Monday, February 28, 2011

One Fine Day...

I appreciate....
Your kindness and your chicken salad.
Your grace and your scotcharoos.
Your compassion and your potato salad.
Your humility and your Buckeyes.

You are a devoted and loving Grandmother. A still-smittened wife. A loyal and caring daughter-in-law.
And a mother to Kings and Queens.

On this day, I make a Birthday wish, for you:
I wish for more of You. For you to unlock your hidden sense of humour. To read more books and plant more flowers. I wish for you to remember yourself. Take more walks. Enjoy being a sister. Couch snuggle your husband. Buy more new curtains! Laugh, Dance and Play.. much, much more.
Your greatest flaw, is the neglect of your own Joy.
I delight in every opportunity, I meet the Happy and Carefree lady inside of you. You helped light up, our Thanksgiving. It is no Wonder, Grandpa will wait hours, just to share his meal with you.
Happy Birthday, to my favorite M.I.L.
Myself and nearly Fourteen, sweet little voices, wish you many... many more.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Open for Suggestions.....Seriously.

What is the quickest way to 'lose' your house cat??

I have discovered, Rigby has taken to using various corners and nooks of our home, as his potty. The frequency has left him, much less than desirable.

Coach requested, I blog a 'Classified/Help Wanted' Advertisement and an 'Explanation/Apology' for our home smelling like Cat P***.
As you may imagine,
Coach has strongly submitted his suggestion.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Conversation:

Between a Husband and Wife:

Me (While reading a magazine):
Did you hear Jessica Alba is pregnant?

Coach: Whoops.... Sorry. Are you mad??

Sometimes, I sorta wish, he could turn The Funny off.

For Your Information:

We would really sorta prefer, if you are babysitting our children, maybe don't let them nap in your cat bed. Try not to let them play with your cat toys. Or possibly, resist teaching the 4 year old, how to give your kitty their nightly meds.

We Heart you and all...
But honestly, Tink is one more dog bite or slight nudge to her already crippling 'outside her house' phobia.... from becoming a crazy cat lady.
Not to mention, Coco is pretty yucky and some type of Feline eye disease, will not help prevent the nickname Grossy McGrossPhearson. You're a free sitter and we aint gonna be picky. Crazy Cat Lady/Man who is sorta lady-ish.... or not, we'll take ya.

By the way, while googling Cat Pictures...
this popped up. I thought you would like to copy this to your Iphone screen saver or print for your desk.

Chili: Aren't kitties fighting with their cute little kitty faces, the cutest little gosh darn thing you have Eva?!
It is an entire web page of cute kitty pics.
Can you even imagine!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Of course...

Last week, as the temperature rose, so did my desire to Spring Clean. I spent four days, dusting, scrubbing, vacuuming, sweeping...etc. The Kid's Room: Spotless. The Girls' Room: Spotless. I emptied drawers and closets, to size their clothes. I even organized and labeled the Game Closet!
Four evenings in a row, this home sparkled.
Candles were burning.
Dinner had been made.

The last two days, we have been distracted. The older kids had events. I was a little tired. The house began to collect mess. Shoes and toys were strewn about.

In the past week, which evening did we receive unexpected guests? (whom we adore!) But seriously, was it one of the four days the house gleamed??
Or last night, at our peak of chaos?
Of course.
Peak of chaos.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Chatting with Our Kids....

Tink: Mom, I lobe you in the day time.
Me: I also lobe you in the day time.
Tink: I lobe you in the night, when the sun is gone.
Me: I also lobe you in the night time.

(FYI- Honestly, we have never before, actually listed our love for each other in this format.)

Tink: I mostly lobe you, in our house. In dis house we libe in. I lobe you, in here, the berry most.
Me: I also lobe you in this house.

Flash to Coach's Worst Nightmare:
22 years later. Coach arrives home for lunch. Carrying our pre-ordered DQ bags. Finds us, on our opposite ends of the sectional couch. Blindly watching
'Jersey Shore Season 27: The Next Generation'.
With no hope for Tink's Marital Status or my rapidly growing rear-end.


