Friday, January 7, 2011

Dear Thursday.

You have always been my favorite day of the week.
Thursday is so close to the weekend, without having all that Friday Pressure. Thursday has always had the best TV... way back to Family Ties. Thursday is my spaghetti dinner day. My relax at home with my Fam Day. I used to even have favorite Thursday outfits. Thursday, makes me happy.
Until yesterday.
Thursday did me wrong.
It started pretty ugly. The Kid did NOT want to wake up. Or go to school. He took a 26 minute shower with Coach banging on the door.
The middle of my day was ok enough. Free DQ lunch. We got some extra Coach time before coaching.
Then...about 3:24pm... The Storm Blew In.
The Kid, was NOT Hearting Thursday.
He had an awful day at school. He was worked into a frenzy. His day was so 'terrible' he could only write the details down on paper for us to read rather than voice them out loud. (yes, he is that dramatic.)
Coach ran the heck out of Dodge.
He returned from his Games 3 hours later, to a broken wife and mother.
In just 3 hours:
I had a long phone conversation with The teacher.
I spoke to Flag girl (she's not that fun.)
Spoke to my mother (she's less fun.)
Spoke to Doc (well... she is fun enough but you begin to hate her and her perfect life with her perfect children that do chores and are kind to others... blah.)
I ruled Homework Time.
Gave both girls a bath, which produced 2 gallons of water on the bathroom floor (Got wet socks, which alone is enough to ruin your day.)
Coco got out of the bath twice to pee on the floor.
Removed girls from Bath after I tortured them with washing their hair.
While Tink threw a screaming fit over wanting me to pick her up, so she could admire her toweled cuteness in the mirror...
Coco made a dash to The Kid's leather bedroom chair. Sat on it, peed again and continued to sit in her pee puddle. (obviously, I provide my children with too many beverages). Further contributing to The Kid's meltdown over the worst day of his life.

** Side note: You will notice The Kid either has the Best Day of his life or the Worst Day of his life.

Maneuvered sticky lotioned bodies into pajamas.
Had another meaningful talk with The Kid.
While Coco ripped a page from his library book.
(More melting down.)
Whipped up a 'contributing to all food groups' dinner of PB&J sandwiches and chips.
Played DVR'd Sesame Street twice.
Patiently (totally NOT patiently) waited for my husband to arrive home, then locked myself in the bedroom with my Grey's. (maybe with a small glass of wine. Ok... maybe it was a beer.)

Message Received, Thursday...
I am a slightly below average mother.
Got it.


Andrea said...

our family too, loves Thursdays.
But you have to have a few bad ones to really appreciate the good ones.
are you sure 23 kids are not too many? I'm still on the fence.

ct said...

hilarious. glad to know that my house is not the only household where there is chaos about 3/4th's of the time. this made me laugh.

i also love thursdays! but, just realized i have class every thursday night this semester. so, i'll just have to dvr grey's! :(

i think my new favorite will have to be fridays til may!