Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm not sure they REALLY deserve this much Fan Fare.

Because our children have grandmas that spoil them plenty, we began buying them 'memories' for their birthdays. Rather than fancy presents.
On Sunday, The Kid received his day.
We ditched One Coco and added One Six to our Famdamly Adventure.
Sunday morning (following CCD...) we climbed onto The Kid's First Official Train Ride. (Because "EVERY kid in the whole world has been on a train, except him!")
End Dramatic Quote.

Tink loved riding the train. Not so much the getting on and off. She prefers a more quiet environment.

After arriving in Chicago, we walked for awhile. The boys were VERY excited to visit Sears Tower.
(I don't care how big you carve Willis on that wall, it's still Sears Tower.)

(The Taxi Cab was a pretty big thrill. Except to mom, who held her breath and tried not to touch anything.)

We then arrived to our Main Attraction.
The Shedd Aquarium. We Heart that place.

The Kid and Six asked SEVERAL tour guides, SEVERAL questions. Really boys, they are penguins. A penguin is a penguin, do we really need to know which species and from which continent?

We were a little surprised to learn Chicago has a serious Crack problem.
And that information amused me all.day.long....

We left the Aquarium with time to spare and opted to take another exciting Taxi ride back to downtown. We strolled and viewed the Christmas Decorations. After we got chilly, we snuck into Barnes and Nobles, purchased a few books (Yes Coach! We really did NEED new books!) a hot cocoa and walked back to the train station.

On Monday, we surprised The Kid by meeting him during his lunch hour with Subway. All five of us, squeezed into the grade school cafeteria table. We heard several "Ahhh, Man...you are Lucky!" exclaimed to The Kid, with bitter little voices.

We finished our extravaganza, with a Kid requested Ice Cream Cake.

With NINE candles lit on top.
It nearly melted from the flame.
My boy is so old.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to tell about the huge scream and reaction on receiving a certain present. The camera should have been going to catch that moment. That will always be in his memory as well as the train trip. It was awesome. Thanks for that moment. Love Gramma G

The Mrs. said...

Coach looks as though he loved the train as much as his older cousin.

Looks like an awesome birthday fro start to finish. Will you plan my birthday day celebration too?

Unknown said...

It was an amazing birthday!

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Tink's crack is hilarious!!