Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm Your Aunt....

A: Always slightly Aloof, yet Affectionate
(unless you are sweaty) sometimes Annoyed Attendee to All of your Athlete Activities. (Apparently, I have nothing better to do than chase After you like An Awed Cheerleader, At your Awesome fast-ness.)

U: Unfiltered, Unapologetic, Uncontrollable and Unsolicited advice on your hair, your game, your Spring Sporting and your friends' Unbelievable ability to recognize Hotness. Thank-you, for being so Understanding (though Usually Uncomfortable) in regards your Aunt's Unbalance.

N: I most definitely make you Nervous with my Non-stop and Notoriously unabashed sarcasm.

T: I sorta wish I had a Teeny bit more Tact, more Taste, more Tenderhearted interactions with my elder Nephews. And yet... if I were to Terminate those Tendencies to Talk... without Thinking. I would probably be pretty boring. Plus, Doc already snatched up the Thrilling Aunt Title and Jackie The Thoughtful Aunt Title. I had no choice but to become the Trainwreck of Torment, kind of Aunt.
But when you find your niche...
you just have to run with it.

Love you to Bits, Three.
I am Happy to be your Aunt.
Happy (well sorta) to be your Fan.
Happy to see that smile,
each time my sarcasm breaks your exterior.
You light up your mother
and are the cutest BFF Coach could ever ask for.

Happy Birthday, Three.

PS- You still owe me a Touchdown.

PSS- Please use Hair Gel.

Heart you.


Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day #3. Kid Cuddy Rocks!!!

Flag Girl said...

What I know about #Three.....he gets excied when his hair is "just right", loves his cousins - big and small, leaves sweet messages to brighten your day, tells every 'woman" he knows that they "look 20", is THE BEST car DJ around, and gives out hugs freely.
You deserve the best Birthday!!
Happy Birthday!

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Happy Birthday Three!! Have a great day!

Doc said...

Happy birthday #3!!! Hope you have a great birthday week - you deserve it! Love Clark, Doc, #4, #5, & #8.

Anonymous said...

I've always liked you best 3...all your cool traits remind me of myself when I was a sporting lad. -Smoothhol

The Mrs. said...

Happy birthday, Three!

(And seriously, how many birthdays do you people celebrate in January?!?)

The Bride said...

Happy Birthday Three!!! :) Hope it was great.

Tru Stories said...

Mrs- We have 4 Birthdays in 7 days. My brain is kinda tired from all the clever blog well-wishes.
And poor Coach said his brain is STILL tired from writing my post, 5 days ago.
Now, we have a little break. Until the entire week I have to dedicate to our brothers in Feb.
But today.....
Is only for Cute #3!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday #3. You make my day when I see you and I get that lovely smile and a big hug. Don't ever stop. You are the right # with all the 3 pointers. Love you Gramma G

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday #3. Hope you had a great day.

you can call me al said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great one! And now the countdown begins, right?