Coach: Kid, if you could pick any 3 friends, to go do something fun with tomorrow... Who would you pick? Answer, quick 3 names.
Kid: Six (cousin), Tre and Grammy.
Coach: Seriously? Grammy? Did you just say that?


Me: Coco! Stop eating Wet-wipes!
Coco: (the garbled sound of a child eating wet-wipes.)

All Tru Stories....

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Sitting on the couch.
Eating DQ Double Cheeseburger, fries, Blizzard.
Drinking a Diet Coke.
Watching Marathon of MTV's 'I Used to be Fat'
Laughing out loud as the Chubby girl begins to cry on the Treadmill.

Definition of Irony.
Also, probably, Scene 1 of 'Karma Ordered My Way'.

Friday, February 18, 2011

What JUST Happened?!

I hope you have spent the day, with family.
I hope you remembered to hug, kiss and tell them how they have brightened your life.
Maybe you ate your favorite food or flipped past memories in your photo album.

Today, The Kid walked outside on his own accord. He was not threatened, bribed, tricked or begged.
He simply picked up his basketball and began to shoot hoops. He practiced dribbling drills. Switching hands. Fading back.
After 40 minutes, he marched towards the house.
Temper tantrum?
Gentle, lady-like hands too chilled?
He remembered, he had a Chapter to read in his 'Complete History of Our National Monuments'?
No. Instead, he called his Uncle over, to play more basketball, grabbed Gatorades and jumped back into drills. 45 more minutes later....
Pop-pop arrived. To play even more basketball.
After 2 hours, 10 minutes of pure outdoor basketball joy, The Kid retired for a snack.
No request for money. No whining.
No complaints of torn cuticles.

I Declare: "Hell Hath Frozen Over".

After 9 painful years. (Heartbreakingly painful.)
My son... has become a Boy.

It's the End of the World as We Know it.
And I Feel Fine.

I am afraid to blink.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cuckoo for Coco Puffs.

My baby, has really began to develop her personality, her... um, 'specialness'. She is defiant. She is absolutely walking to the beat of her own cracked out Red Hot Chili Peppers kinda of Drum. I recently asked Gramma, if Coco reminded her of any of her own children. Gramma's Answer: Doc.
I'm gonna guess Doc was not as gross.

Odds and Ends from Coco's last 6 weeks.

1. She likes her bling. Every minute, of every day, Coco sports some bling. Bracelets, beaded necklaces... her current fav, is a necklace she stole from a friend. This little fashionista wears the necklace on her head, as a crown. Hello, Lindsey Lohan.

2. She believes she is Five. She refuses to sit in a stroller, highchair or booster seat. She stands in a real chair, for all meals. She no longer allows us to carry her (Far cry from Tink who would prefer us carry her to the bathroom.) At a recent visit to the mall, Coco had to walk. On her own. No hand holding.
(sound like Doc, anyone??)

3. Coco can talk. You have to yank the passie from her mouth, but she can speak. She can count. Name all of her extended family. Put together sentences. And YeLL the word "NOOOOOO!"

4. She is wicked smart. She is already messin with us. She can say both "Mom and Mommy" very clearly. But will call me "Momma", to annoy me.

5. She is sorta... unique. Reference the pictures. She has taken The Kid's Confirmation Saint necklace and wrapped the chain over her ear. Daddy, if her sista has earwings, she needs earwings!

6. Her sista. Tink has a very long line, of family and friends, who have catered to her every whim. Tink, was gently lifted onto a tiny pedestal early. Coco, is plenty man enough, to knock Tink off. If Tink is the sprite little cheerleader flipping way into the air... Coco will be the no-nonsense base happily tossin her snotty little a$$ up there.

7. Her forehead is continually sporting a new 'ouchie'. Coco is a climber. The couch, table, beds, nightstands...etc. She is barreling through her world like a linebacker on speed.

