Friday, January 7, 2011

Oprah, this is REALLY it.

Ok, Oprah.
Seriously. I mean Ser- Rious -Ly.
I submitted another batch of Ticket Requests today.
While browsing (stalking) your website (location of worldly knowledge) I could not help but notice, you are taping 2 (1 + 1 = 2) shows on my birthday (January 19th, the day I turn "Kinda, sorta a little Bit Old" according to my first born.)
Your studio seats, maybe 150 people?
(Fact. I Googled your studio. I Googled, cuz I care.) Which means close to 300 people (3 times 100) people will bask in your sunshiny gloriousness on my birthday. (Again, January 19th, the day I turn "Kinda, sorta a little Bit Old.") I only just want Four tix.
(I typed 'Tix' like 4 is so insignificant it's not worthy of hitting the keyboard enough to type "Tickets".)

So, let me remind You.
I Heart You. I more than Heart You.
I Triple Dog, Heart inside 3 more Hearts, You.
I have watched nearly every show for 25 years. (Thanks for the quality time after school, Mom.)
I am there for You. I WILL be there for You. These 5 words I swear to You. I will Bon Jovi for you. Whatever, it takes.

I, hand to my little-boy-chest-swear, to the Universe (see... I'm using The Secret) to The Oprah Gods, to Karma or happy Oprah Mojo... getting these 4 teeny, tiny Tix could honestly be the very best birthday present of my entire life. (and I am not famously known for having super great birthdays.)

The Author of Tru Stories
aka Coach's wife, a sorta alright stay-at-home-mother (remember, the hardest job on the planet... 'your words!'), kinda pathetic sickly person (YES. I DiD just play the disabled card! I am not ashamed.) and girl who only wants one thing for her Birthday.
(that and a pedicure.)

**FYI- I would not be offended if my husband, friends, family and/or blog readers would launch a nationwide, Internet, phone and television campaign to gain Oprah's attention to my Birthday Wish,
"Tickets to The Oprah Winfrey Show."
Go ahead. I won't mind.

Now, I must sign off to watch more stimulating television programming on the OWN network. (Shameless plug of my devotion.)


Unknown said...

I am going to need to make an appointment for sytle & highlights. I want to look my best for our Oprah tickets. I know this will be our month. The day I gave birth to you will now be our lucky day. Ok, it was lucky one other time. Oprah, we really do Heart you.

Anonymous said...

Coo Coo!!!!!

Tru Stories said...

I'm sure you are now claiming my Birth Day as the best day of your life, when we both know the birth of my brother was your most special for at least 16 years.
Now you are crawling back to me, as I am becoming Oprah's BFF. (second to Gayle and Julia Roberts, of course.)