

This is the first year all three kids are playing baseball/softball.  We have been at a game or practice nearly every single night since the beginning of May.  Many nights we had two games and a couple nights we've had all three kids playing on nearby fields.  (I wore my tennis shoes on those nights and didn't bother gettin comfy in a chair) The older two have games which typically last between 2-3 hours at a time.  Which means we've easily watched 43,197 hours of baseball in the last six weeks. Give or take a couple hours...

Coco and Joe P

 Tink's Cute Teammates.

Coach is either Head or Asst Coach to every team.  He bounces around according to which team needs his help the most.  And don't let him fool you... he has LOVED it.  It's been a High-Five Heaven out there, in Coach's World.
So that's what we do.
That's where we've been.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Welcome Home Grammy!

Dear Mom-
I hope you had an amazing birthday trip to Arizona.  I'm so glad you took this time for yourself.  I hope you got some rest, laughed with friends, enjoyed the beautiful scenery and were able to really relax.
And now that you are back to town, I wish with all my heart, for an amazing summer in your candy shop.  I hope your adorable little shop is full of happy faces, each and every day.  I hope the sweet little smiles bubble up around you and excited giggles echo from your walls.  That loving husbands buy their wives an unexpected chocolate treat and ladies leave their guilt at the door, when they sneak in for themselves.
The shop is absolutely beautiful and I hope it becomes just as successful as it is adorable. And I hope Coco's brings you years of joy.  You deserve it.

I hope you had an amazing, warm, sunny AZ birthday.
Cheers to a great year. We love and appreciate you and your time.
Happy Birthday!
Love- Your daughter, Coach and your cute grandkids.