Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I can NOT Blog.

My brain has been completely consumed by our Relay for Life Recycled Wedding Reception Dance. I am on the Internet... checking wedding sites, wedding music, emailing new ideas... I feel a little like a crazy bride.
Only, without a brand new engagement ring.
It is not pretty.

I can happily Blog the updated details of our dance.
(And just may, for 25 consecutive days. Dare me.)

Saturday, January 29th 8:00pm-Midnight

The Hall

Can you buy tickets??
Yes! Your official invite arrived at the printers last night
(aka The Commissioner's home computer.)
$40 per couple or
$25 for Single
(We like to discriminate against single people, just in time for Valentine's. Kick ya when you're down.)

Where can I buy tickets??
From any team member or at Coach's Shop.

May I invite or encourage others to come??
Most Def! We are planning several activities which will only improve with a large crowd.

What age group is this geared towards??
ANY! More than ever, this dance has a little fun for everyone. This is the first year our music will be non-decade themed. We will amuse. And as always... you may dance, eat, drink (or not) socialize and be merry. You could simply stand in the corner and still not help but smile, in spite of yourself. (Just ask my father!)

And Last...

What should I wear?

In the past, we have had several arrive in jeans.
(we still let them in and they STILL had fun.)

Other Ideas:
1. An old Wedding dress
(your mother's, your sister's, a thrift store, Ebay)

2. An old Bridesmaids dress
(snatch one back from your very own wedding!)

3. Arrive in a group and form a wedding party.
4. Mimic a famous wedding. Pam and Tommy, Pam and Kid Rock, Ross and Rachel's Vegas Wedding, Dennis Rodman's stunt, The Corpse Bride and her groom, Princess Di and her Dorky Prince.

5. Every wedding needs guests. Arrive as The Mother of the Bride. A Ring Bearer. Or simply dress cute.

Why should you come?
We really put on a show.
We will entertain, we promise.

Each and every dollar we earn, will benefit Relay for Life. Our team has suffered several losses from Cancer. We have a team member, whom currently benefits from Cancer Centers and their doctors. We have watched Cancer affect both children and adults in our community and we want to help. Our team is young, talented, devoted and very creative. With your continued support, we will happily (and foolishly) entertain for years to come.
We sorta enjoy the humiliation.

Support Your Local Businesses.
Support Your Local Charities.
And Support Your Local Small Town Clowns!

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