Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pope Joy, slowly Draining The Joy from our Wallet.

New Toilet from Menards: $140.00

Phone call to a Professional Plumber: 6 minutes

Coach's guesstimated length of Installation:
1 maybe 2 hours.

Duration Plumber was actually in my home:
Just shy of 6 hours.

Number of other Professionals, called in as Reinforcements, to cut several feet of old corroded pipe, dig up crawl space and replace all with new:
4 Other Men.

Strength of Assumption that
5 Men x 6 Hours can NOT = Cheap:
Pretty Strong.

Likelihood White Porcelain is the only Shiny thing I will now receive for my Birthday next week:
Close to 100%

Title only meant as a clever play on words. We are very happy with their work and it is certainly not their fault we chose to live in a Money Pit for a priceless location and sentimental ties.


The Mrs. said...


ct said...

you should have called justin! :)

Unknown said...

This is not the first time you referred to your family heirloom as a "money pit." Please refrain from using the term "money pit" when writing about your father's home. You can call it a "fixer upper." Dull silver that needs to be shined. Or "older home" that needs updates. Just saying!