Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dear Quincy-

It has honestly been our pleasure to have you be such a close part of our family.  Our 'second brother'.  And now, it is bitter sweet to watch you grow up, into a mini man-ish.  You are spreading your wings.  Joining new groups and making new friends.  Spending less time hanging around our house and more time moving just a little further away from our circle.  And while we are thrilled for each of your new accomplishments... We'll sure miss you:
Coco will miss her other broder, who will sweetly chase her around and help her act a fool.  Getting her infectious giggle fully charged.
Tink will miss snuggling up to her gamer buddy.  Since she was tiny (well.. even more tiny than now) she has smushed her little body up against your side, watching you play mindless games.  And she loved every moment of your patience.
And The Kid:
Ouch. You were his first ever little friend.  The first person to welcome him, with an enthusiastic "Let's go have an adventure" zest for life.  Our two adorable dorks.  Countless, COUNTless hours shared deep in the mind numbing world of useless facts and nerdy inventions.  Bellies to the floor, building ships set to sail into the magical Neverland of little boys imaginations. 

One of the many amazing Best Cousin Friends Forever combos from this extraordinary family.  You have literally traveled across the country, growing together.  We took your brief childhoods for granted. You two, were simply priceless.  A rare example of genuine admiration and uncomplicated joy.
Oh what joy for every girl and boy
Knowing they're happy and they're safe
(Happy and they're safe)

We would be so happy you and me
No one there to tell us what to do
I'd like to be under the sea
In an octopus' garden with you.

But now... you're both junior high boys.
In different schools, walking along different paths, towards different futures. Ready to tackle new adventures.  It breaks my heart but I am beyond proud of you both. Our two adorable little dorks, becoming pretty amazing bigger-ish cool kids. 
Happy Birthday, Quincy.
12 years old.  Wow.
Please remember your 'second family of siblings' are forever in your corner.  Our door is always open and Tink's shoulder is a little chilly without you.  We believe in you.  We've always known and loved the very best version of who you are.
You've got this...
All our lovin.

The Worst Summer Eva...

Around lunch time yesterday, The Kid dramatically declared himself "sooooo bored" and this the "most boring summer ever..." and within minutes he had Coco declaring the same sentiments.  To which I immediately made a list.  Since the end of May, the kids in this house have:
participated in family weddings, gone to basketball and baseball camps, played countless baseball/tball games, had over nights at cousins'/Grandmas and friends, week long vacation in Florida, children's yoga, night tag, blueberry picking, Bible schools, swim lessons.
Mud parties, Candy Store openings, retirement parties, family park nights, bike rides, weekly library reading programs and art classes, Farmer's Markets, river boat cruises, 4th of July parties.
Weekend in Shelbyville, piano lessons, beach club days, afternoons at friends' pools, the town pool, a baby pool in our yard, family dinner dates.
Attended and held Cook outs, smores around fires, boating, play dates, trips to Target, Ikea and the mall.  Walks to the video store.  Family Thursdays at the Mansion patio. Etc.. etc.
Sure... I'm soooo bored, I am a walking Summer-time Mother of three who may lose her mind if I have to sun screen or bug spray one more little body.  I haven't looked at this blog in weeks and I would pay a million dollars just to spend one very quiet 24 hours with my husband in a clean house.

Shortly after his I'm Bored Tantrum, The Kid was sent outside to do serious yard work... who's bored now beyetch??!!
Too much?  Sorry.
Is it even August yet?!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Coco's Sweet Shop is Now Open!!

The doors opened on Friday to amazing crowds!!  People traveled from out of town (which was much appreciated).  Stop in and sample the fudge (it's amazing) and so much more.  The shop is adorable.

 (Official Ribbon cutting)
 Coco walking into her namesake.

 The Mrs brought her girls and then stayed all day!  Loved it.

 Cutie Emerson and Tink.

 Fun games for kids.
 Little VIP
(Jumbo Joe) Cool kids go to Coco's.
Smiling beautiful ladies welcoming customers.
Regular store hours begin today!

