Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Ahh-Ha! Moment...

I have had an 'epiphany' an 'oprahany' if you'd like.
Friday, while watching Oprah with The Kid
(yes, I watch Oprah with my 9 year old son and pretend it's the Reading Rainbow of his generation.)
Any hoooo....
The Kid apologized because he was sad I was not on the Ultimate Viewer Vacation of a Lifetime. He actually asked if I was going to cry. No. I was not.
Insert 'Oprahany'...
It is not my Dream to fly down to Australia with 400 people. Sure... I would have taken the trip but that was not 'my dream'.

Side Note. Yes, 'my real dreams' are deeper and more sacred than Oprah (not really!! Kidding Oppie!!)
Of course, I want Health, Happiness and Love for myself, my husband and my children. Duh.

Let's just say,
I had more shallow 'Celebrity-type Dreams'.
Those would include, in the following order...

1. Attending The Oprah Show and (shaking) hugging Oprah. Heck! I would actually high-five her...
I Heart her that much.

2. Front row Tickets to a Madonna Concert, in Miami, she would call me on Stage to sing Holiday.
(I can't sing and would totally faint)
Instead.. she would throw me her Shirt or her Bobby Pin, anything.

3. In a La Mex type setting with Julia Roberts, snacking on chips, knocking back a few beers, while I am totally on my A-Game Funny and make her laugh that giant awesome laugh of hers.

4. Kissing Leonardo Dicaprio.
Ummm, just that. Just one kiss.
Doesn't even have to include tongue.
But, whatever feels natural...

Any hooo, AGAIN...!

Back to my epiphany...
I have not been properly visualizing my goal.
The Ultimate Viewers had 'Their Moment'.

Now, I have 'My Moment' to focus on.
Just me. In the Audience. Maybe hugging Oprah.
Maybe... one of her very last shows, with Julia... Maybe, we are introduced... I crack one of my best jokes Eva...they decide I am Totally Awesome and ask me up to Oprah's office for Post Show drinks... we exchange emails... we become Besties... I spend weekends in New Mexico w/ Jules..
The point is, I have to be realistic.
Think smaller than Australia.

(Maybe you feel Googling Pics of Oprah, is a clear sign I have gone over the edge. Trust Me, I am tittering on the edge but I won't fully jump until Desperation Week, otherwise Dubbed 'End of April'.)


Unknown said...

What do you mean "sitting alone in the audience?" I HEARTED Oprah long before you did. I hearted Julia too. Julia has always been my celebrity. I noticed in your big pajama party you stole a quote from MY favorite movie, Pretty Woman. Let it pass. But....you cannot have Julia and Oprah. When you were a little child my friends and I would pretend we were being interviewed on Oprah for the book we wrote. (There might have been alchohol involved.) Eva !(Yeah, I'll steal your slang.) Favorite daughter or not, I would knock you down for a good seat at the Oprah show. BaCk OfF. (I will steal your ridiculous capitalizing too.) I am one stop away from sending a letter to Oprah about being the Mother of sick children. I'll stoop that low if it scores me tickets.

Tru Stories said...

Spaz Attack. I did not mean I was sitting alone, obviously I have 4 filled tickets. I meant I am visualizing just me, myself. I have to have the clear vision of myself, in my mind. That is how The Secret works.
And please keep your crazy negativity off my Oprah Comments! You are gonna kill this for everyone.
Yes. You are coming to Oprah with me. Or I with you, if you get really ugly and use my illness.
And do not pretend to love Pretty Woman more than me. Coach and I are clearly the bigger Julia Couple Hearters.
Oops, Coach, did I let that slip?

Coach said...

First, not sure how I got thrown into this mother-daughter spat. Second, don't believe everything you read on the internet. And lastly, these comments are way to long, my brain is hurting.

Unknown said...

Coach was not even born when you and I attended Pretty Woman.

Anonymous said...

If that is how you really spell "tittering"..........that is awesome! -titterhol

andrea said...

I would want front row tickets to Titterhol's show.