Friday, December 31, 2010

2000 and Ten and it's Top Ten.

Sure... us and those around us, suffered a few bumps (literally... stupid deer) along our road. But for the most part, I could easily label this one of the very best, most smiley, most thankful years of my life.
Here are several reasons Why:
(In no particular order)

1. Chicago, Chicago, Chicago.
Our Family Rocked that City. Trips to the Aquarium, Bears Game, Bleacher Seats at Cubs, Dugout Seats at Cubs, Train Trip. Thanks for the Memories, ChiCaGo. We (and our money) Hearted the Heck out of you.

2. Me pretending to be a Runner. Ummm... not so much the actually Running. The many blogs (mine and others) dedicated to running. The pretend 'Practice' with friends. The 4th of July Race. All of the active participants and their jokes (except Doc and Mrs, who kinda took it serious.)
Running was fun to pretend to care about.

3. Na'Orlens. Which Coach and I now pronounce with a Southern Accent, as if we lived there for years, before settling into a Midwestern Family Life.

4. Personal Achievements (outside of being Coach's Wife and the Mother of his cute children...blah.)
I stepped Way the Bleep Outside my Box this year. My Blog took off.. Thank-you Dear Followers. My Yoga Class has blown up. I feel I have become more myself. Oh... and I am a Runner.

5. My Baby turned One. And honestly, seriously, no-joke has gotten cuter every second of every day.
For Realz.

6. Summer. This Summer was awesome.
My Husband was super cute, at the event otherwise known as The Bride's Wedding. My kids were tanned and adorable. Long days spent at Pools and Beaches. Boat Trips, Road Trips, Family Vacations. I'll say it was the best summer since I was 17 (and that was a pretty darned good summer....)

7.) Taking my children and husband to the Rocky Mountains. Huge Life Experience... Checked Off.

8.) Tinkerbell. Not just the Party. (though nothing is cuter than 15 little Fairies in wings) The 2 months leading up to the Party. Her Giddy Anticipation was priceless. She enjoyed every moment, more than any present. She really is pixie magic.

9.) Our Friends. I laughed. I smiled. I embraced (well sorta, I'm not really a 'toucher'). I considered High-Fiving. We had FUN this year. Dances, weddings, birthday parties, van rides, Day After events, movies, games... etc. Lots of people made me smile (and that is NO easy feat.)

10.) Last and Really 'The Most Important'.
The complete and absolute legal and spiritual joining of my little family on our bumpy journey of life. I have a family. A beautiful, growing, loving, healthy family.
And that... Made my year.

Good-bye 2010.


Unknown said...

I love you and your beautiful, happy family! I loved sharing this happy year with you. It is a great life you and Coach are having! Happy New Year!
PS: I really "Heart" your blog!

The Mrs. said...

This made me tear up! I'm honored to have been a part of one of your happiest years. And as others did for you, thanks to you for bringing laughter to me on many, many occasions.

Anonymous said...

Thinkin you left out some firsts......Tidehol