Monday 8:00am-2:00pm
Tuesday-Friday 8:00am-5:30pm
Saturday 8:00am-2:00pm

Congratulations Coco's Sweet Shop!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Tale of Two Cities

This past weekend, a friend from high school threw a charity event to benefit a school she teaches for.  Flag Girl, Chili D, Doc and Clark accompanied us to my hometown for the concert.  Setting the scene for my 'old world' and my 'new world' to have a mini collision (all in good humour!)
Sarah, me and Steph.  My highschool BFFs.
We met with Sarah and her fiance Matt, first.  Later Flag Girl and crew met up with us.  Sarah immediately took to Flag Girl (who doesn't??)
Sarah: Wow!  You are so pretty!  Your skin is beautiful!
Flag Girl: Thanks!  You are my new best friend.
idle conversation for a few minutes...
Sarah again: I can't get over how beautiful your skin is!  What skin products do you use?  What's like your whole night time routine?  May I ask how old you are...? (she continues like this for a bit...)
Then Matt leans over and whispers: Hey, I'm super creepy... can I wear a suit of your skin??
Best delivery of a 'line' EveR!!
The next morning, Sarah texts me: I'm Facebook stalking Flag Girl right now.
Minutes later Flag Girl texts me: Sarah just Friended me on Facebook... Worlds Collided.
It was a fun evening.  Good music.  Great cause.  Only could have been made infinitely better if Doc hadn't been called into the hospital to save lives...
Darn havin to keep people alive.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shelbyville 2013

Every July the entire Coach's Family Clan takes a trip to Shelbyville to camp in cabins nicer than our homes...  I got several cute pictures of adorable tanned cousins.
Coach spends every single minute of the trip bouncing around as if he is officially the eldest cousin, playing catch or basketball like a Mountain Dewed-out teenager. "Hey guys... somebody throw a ball at me!!!!" Sooo there are not many pictures of him.  Also, teenagers rarely think to take pictures of their boring mothers, so there's for sure no pictures of me.
Oh well... the kids are really the cutest.
 Princess Mona, Galway Girl and Bondi Beach

 Blue Eyed Tink
 Bondie Beach and The Gipper

 Owl and Tink Official BCFs (Best Cousins Forever)
Coco and The Gipper

Princess Moni and Tink, Perfectly Purple

A Grown-up Glen Allen
A bunch of girls.

Uncle Fisherman and Owl

My favorite part of the trip (by far) was the Two on Two Basketball Tournament.  Replacing (at least for one year) the Infamous Slam Dunk Contest. 14 names thrown in a hat and randomly drawn to create 7 teams.  I loved every moment of the entire family crowded around the court, cheering.  I was impressed by all the players.
After many games, the Championship came down to two all male teams.  The Old vs The Young.  Jumbo Joe and The Kid vs Coach and Warhol. 

The Old Guys won. But the youngins gained the love of the crowd. Just give these kids a couple more years...

As always, Thanks Gramma and Grandpa.  The cousins had an amazing time.  Irreplaceable memories.

Coco Keeping Up Tradition.


Every. Single. Year.
Crying during the Cousin picture.
She's fun.
But look how cute those kids are!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Some of the Summer Activites Keeping me so Busy:

Once again, I was the teacher in the Art room at Summer Bible School.  Always a busy week but lots of fun for the kids!  I got a few pictures on the last day.
Coco and St. Patrick (currently they plan to marry each other and I would be totally fine with that.) 
Unfortunately, they broke up while playing on our yard last week.  St. Patrick stormed off, arms crossed and yelled "Now.... I will NEVER marry you, now!"
Two days later, they were back together. Looks like they're gonna be 'that' couple in High school.

Our new Brave Tinkerbell.
She hand-raised volunteered in front of a VERY full room to compete during a few games.  Marched over and chose Tom to be her partner.  She was sorta miffed they didn't win... (I don't know, maybe Tom could have leaned in more...)
But it looks like our little blue-eyed girl likes a little healthy competition in front of a crowd, like her daddy.


Tink and her buddy Flower.
With the cutest freckles ever.

Another great year at Bible School.
Thanks Bouchers.  The kids love it.

Just two more Florida pictures:

I swear.  The last two.
The first, I promised to show The Mrs. another glimpse into the Real Coach.  I already posted the following picture. Sweet, loving each other.  Lovin vacation.  Both weirdly wearing perfectly tropical colors...

But what you couldn't see... because I immediately Edited/Cropped out the 'Coach-ness' in the picture... On this beautiful, soft, white sand...
Coach is wearing dark navy Addidas on the beach.
You can see if you look close, his feet are just barely touching the warm ocean, but still carefully protected from actually having to feel the water or sand.
No barefoot weddings on the beach for that guy.

The LAST and final snap from our Florida trip features The Kid.  I took this picture (with my phone) around 3:30am somewhere in north-ish Florida.  Look at how he is so twisted, turned and very straight up.  It looks beyond uncomfortable... and yet, that is exactly how he slept for probably 3-4 hours.

Ok, now I'm done.