Saturday, November 20, 2010

My First Wine Tasting

Our Favorite Group, aimed at making an IMPACT on our Town, held their very first Wine/Beer Tasting, with the proceeds benefiting several projects.
I am not a Wine Drinker.
I cautiously approached each table, with advice from others. I took my time and did not over-indulge.
After an hour, I retreated to the Bar and ordered...
a Miller Lite.

My final thoughts:

I could dress myself Up, spritz on a little perfume and spend 2 hours flirting and kissing random men with fancy names and professions...
and the result would have been the same.

My stomach felt funny and regretted my actions.
My mouth tasted yucky from the unfamiliar.
I felt unimpressed with the unknown.
And my actions left me hungry and full of regret.

The evening was an amazing success.
Thanks to Grammy, The Commish, SP and MB for their contributions to the evening.

But really, after many years, Miller has never done me wrong. Why cheat on a perfectly good thing?


Unknown said...

You were not cheating on Miller. You were just flirting with wine and rich beers to remind you how great Miller is.

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