Friday, July 11, 2014

The New Baby!!

On this date in history: July 11, 1960 the book To Kill a Mockingbird was published.  The author, Harper Lee, won countless acclaimed awards including the 'Pulitzer Prize for Fiction' and the 'Presidential Medal of Freedom' awarded to her by President George W. Bush.  This Best Selling Book was voted the "Best Novel of The Century".
Yesterday, the newest member to Tru Stories' cast was born.
And to much surprise, we again have a beautiful little girl.
Born to Sweetbreads Bailey and Warhol (formally known to many as Bad R.)
My beautiful new niece, blog nicknamed Boo R.
And affectionately referred to as our Baby Boo.

Baby Boo is adorable. Beyond words.
Full Snow White Red lips, like her big cousin Coco.
Sweet Angel kisses, a puff of light hair and a small dimpled chin from her mommy's side.

Coco, how sweet does Baby Boo's little head smell??

Baby Boo, this is your Uncle Coach.
He likes his name, his barbershop, baseball and the Cubs.  And he likes to represent all those things, on his person, all the time...

I only had a brief snuggle with my new niece.
Just long enough for Tink to whisper "Can we take her home with us??"

Welcome, Baby Boo.  You are so very lucky to have been gifted to two amazing families.  You will be a bright shining light in the Great American Love Story, your parents are writing.  Galway Girl will be the sweetest Big Sista and Quincy has yet another tiny girl to protect. 
I spent the entire day yesterday, giddy over the excitement of another child being born into our world.  It is such a miracle to create a beautiful new life.  A life, which was already surrounded by so much love, before taking her first small breath.  Baby Boo is tru-ly blessed beyond measure.