Friday, January 14, 2011

I Teach Yoga.

I tried yoga once but took off for the mall halfway through class, as I had a sudden craving for a soft pretzel and world peace. Quote By: Terri Guillemets

This morning, I scheduled 2 hrs to work on "My Job".
(Not too worry, Sesame Street is currently molding the minds of my daughters. Which is probably more productive than their Mother's influence.)

It is funny to refer to Yoga as "My Job". Often, the 6 hours each week, I spend at "Work" are some of my Favorite moments.

During class, I find exercise, relaxation, humour, a moment of quiet and peace. AND...I am given the opportunity to speak to adults!

I began yoga, 10 years ago. With a friend, in Arizona. I wanted an exercise that would improve not only the fit of my jeans but my health.
I love watching a fierce-sarcastic non-believer
(um, lookin at you Warhol) become a dedicated yogi.
Today... Yoga has made me more of myself.
And I Heart the Namaste Heck out of it.

Side Note-
If you happen to Google "Pictures of Yoga" be prepared to view, some sorta disturbing images.
And maybe... ask the children to leave the room.
No, we DO NOT practice Naked Yoga, in my Studio.
At least, not until, Warhol starts the petition.


Anonymous said...

I do like the Yoga, despite the complaining...Oh, and the naked Yoga, on any given day I am related to 60% of the class....pass. -Treehol

The Mrs. said...

I can see where I might learn to love yoga. Relaxation pose alone is almost worth the 55 minutes of pain prior. Want to know what I do not love though? Calves that are still so tight and sore two days later that I nearly collapse on the floor in pain when I get up out of a chair. I guess that tells me you're good at your job.

Coach said...

I must agree with Pervhol, there is a lot of relations in most yoga classes. If that was to happen, it would need to be a sign up in advance class.

Stephanie said...

I am all for naked yoga, as long as everyone there is either blind, or blindfolded!