Thursday, October 31, 2013

Maybe a little lip gloss wouldn't hurt anyone...

Sooo.. I was recently in a minor car accident.
I wasn't going to mention it because I try not to involve other people on the blog without their permission.  Everyone was fine, except (of course) other ridiculous drama ensued... the kind that only follows me around.  Again, I will not get into those details but I will provide this little nugget:

Immediately following the accident, I stopped on the side of a large church and the other driver could not see me.  We waved for a moment, before I parked in a safe spot to exchange info.  During that point he thought I had 'hit and run' from the scene. (which sounds exactly like me, because I love running...duh)

Long story short, the man ran into the police station to report that he had just been in an accident with a man, in a blue mini van.
So yes.  If you're keeping track, that is now TWICE someone has looked at my face and matter-of-factly called me a man. Two times. (you'll remember when Flag Girl's aunt stood inches away from me and called me her boyfriend.  Flattering but wrong.)
As you can imagine, as this info spreads like a thick black oil through the family, each member is more and more amused that I was again described as a man.  Even Gramma had a pretty good giggle over it.
And of course, there was a mass text message...

Uncle Jack:  Just got a disturbing message.  I was told that someone looking like a Conr boy was in a car accident and then left their kids in the car.  What the hell is that about?

The Commish: Who told you that?!

The Commish: oohhh. Classic!

Jackie: J (my name) may be able to explain that one.

Warhol: J looks like a boy. Was it her?

Uncle Jack: I got the message on my phone.

The Commish: Had she showered?  That would explain a lot.

Me (finally, I had been trying to ignore it all): Is this actually for real??

Uncle Jack: This is just what the message said.  I was just asking.

Me: Did they really say a boy?  Was the message from any one of my in-laws?

Uncle Jack: They said it looked like a boy but not for sure.  No it was not an in-law.

The Commish: This is by far my favorite mass text to date.  I don't care if this goes on all night!

Uncle Jack: Did anyone get hurt?  Is this supposed to be a joke?

Me: Hurt besides my pride?  Which is continuing to take blows?  Every one's fine.

The Commish: I hadn't heard of any of our MEN getting in an accident.  Don't worry.. you can read all about it in the police beat tomorrow.

1. Everyone's a bleepin comedian.
2. Any one else notice my husband's blatant and uncomfortable silence during the mass text?? 
3. I have GOT TO start wearing make-up during the middle of the week.
4. I should never leave my house.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mix it up Chili D!!

Remember our lazy slow weekends in the Jeep....
or that day you were the Red Bull Rock star??

Remember how you love to one-arm bear hug Coach? (sometimes for really no reason at all... like Coach is your little mini-teddy bear brotha. But its still super cute and it makes your girl smile...)
or how we love to annoy Coach by talking about The Avett Brother's.  All. The. Time.

Remember that day you were the Red Bull Rock star?
Or when I almost flashed your awesomeness during one of your shows at Willy's.  (but I did not... Because 1. that wouldn't be appropriate and 2. No body wants to see that anyway..)

Remember that one night with the cheesecake?
And how every time we are ever together we have to constantly talk about how we are going to keep our significant other's fed so they don't get hangry? (Hungry/Angry). Because NObody likes a grumpy Flag Girl or a snappy Coach.
Remember when you were a Red Bull Rock Star?
(because we all do... Epic)

Happy Birthday Chili D!
Thanks for the memories.
Here's too many many more.
Cheers to the year your life changes! (even if some of us really really really like your life smallerish...)

Happy Birthday Owl!!

The adults were not the only people dressing crazy this weekend.  Coco and Tink attended Owl's Crazy Mismatched Birthday Party.  Coco was in heaven!!  She fights to dress this way on a daily basis.
Cousins in attendance. (Unique Fact: All of the mothers and then their mothers, of these little girls, have brown eyes and yet out of these six... only 1 has brown eyes.  That's crazy!)

