Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Moustaches make us Laugh.

Last night, family supported Two at his Wrestling Meet.
('supported'... funny stuff.)

Apparently, there was a little down (boring) time, leaving The Kid and Six to amuse themselves....
Artistic talent, obviously inherited.

Sweetbreads- Do you recognize that 'Amigo'?

Come to find out, Coach and I have the mental maturity of Third Graders and found this Art Project, very amusing.


Unknown said...

Please don't lower yourself to Coach's level. I expect more of you than that! (Wow, I have not said that since your were in high school.)

Anonymous said...

That Is FUNNY!....I guess all coaches are subject to TS ridicule. -bbcoachhol

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

I am also extremely amused by this artwork...probably because I've seen that Amigo look exactly like that at a pool party or two before. But a little curious why they wanted to make everyone look, we'll say 'south of the border'?

Coach said...

I am pretty sure "Nacho Libre" has been playing on TV a lot lately.