Thursday, January 20, 2011

We like to Smush all our Birthdays into the Same Week.

Dear Commissioner:

'You Are' celebrating your last Birthday as a Father to Two. On your Birthday 'Wish List' you would be smart to include some 'Down' time with your wife. Enjoy a quiet moment on your 'Porch'. 'Go' to the 'Oceans' and frolic 'Amongst the Waves'... because 'Once' your third baby arrives, you both will fall into a 'Black' cave of confusion and out-numbered chaos.

You may possibly have a son. Maybe, you will name him 'Jeremy' after your 'Brother'. You will dream big for your son... possibly hoping he will follow in your 'Footsteps' and become a well-educated, community leader. Though you will always pray he will break any bad 'Habits' of the Father and become an even 'Better Man' than you.

Or maybe, you will be blessed with yet another beautiful 'Daughter'. 'Faithfull' to her parents and sisters. Tough enough to squash her own 'Bugs'... sweet enough to carry a 'Corduroy' bear and smart enough to stay far away from creepy men nicknamed 'Dirty Frank'.

If you ever need any, I've 'Got Some' advice... or check with your sister... maybe just some wise 'Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town'. Do not try to over-plan or perfectly-organize because #3 has already taught you...'Nothing is as it Seems'. Regardless of the gender, that third baby is going to crash into your quaint life like a 'Force of Nature'. Change is most definitely 'Around the Bend'.

At least one day, when you face your 'Immortality' and glance back at the 'Rearview mirror' of your past, you will comfortably know you did not live a 'Life Wasted'. You have created a family based on a 'State of Love and Trust'. Boredom was 'Not for You'.

Happy 31st Birthday.
'The End'

***Does anyone know, what I just did (31 times) in this Birthday Post? Sometimes, 'I Am Mine' own biggest fan... really.


Flag Girl said...

Pearl jam songs!! And I'm guessing other favorite songs!! Happy birthday commish! Love ya!
Nice work TS!

Anonymous said...

Pearl Jam sucks! and the 90s were a mediocre decade....but they shaped you to the man that I am proud to call my brother. Happy Birthday Rodney...Oh, sorry about the whole torturing you while you where growing up thing...... -Humbledhol

Flag Girl said...

Uhhhhh ditto on the torture thing from your sister too! Football head!!!! ( holla....brohol!!)

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Happy Birthday Commissioner!

The Mrs. said...

Happy birthday to one of my favorite Dairy Queen co-workers of all time. Just hearing your laugh from the grill side made closing worth while. Enjoy your last birthday before the girls (because obviously it will be another girl) totally take over!

Tru Stories said...

Actually, Flag girl... every single one, of the 31 songs titles are ALL Pearl Jam songs.
A Fav of the Bday Boy.
Me...? I actually Don't Get Them.

andrea said...

that was TRU-ly awesome! love me some PJ!
Happy Birthday, Commish, person i know thru blogs.

Munchkin said...

Happy Birthday Commish!!

i didn't get it until "elderly woman behind a counter in a small town"... up until then i just thought you had typing tourettes

Anonymous said...

Ten years ago it would have been 'hard to imagine' how much fun it would be to have a two and four year old sing happy birthday to their 'man of the hour.' I won't 'soon forget' tonight. Thanks for thinking of me on the blog.
the commish

ps. for Warhol's birthday can we do this same thing with 38 special songs?

Anonymous said...

Hold on loosely...but don't let go..If you cling too tightly, your gonna loose it.....your gonna..... loose control.... -Oldhol

you can call me al said...

Happy Birthday!

Cath said...

Impressive TS! Nice tie-in, happy birthday Commissioner!

Doc said...

Happy birthday Commissioner! Hope you had a great day and continue celebrating thru the weekend!! Love me some Pearl Jam too

Anonymous said...

Sorry Commissioner, I am late, but you know you were remembered. I know you had a good day. The girls were so excited about your presents. That itself could make your dayNow you are pushing 40. It will fly! Love, Mom.