Friday, January 28, 2011

This is what I know, for sure....

I know, the Recycled Wedding Reception is tomorrow.

I know, our team has never worked more diligently to plan one heck of a show.

I know, Doc is buzzing around this very minute, picking up last minute decorations and finishing touches.

I know, Chili Davis spent no less than 16 hours perfecting his portion of the 'job list' and if you don't believe me.... I am pretty sure he has an Iphone App which has calculated his contribution.

I know, Jackie and Gramma are baking machines.

I know, I have a new crush on The Bride's Foods class.

I know, Warhol and The Commissioner's artistic talents are drained by my 'great ideas'... sorry guys.

I know, Flag Girl OWNs (OWN... like Oprah's network.) her blah job as the Flier Girl.

I know Sweetbreads and Coach, are trying to sell the heck out of this dance. It sure helps to have some 'cool kids' on your Relay Team.

Once again, I know I am proud to be a part of this family. I am proud of our efforts. More than ever, we have created a Tru-ly entertaining evening.
Full of emotion, joy and Dance.

Last... I (unfortunately) have known Cancer. We have lost loved ones. We have watched Cancer take the gleam, from many who sparkled. I know the Cancer Center, sometimes is unable to gift a miracle and yet... sometimes they have gifted one to my parents. I know, The Cancer Centers of America, deserve the many hours, I have devoted to our Relay Events.
I know, without them, I would not have those hours to give. And tomorrow night, I know I will remember to feel each and every Fun-packed moment, I have been blessed with the opportunity to enjoy.
Because I know....
Our Team is doing a very good thing.

I also know, tickets will be available at the door.
Please join us, our event and our cause.
We Promise to make you smile.
Cross our Hearts.


Unknown said...

Glad you will make me smile tomorrow. You made me cry today. I am so excited about tomorrow night!!

Anonymous said...

Are you digging daddy's Chili?????

Stephanie said...

I can't wait to get all dolled up for your event, which is the event of the year!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Tru Stories. You forgot an intricate part of the helpers in this event. You left the captain or main planner out, YOURSELF! Gramma G