Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dear GG:

Your Grandson believes you are invincible.
He is convinced you can leap tall buildings.
It is inconceivable to Coach,
that life could ever shake your strut.
And by Golly,
I am pretty sure, he is right.

very similar to my little Tink, you are tiny but NOT frail. You appear sweet and mini but you are NOT a push-over.
You are the proud matriarch to a big, booming family of Full.of.Life Irish men and women. You have created a dynasty, to be proud of. Your 'decedents' are amazingly beautiful, vibrant, caring and painfully hilarious. Especially, to each other.
I am honored to share your name.
To raise just a few of your MANY great-grandchildren.
To have married, your grandson.

You are an amazing woman of faith.
A candle you burn, for your grand-children in want, feels as magically powerful, as if lit by an Angel.

I am convinced, 94 ain't gonna slow you down!
You know what they say,
your 90's are the new 30's...

Happy Birthday, GG!
You are the tiny star, we all orbit around.


Munchkin said...

yay GG! Happy Birthday, whether it is today or tomorrow. And G, I'm planning on you telling her that.

The Mrs. said...

GG is my hero. I hope some day I'll be as cool as her.

Hugs, kisses, and lots of love from all of us at One Carbon Hill, GG!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Grandma...#1hol

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday GG. Yes Munchkin, I will not only tell her but she will get a copy to read on her machine. She is just like the kids. We will have a little something for 3 days. She had a big day yesterday with a few phone calls and neighbors bringing treats. If any one forgot, she still has today as SS claims. And Tuesday is her children at Bernardi's II with her favorite cake, CHOCOLATE WITH CHOCOLATE FROSTING. Save the date for next year. Big family celebration. Gramma G

Doc said...

Happy birthday GG!! You tru-ly are amazing!!
Love clark,doc, #4,#5,#8.