Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So I had the Craziest Dream:

I am walking around my new house.  It's huge, brick ranch, with two large wings.  But not crazy huge, just like the rich side of town past Scott Dr kinda huge... The kitchen and main living room are in the middle of the house.  I'm walking to the kitchen.
The five of us live with Flag Girl, Chili D and the boys. Each family sorta has their own wing, for bedrooms.  But a community living area.  Kinda Sister-Wives-ish. 
In the dream, I'm doing totally normal stuff.  Walking around the kitchen... The Cute Girl just got dropped off by her Dad, to visit with Jumbo Joe.  Coco enters the kitchen and needs a water.  I open our new fridge and realize we have 4 giant sized Heinz Ketchup bottles.  Two bottles essentially empty.. and two bottles more than half empty.
In my head, I think... "Man, we need to buy new Ketchup".  Chili D and Tink are really burning through our Ketchup supply...
Right around this time, I wake up.  I'm still laying in bed, sorta sleepy.  I'm thinking about my dream... and Get This:  I am not thinking about how weird it is that I am living in a community house with Flag Girl's family... it's not weird that Cute Girl is dropped off by her dad... it's not odd to me that we share a community kitchen...
No.  While awake, laying in my bed, I was honestly thinking: How are we going to keep that fridge stocked with enough Ketchup for everyone??  I mean... we can't run out of Ketchup! What the hell is gonna happen, if we don't have enough Ketchup??
That.  Was what was strange to me, about the dream.  Bottom Line: I'm weird, I guess.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Rock Concert:

As previously mentioned, Chili D and The Teacher have an acoustic band.. and By Far their biggest fan, is little Coco.  Obviously, Coco is unable to follow her band to each and every location (which does not amuse her).  When the band does play in an appropriate venue, it is the biggest night of her young life.
This weekend, we were asked to watched The Mrs and The General's girls, while they lived it up Limo Bus Style.  I said sure... but they needed to pack their sparkle cuz we were headed to a Rock Concert.  The excitement was palpable.

 (Rock Out)
Tink and Kenna were equally thrilled to listen to the band, though they preferred a more dignified and reserved audience behavior. Neither dignified nor reserved, were words used to describe Laina and Coco.
They were dancing queens, who eventually took to the microphone and asked the crowd to tip them for their awesome dance moves. 
Yes.  They begged people to tip them cash to dance..
Totally their idea.

 (Please notice the hair flipping)

After awhile (and a few looks from less tolerant spectators) we decided it was time to retire early with the girls... The dancers were not thrilled to leave before the end of the concert... but they were hard core psyched over their tips.

Coach commented on the drive home, that these two must have gotten their drama from their mothers.
Uh yeh... cuz NO ONE on their Fathers' side of the family enjoys sucking the attention out of a room. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

The List.

Not exactly Schlindler's List... but pretty close.  I'm talking about THE List from THAT Friends episode.  The conversation started between One (our eldest nephew) and Coach in the Barbershop... they had to call me to discuss the details.  Later, the conversation continued via group text message:

One: Megan Good, Kate Beckinsale, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Aniston. Alternates: Beyonce & Sara Evans

Me: Beyonce and Sara Evans?? What?!

Me: Ok.. Bradley Cooper, Jason/Erik from True Blood, Jax from Sons of Anarchy, Ryan Reynolds.  (Alternates: Mark Ruffalo or Josh Duhamel.)...
And yes, it is super weird how much these mens' stomachs look just like my husband's...

Coach: It is weird..

Coach: Minka Kelly, Emmanuel something, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis

One: Also add Kelly Kapowski back in the day.

Me: One, seriously the average age on your list is around 41 yrs.

One: hahahahahahah

Me: It's not funny... it's creepy.**

One: Coach, will you tell your wife there is nothing wrong with like WOMEN.

Coach: No.  I am also confused by some of your picks.

One: Its alright, my lists are excellent.

** Creepy: because One is 20 and his mom is....

So.... blog public: What is your list??

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Flag Girl's Major Award.

