Sunday, January 9, 2011

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You are So Very Right, Oprah.

January was not the right month for us.
Historically, January shows are dedicated to
"Making a Better You"... "Weight Loss is Your Friend".. "New Secrets to Softer Skin"... etc.
You will save your Big Guns for February Sweeps.
February will be our month.
Me and You.

There are numerous, valid reasons for why my Birthday was not Berry Perfect.
A Epic Day After Tomorrow Blizzard has always swept our state the week of my birthday.
It would have been beyond devastating, if I had dressed in my new outfit, brushed my newly highlighted hair and placed my perfectly manicured nails into gloves.... only to realize the Highway had been declared unsafe for travel.
I have barely recovered from several weather-related childhood Birthday cancellations.
Of course, You knew that.
Obviously, Your wisdom would include a Farmer's Almanac-like knowledge of such things.

Not to mention, we are so very busy with our Relay for Life Dance (coming January 29th).
See Oprah-
I love Charity work, just like you!
We are practically Twinsies.

Of course, You are right.

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Unknown said...

That makes perfect sense. Oprah is so much wiser than we are! I started feeling like it was never going to happen. Thanks Oprah. We will be ready in February. Should we submit ticket requests or will you just call and give person invites? Please call my cell. I'm seldom home. Love you so much, Tru Stories Mother (The person that introduced Tru Stories to the wonder we call, Oprah.)