Monday, November 22, 2010

To The First.

It is amazing to me, to realize my children, developed their personalities from the Womb.
While pregnant with Tink: I craved Dairy Queen everyday! My belly and weight were the smallest, I was both happy and a teeny bit grumpy at all times. On her Birth Day, she was stubborn, cozy in her warm home and finally arrived quietly.
While pregnant with Coco: I craved pasta, pasta and pizza. My belly was HUGE! I was thrilled to be pregnant but tired very easily. On her Birth Day, she arrived calmly and snuggled soundly.
And while pregnant with The Kid: I got BIG! I craved broccoli and spaghetti and ate LOTS of everything. He stretched his giant legs all the time (and it hurt, as you were 4 inches longer than your sisters!). I told anyone that would listen I did not want him born on Thanksgiving. But defiantly and quickly, he charged into my world, with the loudest cry and immediately fell into a long, deep nap.

Defiant, quick, long, loud and hungry.
That is my boy.
Today, my boy is Nine.

To describe any corner of your personality, would require several 'Very's and a few exclamation marks. Because, little boy, you are To The Extreme.
You are very intelligent. I would love to brag, you inherited your 'smarts' from your mother, except you are putting me to shame. Your mind is curious. You want and need to learn. I am awed by your wonder.
Though seriously, I am NOT your encyclopedia.

You are very deep. You think just a little too much. You worry and that is from your mother. It would surprise people to know, you are shy and nervous. Though, publicly you appear so friendly and outgoing. You fear people do not like you and in actuality people want you to like them! I pray you will someday see in yourself, what others see in you.

You are FAST. You run like the wind. You read fast, write fast, eat fast. Your life is skipping forward in super-sonic fast motion.
Pleeeaasseeee.... Slow Down!
You are quick to lose that temper. Quick to feel happy, sad or excited. Quick to mess up a room. (Really, for Dad's sake, please pick up your socks.) Quick to react, learn or defend.

Mostly, you are so VERY beautiful.
Physically and emotionally.
Emotionally, you are the most loyal. You love so very hard and hurt when others do not love you back with the same passion. You lack physical boundaries and want to touch the people in your circle. You desire to be unforgettable and trust me... you are.
Your beauty... is still shocking to me. You most resemble me and then so very much more. Your face is amazing. Your skin is perfect, your smile can light up your face and those around you. You have great hair (sorry Tink) and your eyes tell your story. You are too pretty for just any ol' boy.

To my first love:
I have done right by you. If I accomplish nothing else in my life, I know that for certain.
You deserved my everything and I try to deliver as much. I promised you the world and each summer we (plus Pop-pop and Grammy) try to show you the beauty of our country. I see my best memories, being made in your expressions.
Ask... and I will answer.
Need... and I will deliver.
Want... and I will find.
Continue to amaze and strive to be more than great.
You are special.

I Love you.
Happy Birthday to Our Son.


The Page Turner said...

Happy Birthday Kid - Love you with all my heart. Your Twin, Grammy

flag girl said...

Happy birthday Kid! Hope you enjoy your day! Love you....

Coach said...

Happy birthday kid, we love everything you are, and everything you can acomplish. You are a great big brother. Happy birthday to our first!

ct said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kid(#7). You added much to our family. I look forward to you at the sleep overs. You always add a little excitement and culture. Hope you had fun yesterday and today. Love to a magnificent grandson. Gramma G

Doc said...

Happy birthday Kid!! hope you had a great day! Love, Clark,Doc,#4,#5,#8

The Mrs. said...

Happy birthday, Kid!

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Hope you had a great Bday, Kid! Once again...I need to step up my blog activity. Maybe I should make it my home page?

Tru Stories said...

Sweetbreads: I don't know why it wouldn't be EVERYONE's homepage?!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kid.....hope you enjoy your special day! Unkhol