Dear Owl aka My only God-daughter,
We adore you too too much.
Tink's other half.  Her favorite person in the whole world.  You must be extraordinary to own Tink's heart so completely. We love your bright smile.  Your huge beautiful eyes.  Your long Rapunzel hair.  And especially your sweet, quiet, adorable personality.

Tink would be lost without your neck to snuggle. 
She fits perfectly in your nook.
I hope you both always have each other's backs.  Holding the other's bathroom door and helping walk each other into school.  B(cousin)FFs.
Happy Birthday Owl.
You keep us captivated.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Photo Update of Saturday's Halloween Party.

Coach and I have several talents... dressing for Halloween parties? Not one of them.  We are completely unable to come up with anything clever or funny. (which is odd, because we are pretty funny people) but we are most definitely NOT funny under pressure. 
In addition. Coach notoriously waits until the very last second to piece together his outfit.  Every. Single. Year.  Usually sparking our annual Halloween Party Extremely Annoyed Eye Roll Tradition.  It's fun.
This year, I decided to bring back simple.  Mummy. Plain.  Simple.  No biggie.  I purchased tons of bandages and tried to color them a shade of grey (turned out mostly purple).
 When I left the house, every inch of arm/leg was covered with bandages.  Within an hour, all the bandages began to stretch and fall down around my elbows and knees... Not a good look.

Coach went as a pirate. (again.)
And he threw it together in about 10 minutes (again.)
And he NEVER actually wore the eye patch over his eye nor did he pull the beard up over the mouth (which was a great look.)

 (Coach and CT aka Dolly Parton)

 (Scarecrow, Happy Little Tree and Mummy)
At some point I decided mummies are dead and shouldn't smile... I stuck with my character.

 I used to be a Hooker dressed as an MTV Catfish... also our host for the evening.

Coach's picture below accurately depicts how ridiculous he is.  Check out the super nice dress shoes paired with long underwear... ugh...

 It's like the worst Bud Light commercial eva...

Next Coach and his brother put on a picture show with a pretend cigarette.

 Proving smoking really is NOT sexy.

The last picture was taken later, randomly by someone else.  We were totally unaware of the picture and yet I'm not sure there has EVER been a photograph which so perfectly depicts Coach and I as a couple.
My Face Reads: I'm done. Let's go home.

Coach's Face Reads: WHAT UP??!! Where da party at?! Who wants to talk to me next?  I'm awesome!  Living life is AMAZING!!

Happy Adult Halloween Everyone!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

OMG You are the WORST!!

I'm in the kitchen cleaning, The Kid is minding his business.  I'm playing music and then 'Royals by Lorde' comes on...

Me: Yes!  This is my new jam.

The Kid (eye roll): You're so lame.

Me: I'll show you 'so lame' when this song plays at your next school dance...

The Kid (confused): Why??

Me: Because we're chaperoning your next dance and we'll probably request this song and throw down our sweet dance moves.

The Kid (loud and mortified): WHAT?!  You guys are chaperoning the dance?  You guys are sooo embarrassing! 

Me: Of course we are... I'm going to have Dad request this song because every one likes him and then I'll shout out "Heck yeahz, this is my JaaaAAM!!" and we'll start throwing down sweet moves like this... (then I start really dancing.  Little running man, some PG twerking, I pretend the fridge is Coach and show how we'll choreograph a few moves together.

The Kid is horrified.  Shouting out ineligible words. Eyes are wide: Why are you so weird?!  You are the most embarrassing parents in the whole world.  I can't believe you!

I played the song over 3 times.  Giving a solid 9 minute performance, reducing The Kid to complete humiliation.  I repeated phrases such as (but not limited too): "sweet Jam, gettin my groove on, shake what your momma gave you, boogie woogie..etc"

Later, Coach came home.  We played the song over. 
We demonstrated a little number, fist pumping and other couple dance moves (no worries, we left more than enough room for the Father, Son and even The Holy Ghost.)  In addition (because Coach fancies himself a rock star) Coach began to really belt out lyrics to all the other songs he would request.  Threatening to turn the Jr High dance into a Karaoke.
The Kid was dying! He made a weird noise that was both a laugh and cry, from the back of his throat.