Out of the Five siblings, it appears Flag Girl may be missing a 'Fabulous Claim to Fame'.
1. Warhol- The inspired Picasso of our region.
2. Doc- has literally Saved Lives. Human Lives.
3. The Commissioner- People are practically chomping at the bit to make him mayor.
And Coach- The seemingly flashiest celebrity of them all.  Swishing hoops, charming panties, high-fiving the masses...etc.
But despite all their glitz and glamour, Flag Girl has something no other sibling can claim.  She was (and still is) the only Varsity 'athelete' to compete at State.  Very impressive.  And yet, she maybe does not even realize her other very dubious honor.
At the age 10, Coach was asked to make a list of his Ten Favorite Things. In his life.  The list reads:
Yes, Age 10 and he listed: Girls.
But what else did Coach list as his Ten Favorite Things in LIFE?? "Going to Chicago for my sister's Flag Championship." Flag Girl's stardom, made a lasting impact on her brother's life.
To this very day...
On May 4th, our town will host our Spring Fest/BBQ Contest.  We have booked our Favorite Band Chili D and The Teacher, to play on the main stage.  Flag Girl kindly offered via text to choreograph a Flag performance to one of their songs.  When I mentioned the idea to Coach, he matter of factly stated, "If she really takes that stage for Flags, it will be the greatest thing ever, in the history Of The World."
When I told Flag Girl of Coach's comment, she simply responded: "True Statement"
Flag Girl- F saving lives or running town politics.... your baby broder has voted you, his Top Ten Favorite.  And that is an honor to take to the bank.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Disney World.

So it feels (to the kids) as if EVERY other child in the world, is currently flying back and forth from Disney World.  We seem to be constantly discussing this.
Set Scene.  In the van, after school.

Me: I saw Owen is flying to Disney today!

Tink (gazing out window): I know.

The Kid (total drama): EVERY body is going to Florida.  WHY can't we fly to Florida??  You said it was too expensive but Owen has 5 people in his family!!

Me: It is expensive, the park, the plane, the hotels... it's a lot.  Dad and I were thinking we really need new outside doors, wood floors in the main room and maybe a new couch.  Wouldn't a new couch be fun?!

The Kid: Uggghh!!  No.  Nobody wants new doors and a couch.  We WANT to go to Florida!  ... Tink, do you want a new couch or a trip to FLORIDA??!

Tink (totally 100% serious): I want a new couch.

I start hysterically laughing because our little homebody just completely destroyed The Kid's point.

The Kid (shocked, indignant but kinda laughing): She doesn't count.  She is SO WEIRD!  No kid really wants a new couch!

Me: Sounds like we'll skip Florida and instead we'll take Tink couch shopping date one evening.

Tink (hand clapping): Yeah!!

The Kid (slumping in seat): She's so weird.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

To my Valentine:

(Quote-Marilyn Monroe)
You are not even a teensy bit romantic.  This holiday was most definitely not created, with you in mind.  You completely lack in creativity or originality, when it comes to grand-stand relationship gestures.
But you are good. And you are kind.
You make me giggle, in a manner I didn't think was possible for a woman so inherently opposed to cutesie-girl giggles.
Plus, you can really wear jeans.
But mostly, you make each day of my present and future tenses so much 'better' than I could have imagined.  I'm a better person.  We're a better couple.  Life is just better... with you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Luv Story.

Come children, gather around the imaginary camp fire... for once again, we will share our annual tale of two unsuspecting kindred spirits, falling (tripping) madly in love..

It was during this week in history, The Commissioner took me man-hunting... for a new, deserving suitor.

We had a specific list of required characteristics.
1.) Suitor must be taller than me.
2.) He must be kind.
3.) He must have a job, with insurance and benefits.
4.) He must be older, established and seasoned in life.  With a calm maturity about him (ie.. no 'lil help' repeated jumping off boats)

We entered the finest establishments for Good Husband Meetin: Willy's and Turtles... and like any great hunter, our prey was unsuspecting. We moved stealthily and with a keen, watchful eye. One by one, each Target fell off my radar. Some, for superficial reasons... a few, for fairly legitimate issues: Black socks with faded jeans?? Really??
We returned from our hunt, exhausted but in good spirits and ready for a post-outing night cap.
Upon arrival, we encountered my future Tru Love, the man of my dreams, the father of my children...passed out on the couch. Clothes, boots, hat: all too ready to rally and start Round Two (or knowing him, probably Round Three).

(actual picture, is it any wonder, I fell?)

I squeezed in next to my catch, almost immediately smitten. While engaging Coach in witty banter, I remained oblivious that he qualified in Not a Single One, of my Four required categories. * It is not obvious, how Tall a man is, as he sits on a couch.
One would imagine, Coach should certainly qualify in Category Two: though not from the glowing recommendation, Commish bellowed from across the party (and with much conviction).
"No way! Not him! Don't Date my Brother!"
"Stay Away from my Brother! He's NO Good."

