Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday


Coach: I'm gonna get up and go get that $198 Flatscreen TV from Wal-Mart.

Me: Go ahead. Do what you need to do.

Coach: Don't you think I should? That is a really awesome deal.

Me: I don't care what you do at 4:00am.
Just don't wake me up.


Friday Morning...

(4:35am). Alarm sounds.
Coach enthusiastically jumps out of bed.
Pumped and excited to get his TV.
I continue to sleep.

(5:45am). Coach returns.

Me: How'd it go?
(Trying to suppress my 'I told you so' Smile.)

Coach: What a bleepin joke! People had been waiting there since 9:00pm the night before? I didn't even have a chance. They should bleepin advertise that you have to spend the night there. It was bleepin ridiculous. People were crazy acting! What a waste of my bleepin time. I will never do that bleep again.

Me: Some lessons, just have to be learned.

Coach: Bleep that.

We went back to sleep.
End Scene.


Anonymous said...

"Some lessons just have to be learned." Hilarious!!

ct said...

this made me laugh. totally sounds like coach. can never tell him anything! :)

The Mrs. said...

The General faced the Black Friday crowds one time - for a highly discounted game of Madden - and it was one of the worst experiences of his life. He will never and I mean NEVER step foot in a store the day after Thanksgiving again. His exact words after reading this post? "He really should have called me first".

MelancholySmile said...

My husband did the same thing once, only he came home with a bunch of 'deals' we didn't need, that required sending in receipts, pieces of the box, and all kinds of fine print just to get a rebate months later. RIP OFF.