Ohhh... how we giggled.

The very best part??
1. I have no idea when the next dance is.
2. We are most definitely NOT signed up to chaperon.
3. We never will be.
4. We still haven't told The Kid the truth.

Teasing my Jr High son? My new Fav sport.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Senior Night.

(Lil Jumbo Joe)
Tonight, Jumbo Joe will play his last football game under the home field Friday night lights.  He will be honored as a senior and proudly accompanied by his beautiful mother, Flag Girl.

The only person who may be more emotional than Flag Girl about tonight, could be his Biggest Fan: Coach. In four years, Uncle Coach has not missed one of Joe's home games (or several away games).  Freshman, JV or Varsity.  He has been giddy, re-living the fun and excitement of Friday night Football. We've invited friends and family over for pre-pizza.  We have bundled up and walked (quickly!) towards the field.  We have sat in sweat during August and shook from chills in October.  Coach loves the people, the plays, the sound, the lights, he even loves the smell.
Of the four major seasons, Football Season is hands down, Coach's favorite.  It will be a long, looong three years while Coach waits for his son to (hopefully) play.

Big Two-Four (formally known as Two-Two)-
it has been our honor to watch you play, 
To watch you grow...
You have made our family-filled Friday nights.
We'll miss you in the Green and White. 
How bout it?? One more TD for the road...?
All our love-
Aunt Me and especially Uncle Coach.

**Photos by Jake Carr.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lucky Sevens all Around.

As I kissed Tink goodnite (for the last time as a 6 year old) Coco was shaking with excitement for her big sista's birthday.  Coco exclaimed "I can't wait to wake up to see how tall Tink got!!"  She was certain Tink would magically grow into a seven year old, overnight.
And essentially, she has.
In the past twelve months, Tink has become a First Grader.  She takes weekly piano lessons, hip-hop dance classes and yoga classes.  She has participated in T-Ball, youth Basketball and several Cheerleading camps.  She traveled to Florida and countless mini vacations.  She is reading!  And she was crowned the most beautiful Christmas Princess of All Times. (possibly a biased opinion.)

I continue to be utterly surprised by how completely surprised I find myself while admiring Tink's vast wealth of awesomeness.  I often want to turn to strangers around me and blurt "Do you SEE her?!  Isn't she amazing??  It's not just me, right... she really is something special, right?!"
I understand, millions of parents must share this feeling... Just this week, I found myself unable to hold back the following exclamation to my husband "Is Tink the best thing we have ever done??!"
(Please understand, I have said this in regards to my other babies, as well. Many times.) But what is different with my Tink, is how often she just plain surprises the heck out of us.

Upon first glance, Tink appears reserved.  Introverted.  She may even trick the unsuspecting into believing she is shy.  (It's all a total sham.) She is so brave. Surprisingly brave.  She has real guts, gumption. Go get em'-ness. With the exception of her arch nemesis The Diving Board, I am unsure if she has ever felt genuine fear.  Her sprite little body continues to amaze me, with the ability to just march up to a challenge.

Tink can really see people. 
She 'gets' what is real.  She instinctively seems to understand what the world may be throwing at her and takes it in stride.  In her deep library of impressive character traits, I wish this more than any other, remains most tru.  In a world of bullies, broken hearts and hurt feelings: Tink's shoulder shrug may prove to be her greatest gift.  She is impeccably unfazed, so perfectly unaffected.

Tink. Is. Hilarious.
The Kid is a frequent Top Ten Lister.  'Give me your Top Ten vacations, states, friends...etc.'  He recently asked me to list the Top Ten Funny People I Know. Tink made the Top Five.  Without question. (and I know funny people...)
If Coach and I blended a giant pot of DNA funny, extended from several siblings, cousins etc... Tink is the blue ribbon-best in show- premier apple pie in the whole competition.  With whipped cream and cherry on top.  That girl has the good stuff.  A rare combination of a lil bit silly and a whole lotta sarcastic.  I literally LOL daily, around this child.
**Side Note: ask me how funny this B is when she's 17 and we will see if she's still cracking me up...

