Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tomorrow is MY Birthday.

For the First Time! a Guest Blogger has been formally invited (sorta just told) to write my Birthday Post.
This Man:

a.) Has afforded himself a lifestyle, which requires him to write an email once each month. That email is rarely more than 6 words long. Those 6 words, are typically not capitalized and finish without punctuation.

b.) He does not have a Facebook page, he is oblivious to where the photos are stored on our computer and it took 13 months for him to Comment on my blog.

c.) In our Self-written Wedding Vows,
His Opening Line:
"Tru Stories, I love you so much... It's Stupid."
(That is an unaltered Fact.)

d.) If I sent This Man a Text Message which read:
Can you run to the store, Tink needs more Chocolate Milk and I am losing my mind over it! Plus Coco would like some cookies. And I am about to give both girls a bath. BTW- The Kid got a great report card!

His reply would read:

e.) I have received anniversary cards, which have been signed, simply... "Love Ya."

f.) Typing and letter forming skills aside...
This Man is deeply emotional To.The.Extreme.
For example,
If I were to ask (plead for a compliment) for him to "Tell me Something Nice".

His Reply may be:
"Ummmm... Let me think.....
Uhhh... Dinner was good tonight.
And... Um... I like your legs."

It's like living with a Hallmark Card.

In Conclusion,
You are NOT gonna wanna miss this.

Tomorrow, Coach will write my Birthday Post.
I am BOTH nervous and totally giddy.

Side Note:
Let's try to remember,
there would be NO forum, which could have afforded you the opportunity, to write 412 Comments on how "Super Cute" (puke in my mouth) Flag Girl is... without the author of Tru Stories...


Unknown said...

I blog. You could have asked me. But no, you always have to set yourself up for disappointment and Coach to fail.

Andrea said...

life's disappointments, all for the name of blogging. I love it & am extremely excited. i will let coach's AZ fan know & make sure she reads it tmrw!

Tru Stories said...

After reading this post, Coach declared that I had just "8 Miled-him"....

Verb Definition: Ya know, the end of the movie 8-Mile in the Rap-off, he used all the good material up before the next guy could.

I guess, Coach was banking on using that "Good dinner, Nice legs" line...

And Mother: Sorry, I guess I assumed you would mention my birthday, on your own blog.
Plus you are not as big in AZ as Coach seems to be.

Unknown said...

Excuse me, my blog is about books. When your life story comes out, I will blog about the book.

andrea said...

you probrably just 8-miled him again, commenting on it.

Coach said...

i never bean 8miled so much in my life.ijust hope jennifer reely liks her birthsdy blog tamarrow.

The Mrs. said...

The typos alone on Coach's comment TOTALLY made my day. Tomorrow's post might just be the best one EVA!

Unknown said...

Mrs. - Tru Stories can hear you. Watch on the best blog eva talk.

Anonymous said...

Boy would I like to write your birthday blog. Worhol

ct said...

ohhhh, the anticipation! i can't wait for this one!!!!!