And other expletives, not appropriate for blog reading.
* While I understand my posts are often laced with extreme sarcasm, these quotes are exact and without embellishment.

Years later, this is the portion of the story, where I take pause... for certainly, a woman should take the advice of the actual older brother..  Except,

A.) The more negative and Bad Boy the review, the more instantly attractive Coach became. 

B.) Also, The Commish's impeccable and well-educated judgement seemed blurred and untrustworthy.
For on this evening, during the most romantic moment of my life, The Commish was dared to eat a piece of dog food.
And. He. Did. Twice. (I'm not sure the second piece was still part of the dare...) Proving my cousin Jackie scored a winner, as well.

Commish: I would like to commemorate this (and every) Valentines, by thanking you for your unsolicited advice. Warning me, so passionately against dating your younger hot mess of a brother, that it pushed me towards him that much harder.
You were so very convincing in your obvious disdain for Coach, I knew this must be the man for me.
Maybe... that was your plan, all along? Maybe, you really wanted us together and only pretended Coach was a Worthless, Bad-news good-for nothing Heartbreaker who would amount to nothin?

Tricky. Tricky. You are a sly one, Commish.
One day, when our children are told an edited, sweeter version of this fairy tale (probably without the dog food)...Commish will be the hero, in our story. The man, who convinced not One cousin but Two cousins, to marry into his family.
Bamboozling two 'brown-eyed' girls, to sculpt his Family Tree, into our Family Wreath.  Well played.  Hats off...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tink's Cheerleading Performance

Yesterday, Tink attended a 3 hour Cheer Camp.  Tonight, Tink performed during half time of the Varsity Basketball game. She is very front and center.
Tiny, with bangs, grey leggins/skirt.
And She is Adorable.
Please notice her signature sign-off.

Nailed it.  Too cute. How bout them hips?!
Coco said: "My sista was SUPER awesome!  She was gorgeous.  She is golden."
Seriously, Coco said 'golden'.
Coco has never been more proud.

When not hugging her gorgeous sista, Coco hung in the Student Cheer Section, snuggled between her new mommy and daddy (Jumbo Joe and The Cute Girl)... aren't they the cutest family?!

This performance was such a huge deal: even Uncle came out to support his niece!
Eme, Tink's fellow cheerleader.
I'm so proud of Tink's bravery! How is it possible that I am really THIS in Luv with a cheerleader??! Crazy.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

For what is a man,

what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught..
If you are trying to live a tru-ly authentic life... a life so real, when entering the Pearly Gates you are able to turn back and think "Yep.  I did that.  That all really happened.  That was me, giving it all I got...  I'm done.  Game well played, self."
If you are trying to live that life, which I believe Warhol is... then it is inevitable, with the high highs, there will occasionally be some low lows.  You are going to trip and probably fall.  You are going to end up bruised, in need of a little patching.
For if there is an Up, there has likely been a Down. If there is a rainbow, then it must have recently rained.  A sunrise is only beautiful, because it has interrupted the night. 
Warhol's star is rising.  His days are continuously brighter.  His artwork is amazingly even more inspired.  His heart has found a home. 
During his 43rd year: She said YES!!
And during his 44th year: They will say, I Do.
My Dear Friend,
I wish for you:  The most amazing year.  So much beauty, so many smiles.  Much love and joy.  I wish for you, exciting travels and new adventures.  I pray for happy surprises and plans well laid.  Many hugs of congratulations and toasted cheers. 
Happy Birthday, Warhol.
May this year, be your rainbow.
Off to your side, will be Coach and I.  So proud of our big broder's accomplishments and thrilled to joy ride with you and your beautiful bride. You deserve your blessings... and many more.
I faced it all and I stood tall
and did it my way

Friday, February 8, 2013

Flashback Friday Cousin Edtn.

For no good reason, in no particular order... I've compiled a collection of cute pics of some of The Cousins, from their adorable past. Just because:
They are too cute.
They make me smile.
And... I love them.

 (The Kid, Quincy and Galway Girl)
 (Coco, Joy, Owl and Tink)
 (The Kid and Jumbo Joe)

(Bondi Beach, Galway Girl, Princess Monoco)

 (Galway Girl, Maximus, Tink)

 (Quincy and The Kid)
 (Lots of them!)
 (Tink and Owl)
(One being cute at Tink's bday)

(Tink, Glen Allen, Princess Monaco, Bondi and The Kid)

(Chunky Coco, Joy, Owl and Tink)
How sweet are they together?
'All because 2 people fell in love...'
eh... Gramma and Grandpa??

