Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shiny Happy People Laughing...

You are Joyful.
A Tru Joy to be around.

Jubilant. Jolly. Jovial. Jabber Box. Jester. Juvenescence. Jumping-bean.

Open. Optimistic. Overjoyed. Outstanding. Outrageous.

Yellow-sunshiny. Youthful. Yummy. Yakkity-Yak

You are a bright, bubbly bundle of bouncy Joy.
A giggling, glossy, giddy gift of Glee.
A Tiny, tender-hearted, ticket to teasing Trouble.

Thanks for illuminating our family with Smiles. It is impossible to Frown anywhere near your Joy.

Happy Birthday, Twelve.
We love you!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday 12! You remind me of my brother, your Grandpa.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Twelve. You truly are a Joy to be around. Love those big brown eyes. Your great Grandmother always prayed for a brown eyed blonde. I am sure she is watching you from above and enjoying her wish come true. Love to you! Gramma G and Poppa Art.

Doc said...

Happy birthday #12!! Great party! Love Clark, Doc, #4,#5,#8

The Mrs. said...

Happy birthday, beautiful girl!

Anonymous said...

Dear are the BEST godchild I have...not cocky, you are really funny, you don't just think your funny, cute and attractive. Even though you look like your father,I do NOT want to beat you like a red headed stepchild (that is an actual saying people, don't point fingers!) Love having you in my life....Uncle Worhol