Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Swirling Around in a 'Sea of Love'

Come with me
My love
(Hurry, let's run away, before they notice.)

To the sea (Bourbon Street)
The sea of love
(I'm not sure Bourbon St is a 'Sea of Love'... more like Street paved in Sin. But it made people Happy.
To each his own.)

Do you remember
When we met? (First Willy's, than Turtles.)
(Likely, you barely remember either but both were extremely romantic locales.)

That's the day
I knew you were my pet
(Not really 'my pet' so much, but you had cute hands and were funny. Same Diff.)

I wanna tell you
how much
I Love you
(Ummm, 'Love'? Are we really committing to 'that word'. We just barely met, for gosh sakes!)

I wanna tell you
just how much
I Love you.
(Fine. I suppose, I really do.)

Happy Birthday, Coach.
You are absolutely,
the Pepperoni, on our Pizza.
The Bounce, in our Step.
The Swish, of our Free Throw.
The Bacon, on top of our Nachos.

Without you,
this family would be pretty bland.


ct said...

happy birthday to one of my very best friends! love ya.

Unknown said...

Have a great day Coach! It is easy for you to put up with my Grand Babies. I don't know how you put up with the daughter. You must be a living Saint.

Doc said...

Happy birthday Coach!! Have a great birthday yoga and Willys tonight!! Love you Clark, Doc, #4, #5, #8

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Coach!!! Hope it's a great one!

The Mrs. said...

This post would be infinitely better if only you had used a picture of Coach from the Halloween party.

Happy birthday anyway, Coach!

Cath said...

Happy Birthday Coach! Hope you had a great day!
-Chris & Cathy

Anonymous said...

Wow...your birthday again..we need to grab these moments and cherish them bigbrohol