Side Note:
We are missing tiny Reggie because she is too new for a Flashback... And I have no pics of One snuggling cousins.. only him buddied up next to Coach (because Coach thinks he is technically the biggest cousin.)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New and Stylish: Part 2

Tink wanted dramatic.
She wanted: Short. New. Stylish.
I'm usually pretty laid back with the girls' fashions but ... 1.) it took FOREVER for Tink to actually grow real hair. 2.) I fully understand the rash need by curly girls, for centuries, to want to chop off their hair and it's never really the right choice... so as her elder: I vetoed her request.
The Before Pics:

We went with bangs, lots of chunky layers and a few inches.  In addition, Jodi straightened her hair for good Stylish Measure.  Tink LOVED it.  (Especially, the straight).  We've had several discussions this evening, about how... Yes, it can be straight at school tomorrow but NO we will not make straightening a habit.
If I don't bother to straighten my curl,
I'm sure as heck not spending my morning flat ironing a six year old.  No danks.

When Tink got home and spent quality time in front of a mirror... she declared "I'm so beautiful!!  I look like a REAL third grader!"
I'm not prepared to mother girls.

New and Stylish: Part 1

Sunday, completely out of the blue, Tink told me: "I need a new and stylish hair cut.  EVERYbody has new and stylish hair!  I want stylish hair like Owl or Ella Bella.  My hair is not new and stylish...humpf."
(side note: no idea where 'stylish' came from)
When Tink sets her mind to something, two things happen: First, Tink usually gets her way, like NOW.  Second, Coco needs whatever Tink wanted and Coco needs that, like yesterday.
We called "Da Gwirls" and made hair appointments.  As you are aware: Coco is a Rock Star.  And Rock Star's do not like cutesie pony tails.  No way.  As a result, our current hair brushing and/or styling was a nightmare. 
I asked her stylist (Angie) to "think young 1950's Bob, with a little Funk mixed with a little Rock Star."
The Before pics:

The After Pics:
Please notice the Hand on Hip, new haircut attitude.

Now, I had made a very healthy lunch... but after the Rock Star Hair Reveal, Daddy decided we needed to take Coco to Turtles for lunch.  (Coach is always so sweet, thinking of the Coco ... before his stomach.)
I adore her hair!  And obviously, Coco has more sass and spunk in the After Pictures.  Which is a relief, because Coco really needed more sass and spunk...

Later this evening: Tink's Cut.

Monday, February 4, 2013

My Broder.

Happy Birthday to my little (but bigger) broder!  I'm so glad you had a good evening, you deserved it... and many more nice, calm and loving evenings to follow.  Today little Coco excitedly giggled several times, for her love of her Uncle and his birthday!  She took so much joy, in decorating your sparkly birthday card.  You've earned her right to sparkle.  You are an extraordinary Uncle.. nothing can ever take that away from you.
Happy Birthday.
As always, I wish for you: Peace of Mind. A Sense of Calm.  A Life of Love. And a Thousand Other Simple Truths, others take for granted, in a given day.  You continue to teach us, life is a gift worth fighting for.
Being your sister, has made me a better person.
All my Love...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The (Not so Much a) Kid.

In the last several months, The Kid has turned Jr High.  He is gone ALL the time.  His schedule is practically giving me weekly anxiety attacks.  He's playing on 3 different basketball teams/leagues.  School clubs and projects.  Friends...etc.
And when he is home..
He walks around with his big Cool Kid head phones, hooked up to his iPhone.  He grunts answers, his basketball shoes get Febreezed and he has little tolerance for annoying sistas. He behaves entitled. He refuses chores.
And it makes my stomach hurt.
Is my sweet chubby toddler boy, totally gone?
Is my time with him over?
In a blink of an eye, did I just lose my snuggle baby boy to Teenage Town?  But how?? He didn't even ask my permission to move there!
Then, at bedtime I found this:

I feel hopeful, maybe I've still got a few months or (dare to dream) years with my sweet little boy...

My bookends are two peas built from the same pod.
God help us...
But when they are good, it's really beyond words.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Never Leave Her Alone..

This week, Tink brought home all of her markers from school.  When I inquired why... she told me "Dey just don't work berry good anymore.  I need new markers."
I don't know...
I think Tink may have been exaggerating..
Because Coco said the markers work fine: