Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Hate Who I Have Become.

Last night, my Neti Pot and I spent some serious quality time together.
I view our relationship as many Desperate Housewives must view their secret addiction to Crystal Meth. I never could have imagined, doing such a thing to my body and then admitting to the world, how Tru-ly lame I have become.

A.) When I need my fix, I lock myself in the bathroom, unable to face my children and husband. They should never see their mother, in such a disparaging state.

B.) While preparing 'my drug'... I feel a little ashamed, a little embarrassed by what is about to happen and a little sad for my dependency.

C.) While injecting/using the Neti Pot. It feels wrong. I feel dirty, repulsed and wonder how I could have ever been talked into pouring water up my nose. It is very unnatural, to say the least.

D.) When it has ended. I have a mess to clean up and can barely look at myself in the mirror.

E.) Moments later.... I feel the rush. The glorious High of actually being able to breathe! I have forgotten the 'ugly' and rejoice in the swift sensation of fresh oxygen in my system.

F.) I leave the bathroom. Basking in my 'Fix'. Yet, as I crawl into bed with my husband, it feels awkward and uncomfortable... for we both know
(but want to forget) what I have just done.

Neti Pot:
You are my Drug.
I just can't shake ya.
At least, not until this sinus infection clears.


Unknown said...

Your welcome for "pushing" the nedi-pot on you. It's weird, I know I'm cool and it does not bother me to use it. All the cool kids do.

Flag Girl said...

I don't even understand that thing.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about your sinus infection. Hoping it clears soon. Gramma G

ct said...

i HATE those things and can relate to this whole blog. but, man they work good!

Anonymous said...

where do you get a nedi-pot?

Anonymous said...

I mean Neti Pot?

Tru Stories said...

You can find a Neti Pot at any Walgreens or probably Wal-mart.

Unknown said...

Or you could shop locally at Docs.