Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dear Arizona:

What you are about to see is shocking and unsettling..
Remember when The Kid was just a tiny 7 lb baby??  And he was the first little baby, you had kinda ever fallen for?  Who started to melt your I'm Never Gonna Have Kids- heart.  And I nicknamed him The Kid, when he was only weeks old... cuz it was funny to say "Won't somebody help me carry The Kid..??" (In the olden days, car seats were heavy.)
When you think of that little baby...
Did you ever think he would be THIS BIG?!!

I'm not sure what happened over the last month but my baby suddenly has man legs.... Not cool.

But when the track meets get cold (because they always do) The Kid is not too much of a grown-up to snuggle his Hot Box of a little sister.  (She's our personal family mobile furnace.)

This week, The Kid ran his best meet thus far.
It almost (I said, ALMOST) makes up for his nervous short-fused temper, before each and every meet.  Sometimes, I really love that mouthy little brat.

Arizona, one day this will happen to your boys.
Sorry... that was mean to say...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

It could really happen...

I have very vivid dreams.
Recently, I had the most productive dream eva...
Ok, so The Walking Dad was real.
We had already built our safe haven house on The Hill. (It was bigger than expected.)  The following people had made it to our home in time: Warhol, Sweetbreads, General, Mrs, (and all their kids) Munchkin, Match Guy, Coach, me and our kids.
We had a giant wrap-around porch and the men were constantly walking the porch picking off zombies.  Except Match Guy, who had (whoops) knocked-up Munchkin.  Turns out, she is not a pleasant pregnant lady during a zombie Apocalypse.  Match Guy had finished off all the peanut butter and she was very dramatically fighting with her Baby Daddy about how how he would find her more peanut butter.
Then suddenly it occured to me, that we had this:
(because why wouldn't we...?)
And I had an epiphany!
We would dig a giant moat around The Hill.  Wha??  Then the Zombies would just fall into the waterless (wooden stake filled) moat, unable to crawl out, until the men can dispose of them.  Leaving us virtually untouchable, with the exception of supply runs... (we had a plywood-type drawbridge).
I would plant a giant garden, Mrs was holding a little school... the kids ran and played.  We mentioned we needed a Dr for Munchkin (yada yada, I know technically Munchkin is a Dr... but not like a real one, right GG??)

I recently recounted this dream to The General, in person.  He listened intently, nodding appropriately, totally calm as if this dream is the most normal thing ever.. when I had finished, he said one thing: 'Genius'.
Soooo... it looks like we're set then. Official Game Plan established.  We just need like $650,000 for the house and giant tractor.  If more of you want in:
#1. You gotta be a tru believer.
#2.  You gotta get your a$$ there quick.
#3. You've apparently gotta be able to deal with a mean bitter Munchkin (let's face it, she's really the more fun version...)

And don't forget the peanut butter..

Saturday, April 13, 2013

And so... I kinda ran again...

We joined a morning 5k (for the boys) and 1 Mile jog (for the girls).  Sorta breaking my dramatic declaration to never run again.
Let me set the scene by explaining:
It. Was. Cold.  And then: More Cold.

We all took off as a group and my girls (well... Coach's girls..) were Super Pumped!!  Running and running and running... until we hit a solid wall of wind and I told the girls it was time to walk.  Actually, I made them walk at least 3 times.  Listen.. I was just looking out FOR THEM, protecting their little legs and tiny lungs, I swear... I wanted them to walk FOR THEIR well-being!

By the last stretch, Tink and Coco said it was time to run NOW and they wanted to run FAST.  Tink (Coach's daughter) was getting VERY aggravated that a group of ladies were coming close to passing us.  I told them to go ahead... ya know, so I could snap pictures...

The Kid has been in track for several weeks now and he was pretty psyched to run with Coach.  He was determined to really make Coach sweat for it..  Except, The Kid did not account for the biting cold wind which he repeatedly said "made him want to puke".

The Kid won the medal for his age group, though he was far behind his normal pace.  He swears he wants to run more 5Ks and Doc, get this noise: He wants to enter the 5Mile.... ugh.

So there you have it...
Nice job staging this event, The Bride.
But lets not get confused... This Girl, still really hates running.   Really.  Hates.  Really...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Voting. Feminist Style.

