Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flashback Friday-ish

Exactly, one year ago, I posted my Bucket List.
(Reference back, Nov. 2009)

And I am proud to have solidly Checked Off Five.
And a Half.

7.) Eat an authentic Cajun Meal in New Orleans.

12.) Finish the Back Bathroom
NO! Coach, that is NOT Checked.

16.) Attend the Oprah Show.
NO! Oprah, Can you Please Hear Me?!

20.) Take my family to the Mountains.

22.) Spend a Full Day With Coco.
Check. Pretty much. And she is cute.

28.) Plant a Vegetable Garden.
Check. It was a success.
And I am going bigger, next year.

35.) Purchase an Awesome Sectional Couch for Family Movie Night.
Check. But now we need a bigger TV.

37.) Teach my Children, the Beatles are/were the Greatest Band Ever.
1 for 3, with The Kid.

I would like The List, to be continually updated with new Far Reaching Ideas, because I am a Happy.GrabbingtheWorldbyBothHand.Go-Lucky Lady.

Five New Dreams/Goals/Ridiculous Ideas....

1.) Actually, Attempt a semi-decent college-try at a Stupid, Stupid 5Mile Run. Blah.
Are you bleepin Happy, Mrs. and Doc??

2.) Remodel My Kitchen.

3.) Spend One Full Coachonly Weekend in Chicago.

4.) Return To New Orleans.
That city was beyond Awesome.

5.) Take our Children on the Train.

See you back here, next Year.