Wednesday, November 24, 2010

$300 at Wal-Mart = Holiday Fun.

Brand new Wii: Purchased (via Grammy)

Just Dance 2: Purchased (via Gramma)

Michael Jackson Experience just released yesterday!:
Purchased (via my own wallet... and OUCH.)

New Ping Pong Paddles and Balls: Purchased

Catch Phrase: Soon to be Purchased

Turkeys, cranberry sauce (I don't know if anyone actually eats this but I got it anyway.) Stuffing, wide variety of pops and other beverages, fancy paper plates with the separate compartments to prevent food-touchage: All Purchased

I may be cookin those Turkeys in the Crock-pot but the Fun-ness Level has been painstakingly planned to each age-appropriate and LaughMaximum detail.

Our first Thanksgiving, in our Home:
Kinda/Sorta ready to go...
and we are actually pretty excited about it.

Side Note:
I tried 3 of the Michael Jackson songs, yesterday.
I taught Thriller a lesson.
Today my back and arms hurt.

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