Tink is beautiful.  She takes my breath away.  How could I have been a part in creating something so quietly and unassumingly engaging? Her adorable little legs, her delicate chin and striking blue eyes.  Her big girl haircut and bootcut slim jeans... her hand on hip confidence and milky perfect complexion.. ? 
Tink is the best version of me and Coach.  The perfect mascot of our quirky, unpredictable love story.  The Kid is our Heart.  Coco is our Joy.  Tink: is our chillin on the couch, hand holding, soft smile of love.
My Tinkerbell,
Words can not express my pride for you.  How could we have imagined such a teeny, tiny bundled baby could be so capable.  So strong.  So brilliant.  A determined pixie without limitations.  Please continue to become everything you are and more.  I miss you every day you leave for life and yet I no longer wish to keep you safely in my pocket.  Please continue to love life.  Live fearless (to a point!) Dream bigger than your imagination.  Compete only with yourself. 
Always know, we're on your sidelines: proudly watching you glow.  My girl, who continues to believe fairies paint the sparkles on freshly fallen snow....
I Lobe You.
Happy Seventh Birthday, Tink.
You're still just too good to be Tru.

Monday, October 14, 2013

So The Blogs are Back...!

Imagine my surprise when I finally logged back into my blog and realized the whole world is blogging again!  What?? I've implemented a plan to try and catch up and hey..  why not do it all in one afternoon of marathon blogging?  Yesterday was the Chicago Marathon, 26.crazysomething miles of running. One afternoon of blogging is almost the same thing.
Yesterday, Tink had her kid party for her upcoming seventh birthday.  She asked for a Scavenger Hunt and a Disco Dance party. (possibly she sees or hears too many details about her parents parties..)
She was allowed to invite 10 first grade friends (mostly because I ordered 10 FREE cards on Shutterfly.  It was a pretty scientific process..)
Little pink clues were hidden around Downtown.
Find the candy shop, draw thank-you cards for the local police and deliver to the station, stop for a water break at the train depot,

Visit the best barbershop in town and high-five the barber.

Locate a clock that looks like the clock from Peter Pan and Ring around the Rosey, around it.

Take a picture under a flying fire truck:
Games of Red Rover and a pizza picnic on the sidewalk.

Find Mickey Mouse and shake his hand.
The Kid was VERY excited to dress-up for his sister.

 Part Two:
A Dance party Rave in the yoga studio.
(It helps to be friends with DJ's)

We even ordered glow sticks for each kid.

Pretty confident Tink had an amazing time.  Those first graders know how to rock out.  Coach even gave a mini glow stick demo, which was impressive.  I am so happy my girl has so many amazing little friends. I hope they stick together for many years to come. (especially if she is really going to keep having big girl birthdays....)

Small Town Homecoming.

This past weekend, we celebrated our town Homecoming.  The weather was beautiful.  The kids were beyond excited.  Perfect small town weekend.
(Our favorite senior couple... Jumbo Joe and The Cute Girl, walking in the parade. Him for Varsity Football and her for varsity Volleball.  They are adorable.)

(My pretty cousin walking for Volleyball.  She turned 16 for Homecoming. When did she get so old!?)

 (Jumbo Joe's two cutest cheerleaders!!  They love their rweally big cousin.)

Homecoming Dance night... They are magazine ready.  She is beautiful but maybe... just maybe... that dress is a wee bit tiny.  I'm NOT ready for my girls to be in high school.  No sir.

My girls could not get enough of the TPing.  They were sooooo excited to wake in the morning and see that we had been TPed too.  Both of Coach's daughters were positive 'they' were the reason our home was hit.  I have no idea where they inherited that little adorable ego. Great weekend. 
Love the small town traditions.

School pictures.