In college, I took a Women's History class.  It was shocking to learn the history behind women receiving the right to vote... and more shocking, how many countries still will not allow a woman to vote.  Since, I have respected the simple act of voting, even more than I already had.  I always wait to cast my vote until the kids are out of school.  I think it is important for them to see how exciting the entire process can be (yes... even in little small town elections.)
Tuesday, I took my two girls and my carpool daughter Eme. (The Kid was at track.)  I was laying it on very thick for the little ladies.  "Isn't this awesome?!  Aren't we lucky to vote for our leaders?!"
We checked in.
The girls got to say my name, held my voting receipt, we all squeezed into the booth.  They were a little miffed I kept my vote a secret but were excited by my paper to hide my slip and sneak it into the machine.
We proudly displayed our I Voted stickers...
Piled back into the van.

Me: Wasn't that great?!  Don't we love living in America?  Voting is an honor...

Girls: Yes! Fun.  Love America..

Me: Did you know... there are other countries where people are not allowed to vote?! (shocked gasps)  And several countries where only women are not allowed to vote... isn't that awful?!

Eme: What!? Does my mom know about that?

Me: Yes, I'm sure she does.  Your mom is very smart.

Eme: Yeah... she went to college.

Me: Yes!  She did.  And it is so important to go to college and learn lots of things.  In those same countries... sometimes they do not allow women to go to school.  Isn't that awful and sad for those girls?

All Girls: Yes.  Terrible... I want to go to school.

Eme: I'm going to college... because when you go to college, you can get a boyfriend.

Coco: What?!  ME too.  I want to get a boyfriend in college.

Me (frankly losing my grip on this feminist moment): Well... girls, it is important to go to college to learn and not just...

Eme (interrupting): My big sister is in college.  She has a boyfriend there.

Coco: What does he look like?  What's her name?!  What's her boyfriend's name... etc.

Bottom Line:
Fight for the Right to Vote.
But first and foremost...
Find a good-lookin Manz...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Going to the Chapel....

Our crew has officially kicked off  9 weeks of wedding festivities... Two of our favorite couples are getting married and we have many great celebrations planned.
Warhol and Sweetbreads will marry on May 26th.
Last night, was their Engagement/Couples Shower.

(The Bride and Groom)

(The Maid of Honor and her little Groomsmen)

(The Wedding Party)

(The Families, minus Mother of Bride)

(Me and The Sistas)

(The General, Ditta and Coach)

(Flag Girl and Chili D)

(Grandpa and Me)
(Coach always lovin his sistas)

One, our DD... about to make a grave mistake pulling into that Taco Bell and having to help order for his aunts, uncles and parents at 1:00am. I think he left his hood on to hide from the humiliation of his family.  Poor embarrassed One.
One party down, 6-7 celebrations to go. Bring it!  Plenty of photo opportunities of this group to follow...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break 2013

We didn't go to Florida but we were probably more busy than we would have been on a real vacation:
1. The Kids (and cousins) went sledding (you know, cuz it snows here in March. Yuck.  Dislike.)
2.  Because there was no sunshine or flowers outside... we made a Yoga Spring Break Sunflower. Adorable.
3.  We hosted a little girl Pink Slumber party.  Everything pink.  Clothes, snacks, drinks, plates, sprinkles, nails, sparkles, blankets...etc. Pink everything.  Uncle Coach even wore a pink shirt (totally hilarious to the girls).  I discovered I actually do not own one single pink item in my entire wardrobe.  (Surprising)

 4.) Drove down to find more cousins for our annual Spring Break Trip to the zoo. 
5.  Celebrated Easter and actually managed a seriously cute picture of all three of my children:

In addition:
We took 2 shopping trips (to purchase summer clothes it may never be warm enough to wear).  Started baseball practices. Had a 3 generation pedicure day.  Held a boy sleepover (without a color theme). I did not manage one single shower without a child just walking in the bathroom like they owned the  place... The Kid watched at minimum 2 full seasons of Lost.  Attended a track meet, fish fry, pizza party, took 2 trips to video store and managed several day time play dates.
Now, I need a Spring Break from Spring Break.
I feel like I'd probably have more time to blog, alone on a beach somewhere.... Hint, Hint.