Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Wedding Reception:

In a 1000 pictures, or less...

(Flag Girl in her Mother's Wedding Dress.)

(He is still creepy, even with Armpits covered. And Mrs. was actually a very attractive Horror Bride.)

(Doc and The Wedding Photographer.)

(I've never seen anyone so adorable in a sorta ugly, sorta pretty peach dress. oh, um..Hi... Warhol...)

(Our Mothers, new secret keeping Besties.)

(My Father Serving Sweetbreads.)

(Garter Contest)

(Coach and his girls.)

(Grandpa is THE happiest man I have ever met. Yet every year, he looks like he HATES our party.)

(Me and CW)

(Sister-in-law Jackie, her mother and her sister... which may also be my aunt and my cousin... weird.)

(Obviously, after this photo, it was time to turn out the lights...cuz the party was over.)

I loved it, loved it, loved it.
Thanks to our guests, our sponsors and especially
The Kahuna. Job very well done, Relay Team.
Next Year: Hollywood Masquerade


Unknown said...

One of the highlights of the year! Thanks Relay Team!

ct said...

it was a BLAST!!!! you guys know how to host a great party, for a wonderful cause. thank you! :)

Munchkin said...

I'm sorry I wasn't in spandex...

I'm sorry I left early...

but it was still fun for 2.5 hours even after 8 hours of the ick...

And my hand to God, if I am sick next year... I don't really know what I'll do but I'll be superflyPISSED

Anonymous said...

Awesome evening! Enjoyed all the surprises. Gramma G

Unknown said...

Our little town only has beautiful people. Is it the water? That can't be it.