Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I was challenged to list the 10 Most Influential Books of my Life.
Here goes...

From Childhood:
1. Socks by Beverly Cleary (The first Chapter book my mom bought me.. I still have it.)
2. Little House on the Prairie
3. Charlotte's Web

Junior High and High school:
4. It by Stephan King
5. The Color Purple

Since Becoming an Adult:
6. The Great Gatsby (my favorite book ever.)
7. Bridges of Madison County (The only book to make me sob)
8. The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron
9. Eat, Pray, Love (right place, right time.)
10. The Hunger Games (the first series of books, I read with/while The Kid was reading them.  It was fun to talk about the books together.)

In addition:
The best books I have read this year:
1. Gone Girl
2. The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty

Now... please use the Comment Section to 1. Write your Top Ten and then 2. Please suggest books I should take the time to read, now that my children are in school. (PS. I do not like books that are too heavy with real life sadness, I prefer to escape into my reading.)
Have fun thinking of your Top Ten! 
This challenge inspired me to dig out a few of my old books.