8. Linebackers, are kinda gross.
And, they usually like to eat. Coco:
* took a bite out of the paper ketchup container from McDonalds, while trying to suck the ketchup.
* tried to take a bite out of the Christmas tree.
* ate her brother's leather book/charm.
* grabbed poop out of her diaper. Twice, but thankfully did not eat. Small Graces.
* will eat a chunk out of a wet-wipe.
* will bite a chunk out of her sista.
* hates to wash her face, brush her hair or cut her fingernails... but she will brush her teeth 7 times a day, mostly to eat the toothpaste.
* recently dipped her spoonful of peanut butter into Ranch Dressing. Repeatedly. Bite after disgusting bite.

To be fair, she is very beautiful.
She hugs tight. Laughs big. And loves Hard.
But, I am still kinda nervous....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Visual Sneak Peak:

Into Tomorrow's Post:

Titled: "Cuckoo for Coco Puffs"

(Yes, she posed for these pics.)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine's Evening....

2:30pm: Attended The Kid's Valentine School Party.
3:10pm: Drove Van-full home.
3:30pm: Frosted Valentine's Cake with 2 containers of Frosting. Let big kids sprinkle (only half) of cake.
4:30pm: Took The Kid to Tae Kwon Do.
4:40pm: Watched The Kid receive his Yellow belt.
4:41pm: Witnessed The Kid make the cutest, embarrassed smile as Aunt Flag Girl 'whooped' during the serious belt ceremony.

5:18pm: Bribed Tink into Tumbling clothes.
5:19pm: Told Coach to kill a spider.
5:20pm: Half of our group went to Three's game.
5:30pm: Took pink Cowboy boot Tink to Tumbling.
5:40pm: Picked The Kid up from Tae Kwon Do, while illegally parked in Alley.
5:46pm: Began watching Three play one of his very best games of Basketball ever. (We don't call him '3' for nothin.)
6:15pm: Coach raced out of game to pick up Tink.
6:54pm: Was (um... pleasantly?) surprised to realize there was a B game left to watch.
7:10pm: Grouped up with some In-laws at Turtles.
8:05pm: Fully aware I had a cake at home, ordered a Skillet Cookie for dessert.
8:07pm: Considered throwing something at Chili Davis, as he joked I would spend all of the next morning eating the Valentine's cake.
8:08pm: Secretly felt shame, as I knew Chili was totally correct.
8:13pm: Glorious Skillet Cookie arrived at table.
8:14:30secs: Tink HAD to go potty.
8:15pm: Stood outside door as Tink Deuced and Skillet Cookie melted.
8:16pm: Sadness and disappointment sank in.
8:55pm: Finally, got The Kid into bed.
8:59pm: Entered bathroom and admired brand-new Valentines Diamond Earrings from Coach, in mirror.
9:00pm: Remembered Coach only got me a card.
9:01pm: Took hot shower, in the attempt to clear my sinuses thanks to the 65 degree temperature jump, in last 3 days.
9:03pm: Ignored little girls knocking on door.
9:16pm: Used Neti-pot.
9:30pm: Watched DVR'd Grammys with Coach. Wondered out loud if Arcade Fire got stoned one night and decided to let whomever was in their apartment, join the band.
9:58pm: The girls finally fall asleep.
10:10pm: Begin flipping sides, in attempt to rotate breathing out of one nostril and then mouth.
10:12pm: Became panic-attack terrified, a spider may crawl into my open mouth, while I was sleeping.
10:14pm: Calmed, with the reminder, I would be eating cake for breakfast.

The Day AFTER Valentine's Day:

9:40am: Have already consumed two pieces of cake.

Was my Valentine's filled with Romance? Not really.
But it was pretty sweet.

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Country Valentine.

Valentine's week coincides with the start of our relationship. Therefore, we always celebrate both events by doing, pretty much next to nothing.
Today, I will honor one more year into our relationship by high-lighting how little my Country Valentine has grown. (No, that is not a short joke! Jerks.)
As often quoted, by The Mrs. and I....
"You can take the boy out of the country but you...."

***Side Note: Our men ARE NOT 'Hank Williams/Belt Buckle/Shined Cowboy Boots' kind of Country Boys. They are Farm Boys. Big Diff. Seriously.***

Livin In-Town Ain't Gonna Phase This Boy:

1. Coach doesn't Get Curtains. Apparently, when the only person who may ever peer into your window, is your Grandmother, living a mile away... you feel no reason to hide your personal business. Therefore, each evening I am not home, please feel free to drive past and stare directly into every open window, showcasing our messy home and ignored children.

2. Garbage Day! Each Tuesday evening (for YEARS) he is surprised by the idea that a State Funded organization of sanitary workers will drive to your home and pick up/cart away your garbage. Even more surprising... you have to actually carry those cans to the curb before Wednesday morning and then (for all that is Good and Holy) carry those bleepin cans back to our home side BEFORE the following Saturday.

3. The lawn. (Admittedly he has improved slightly.) He no longer believes the "Faster and Shorter the better' motto while mowing. For the first couple years, our poor lawn would stand barely 1/4 of an inch. Because obviously, if he cut it shorter, he would have more time to tend to the crops.
However, he is confused that people can see all the way to from the street to our porches. He often treats our porch as type of mudroom. Chilling a case of beer. Leaving the treasures he has pulled from other folk's garbage....

4. Oh... he picks stuff out of other people's garbage.

5. As previously mentioned, he treats our garage as an empty chicken coop.

6. He views poor weather as a dare from God.
If the weather man, threatens a possible severe thunderstorm/tornado/ice storm/blizzard....
Coach will immediately suggest calling a friend Just Down the Lane (6 miles outside of town) for a family game night. Proving to God, His mini natural disaster, can't hold Coach down.

7. He speaks in code. For example,
"This morning Dad called while on the Back 40."
What does that even mean? Is his Dad golfing or something??!

8. Last and most irritating. He is friendly. He waves at everyone! To imply his hand is up and open in a full cheerful wave is hilarious. He 1 finger flip/farm waves.. Thankfully, he taught the wave to both The Kid and Coco. In their absence, Tink and I spend hours pretending to not notice waves... all summer long.

But still, years later....
I'll take him as my Country Valentine.

(With that declaration, I fully accept, my 'Country Valentine' will not actually gift me flowers, candy or jewelry. Cuz out on the farm, Valentines aint a real holiday. It's not a real event, like say the Catholic Wake of a fella down the road's cousin from...)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Warhol's Birthday: Phase 5

Note: Stop Here!
Please begin reading this series below.
Starting with "So this is the Real Story"
and moving up with Phase 1, then Phase 2..etc.
For the Full sarcastic Effect.

* In the month of February,
his birthday was mentioned on 3 Posts.
(remember, this is only the 10th)

* In the Past 30 hrs add an additional 6 posts, dedicated solely to the discussion of his birthday.

* Fetching 27 Comments and counting....

* I devoted countless wasted minutes/possibly hours, as I ignored my children even more than usual. Seriously cutting into my Streaming Wii Netflix hobby.

End Result:
Operation Shut.Warhol.the.H.E.DoubleL.Up 4.1 Edition.
A Success.

Did I ever tell you about this one time, the 'Crick' Flooded and we took the Silliest little pic of The Kid?!!
Could he be any cuter?!

Oh... One Last thing...


And. I'm. Out.

Warhol's Birthday: Phase 4

Possibly, you heard....
Today, is Warhol's 41st Birthday.
Last year, I declared he would stomp all over 40.
And he did.
He picked himself up, dusted himself off, tripped a few more times on a Jerkbump, stumbled a little, smacked face-first into the ground and then slowly but surely found his footing. His light dimmed but he was determined to 'spark' it back up with Gusto. For many years, he has painted our community with smiles and recently.... he remembered to paint himself a few.
You have been my brother-in-law for years.
Over the past 12 months, you became my friend.
I am grateful.

(Obviously, because I never eVa! would have pulled this blog cr@p on you, before.)

Stay Cool, Warhol. Which shouldn't be hard,
with that T-shirt.

I don't know where I'm goin
but I sure know where I've been
hanging on the promises in songs of yesterday.
An' I've made up my mind,
I ain't wasting no more time
but here I go again, on my own.

With your family and friends, you were never alone.
Here's to wasting no more time, ProudofyouHol.
Happy Birthday, to my Friend.

Warhol's Birthday: Phase 3

'Thursday doesn't even start'
(Well... I am kinda trying to start The Birthday Post but it's just too cold outside to think.)

'Thursday never looking back'
(Whoops. I totally looked back. Holla Back 'Phase 1'.)

'Thursday watch the walls instead'
(Watching blank walls seems nearly as fun, as writing just one more lame old Birthday Post about another totally awesome member of Coach's super amazing family. I am so over them.)

'Thursday I don't care about you'
I sorta don't.
Because I have NoT even told the Blog World yet... about how Tink ate 3 whole Doughnuts for Lunch today. Aren't my kids totally CraZy!? They are so amusing and funny.... Couldn't you just read about their cuteness All.Day.Long!??

Messing with PoorInnocentVictimHol has become my new Fav 'Cure' for housewife boredom.

Warhol's Birthday: Phase 2

While brainstorming about the most Berry Perfect birthday blog... I suddenly remembered how Super Duper Cute Coco is in the bathtub!

Son of a Gosh Darn-it Warhol,
it's totally not my fault she is so adorable!

I guess, you'll have to check back again later.

Warhol's Birthday: Phase 1

As mentioned, Warhol felt kinda slighted by Tru Stories, on his 40th Birthday. I feel simply awful. I should be more gracious and articulate with Coach's eldest sibling. As the self-declared, #1 of GG's Second Generation, he deserves my respect.
At the very least, I should treat his birthday, with the same grace and kindness, as he has shown my Family.

Seriously, Have you Eva! read anything as touching as the Comments he left on our Birthdays.

Warhol's Comment on Coach's Birthday Post:

(the ...... represents: Nothingness, Lack of typing, Blank Space or simply put: No Comment)

Coco's Birthday Comment from Uncle Warhol:

Tink's Birthday Comment:

The Kid's Birthday Comment:

And Finally, My Birthday Comment:

"Anonymous said...
I have a Birthday coming up in Feb, and if it stays up for more than 2 hours I hope to have more than 2 comments...crossing my fingers coco doesn't make big potty in the toilet, or Coach and The Kid don't have any stimulating conversation at dinner on the 11th. Screwedhol"

Actually Posted on January 20th.
1 Day Following my Birthday.

Isn't he the Sweetest!! This trip down 'The Posts of Christmas Past' has left me rather emotional. I am blinded by tears. My heart, filling with overwhelming gratitude, is almost choking me....
I'm gonna need a minute, to compose myself.
Please. Check back later today....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So this is the REAL Story....

Tomorrow is Warhol's birthday.
As you may have heard, read or noticed....
Warhol was not thrilled with the execution of his previous Birthday Post. 'Flying into Your Forties'. Dated February 10, 2010.

Here's the story.
Last year, Warhol was at a bit of a crossroads. Quickly, his 40th birthday came upon us and his Party Planning family, were unable to properly prepare a deserving celebration. At the last second, I planned a very lame event following an evening yoga class. With the chaos of his event, yoga and the 3 children I barely mother.... I confused the actual day.
Immediately, after realizing my mistake, I rushed to the nearest computer to compose a sweet little Birthday Shout-out. It posted at exactly 10:50pm, Wednesday night and received 7 Comments.

My Blog is titled 'Tru Stories from the 222nd Floor' and NOT 'Every single Day in the Life of Warhol' when my children were exceptionally cute (growing teeth, being hilarious) I posted the following Thursday morning at 11:59am.

Thanks to his mother, Warhol is convinced the world revolves around him. He was dramatically appalled that a sister-in-law had only praised his Amazingness on the Internet, for 13 hours and 1 minute. At every given opportunity, since that cold day last February, he has seriously beaten this joke/horse to death
(another character trait not uncommon to Warhol)

Therefore, Warhol is lookin for Payback.
And tomorrow,
he will get It.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't Kid Yourself.

It was reported this afternoon, The Black Eyed Peas "The Time (Dirty Bit)" has reached the #1 Spot on iTunes. Music Insiders are crediting their performance during the Superbowl Halftime Show.


Ummm, I saw that Superbowl Show. I am pretty sure (probably 19 other people will agree) our Relay For Life Mini Flash Mob Dance, is mostly to blame.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Next Year's Halftime Show...

How about the Network give our Relay Team a phone call. We would be honored to perform the Superbowl. Obviously, we are trained professionals.
Mostly, we are just happy people.
Thank-you to my team, for taking my crazy idea and making it fabulous. I could watch this video a thousand times (and nearly have) and each viewing makes me smile proudly.
I am madly in Heart with this family.
Honestly, how great are they??

In Order...

Warhol and Sweetbreads
Flag Girl and Chili Davis
Jackie and The Commissioner
Coach and Me
Doc and her fun-seeking replacement TL.
(Her Beloved Clark, is not a spot-light chaser.
He is, however, a wonderful Sport!)

We were thrilled to include several friends and cousins, not to mention Prince Kahuna. I have never, until this moment, desired to put a video on my blog. This 5 minute clip, showcases every reason, I love this group.

Please contact us, if you would like to make a donation to our Relay for Life Team.

**On a personal note, there was just no cool way, for me to bend to the floor for Coach's jump...Sorry.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kissing Cousins.

Set Scene:
The Kid's Basketball Game. Coco is sitting between Grammy and I. She takes her Dora and Diego Dolls and they start a pretty hot and heavy make-out.

Well, that's awkward... given they are actually cousins.

She's just imitating life.
Cousins kissing is not that uncommon in her world.

Me (Eye roll): That's just never gonna get old is it?

Grammy: Nope.

To Clarify, please reference back to Blog Post,
"Dear Commissioner" Dated Feb. 19th, 2010.

Dora and Diego... setting in a tree... K.I.S.S.I...

Friday, February 4, 2011

"It's your Broda's Birfday?!!"

Tink is very excited for her Uncle's Birthday. Even more enthusiastic than usual. Possibly, she senses she should pick up the slack. As my brother's 30th birthday, has left the rest of us, slightly melancholy.
To lose your sibling to a mental illness, feels a little like a long death. You tip-toe softly. You learn to pretend and alter your own truth. To tuck away your memories. You carefully choose your words and actions. I often walk into my parents home, feeling prepared. Ready. Guarded.
Occasionally, I see a glimpse of him. A brief moment in his smile, or a joke shared about our parents. And my heart rushes with joy. Though, almost immediately, it again feels heavy with the loss.
Today, I feel sad. Today, I really miss my brother.
I wish, I was throwing him one of my fabulous parties. I wish I was spending my morning on the phone with his wife... keeping birthday secrets and planning little surprises. I wish I had bought a funny gag gift, or matching shirts for my children and his children to wear. I wish I had written a speech. I wish, I was writing a blog, that would not make me cry.
Ten years ago, I told my brother he would be an Uncle. Today, he has 1 nephew and 2 nieces who are coloring birthday cards, choosing cute outfits, discussing what hair ponies Uncle would like and singing 'Happy Birfday Uncle" over and oBer....
This past decade, has not been all sadness.
Today, I will focus on that.
At least... I will try....
In the last 11 years:

* My brother has traveled. He spent 9 months living in Arizona. He camped and cliff dived, on a mountain in Sedona. He hiked the Superstition. He swam in the Pacific surf with wild dolphins.

* He moved from his hometown, to start over. He has met new friends and reconnected with family.

* He continued to be a friend. When others were not. He remained loyal, kind and very forgiving.

* He tends to his home and his dog. His little piece of world. He prepares his space as his own apartment.

* He cares for himself. Which is so much more than many others who suffer. He attends his appointments, acknowledges his illness and takes his medication.

* He has been a groomsman and a brother-in-law.

* He has attended sporting events. For Coach, friends, college teams. He is happily The Kid's biggest fan.

* Because mostly. He is an Uncle and a God-father. Which will be his legacy. Public events, make him very uncomfortable. And yet, for the love of his nephew, he arrived early at the hospital to meet his boy. He proudly served his duty at a recent First Communion. He danced at our Happy Celebration. He will squeeze into a crowded Saturday morning Grade School Gymnasium, for a child's basketball game.

* Above all, his illness affords him the ability to remain a Buddy. He will play cars on the floor. He will read Coco a children's book, repeatedly. He will spend a lazy afternoon, drawing chalk castles for a bossy Tink.

My brother, is no longer mine. He has not been, for a long time. He reserves his love for my children. And I can not be jealous of that one saving grace. Thank-you, for being The Kid's past. For teaching him kindness. For loving him, so unconditionally.

Happy 30th Birthday, to my brother.
I will never, not feel the loss of your laugh.
I regret each time you annoyed me. Every time I yelled to "get out of my bedroom". The last time you really tried to hug me and I was too 'High-school'. The Christmas Eve, I rudely explained it was no longer cool to sleep on my floor. My long list of "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda's"... are filled with you.

Lord I miss Daniel, oh I miss him so much
Daniel my brother you are older than me
Do you still feel the pain of the scars that won't heal
Your eyes have died but you see more than I
Daniel you're a star in the face of the sky

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just in case...

You were totally unaware. It snowed.
Or maybe, you have yet to see a cute picture on Facebook, of children frolicking in a snow pile...
Or perhaps you are just our neighbor, tucked warmly in Arizona, patiently stalking my blog for a glimpse of your neighborhood...
Behold, the most recent example, from the last 12 months, of how the weather in our State, is in dire need of some Prozac and a firm Time out.

Obviously, I photographed after our drive was properly cleared with a mini bulldozer.

Nice Daddies make snow tunnels.
With only a teeny bit of grumbling.

The only piece of information more newsworthy than the Blizzard of 2011?? Duh. The Press-stopping, Calender-marking, cutting and pasting a Paper-chain countdown to Mister W. Arhol's birthday.
Exactly, one week from today.
There is really NoThinG Else, the people in this town, can find to talk about.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Maybe you've Heard....

...we are having a bit of a Blizzard.
And if your house-bound children are starting to drive you crazy, wrap them up and send them outside with their Father, over his lunch hour.

What is this? Coco eating snow? What a huge surprise. At least she took a break from eating paper.

Were the mini handfuls not enough? Was it easier just to dig your chubby face directly in the snow?

Gosh Darn it! Warhol.... did my kids really go and be cute, bumping your pre-birthday blog, off the grid after just a few hours? Whoops... ya just never can plan for when those kids are gonna be adorable.


Today. Is the First Day of February.
The second month of the year.
The shortest month of the year.
Groundhog Day. Presidents Day. Valentine's.
It's a pretty important month.

Especially to our Family.
Sure my brother and Gramma were born.
But mostly, as we all know, as most of the surrounding counties know....
It is the month Warhol was born.

Gramma's first baby. Her precious Pride and Joy.
The Lead Sibling.
I'm sure I am not alone, when I declare, I am giddy with anticipation over his upcoming Birthday Blog. What a special, special Day.

so it begins.....