Every Fall, we have lovely family pictures taken.
Because of that..
I'm not very concerned with school pictures.  Sure.. I take an extra minute to check their hair but for the most part, I let the kids wear regular clothes, of their choice.  I hope they match, I hope they are not stained.. otherwise, I'm not too involved.
The Kid and Tink, are not an issue.  They wear essentially the same style every day.  Tink left in a regular blue striped shirt and her regular Tink hair..
But then, there's her sister.
Coco put on a fashion show for Aunt Flag Girl and I. We carefully vetoed her first two choices (mostly because of the weather, she picked tank tops more suitable for July...) then she came out with her announced "best one.."
It was a keeper.
Despite what her Grammy thought, I really am unconcerned with Coco wearing a skull & bone t-shirt entitled "Trouble".
Let's get realz..
No one in that Grade School is going to fail to notice Coco is pure Trouble.  It seems like the most logical choice to be printed in hundreds of year books.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

November 4th, 2009

I posted the following Bucket List.
Forty dreams (big and small).
My mom asked me to update the list.
So here goes....

1. Stand in the Sistine Chapel, while tears stream down my face.
2. Host a beautiful candle lit Christmas Eve dinner, with my children, their spouses and my grandchildren.
3. Have a regular Girls Night Out. (Why is this so difficult to organize??)
4. Listen to Elton John sing 'Your Song', in person.
5. Order a meal at a cafe in Paris, in near perfect French.
6. Lay on a beach in Jamaica.
7. Eat a Cajun meal, in New Orleans, with Coach, while drinking a cold one. (Completed.  Twice!! Happiest Place on Earth.)
8. Have my son's wife, tell me I raised a respectful and loving man.
9. Be the first person my daughters call, to say they are pregnant. After they call their husbands, sometime following their 24th birthdays.
10. Take the kids to Disney World. (I'm totally over this idea. But we did take them to Florida to hold alligators and that was way cooler.)
11. Stand in the Louvre.
12. Finish the back bathroom. (this should be on Coach's list) (Still. Not. Done)
13. Celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in Ireland.
14. Have my flower gardens, the way I imagine! (This has actually moved in a backwards direction.)
15. Own my perfect yoga studio. (Completed! So grateful!)
16. Go to the Oprah show. (Completed!  It was a magical 18 hours!)
17. Witness The Kid score 40 pts, with 10 rebounds, sprinkle in a few assists and One block, so hard core, the echo rings in my ears.
18. Experience a night, as awesome as our 1985 Relay for Life Prom. (Completed. We've had some pretty great nights in the last couple years. The Hollywood Relay Skit was To. Die. For.)
19. Teach my girls a broken heart, will not kill you.
20. Take my family to see mountains. Not that big rock, 20 miles from here. (Completed!)
21. Purchase great outdoor furniture. (Why can't we get this done??)
22. Spend one day, totally alone, with Coco. (We've gotten pretty close.)
23. Go to The Letterman show. (I'm over this.  Now I want Jimmy Fallon.)
24. Take the kids to Washington DC.
25. Find the perfect pair of jeans.
26. Have Coach ask "What we got going on today?" and answer "Nothing." And spend the day with him, doing absolutely nothing. (Still waiting...)
27. Find time to draw again.
28. Plant a vegetable garden. (Completed.  Love it.)
29. Go on a yoga retreat.
30. Have a girls weekend.
31. Purchase expensive bedding, that I melt into. (We've gotten pretty close..)
32. Spend a long weekend in Boston and visit the Green Monster, with other couples.
33. Maintain detailed memory boxes and baby books, for each child. (I try... really... it's so hard!)
34. Take the kids to a movie on Christmas night.
35. Buy a great sectional couch for Friday movie/pizza night. (Completed!)
36. Still find Coach funny when he is 75 and hope he thinks the same of me.
37. Teach children, The Beatles are the greatest band in the world, ever. (Pretty close.  Coco is a struggle.)
38. Find the perfect lipstick color. (Close-ish.)
39. Live a life that will have people talking about something at my funeral... other than being Coach's wife!
40. Smile more. (I think I've gotten better... would anyone agree??)

How often are you allowed to change and/or Edit your Bucket List?  I'd like to delete a few and add some new! Leave your Top Five from your Bucket List, in the Comment Section!