Thursday, November 11, 2010

Poor Nerdy Coach....

Coach was very bummed to see his lack of Birthday Shout-outs in the Comment Section.
After Doc blazed the way with No Fewer than 27 Comments on her Birthday, Coach was hoping for a little more Love.
He exclaimed,
"What the Bleep? I'm practically the Main Character of the whole Blog!"

You are more than happy to laugh at his expense, yet not kind enough to show little JC some respect. (notice I added 'little'... I am funny.)
Flag Girl
Big Bro-hol
The General, Munchkin...etc.
Gramma G (his VERY OWN Mother! Not only did you fly down to Florida on his birthday, apparently that entire State is without Internet Service.)
Shame on all of you.

Still, the real Moral of this Story remains...
If this Blog were High school
and my characters were in a popularity race,
Obviously, Doc will always be our Homecoming Queen.

Congratulations, Doc.
I suppose,
that actually makes you Superflyawesome.
And Coach is just some guy,
we all make fun of.
His Ego may never recover from this.


Unknown said...

I had 11 comments on my birthday. Not quite Doc but up there. Wow, noone hearts Coach.

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

I obviously need to step my blog game up...I'll try harder. Hope you had a very Happy 2-9!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Coach, I've been on this earth for 40 years, kind of a milestone, I also had a birthday party at Willys with a supporting cast of characters being dads BFF with the glasses and the teeth. My Birthday blog went up at closing time and was replaced by brunch by some cutesy shenanigan that that one of your hoodrats did! In closing we all think you are a great brother and probably don't hear it enough....Happy B day -asshol

Tru Stories said...

Warhol,you are funny.
I swear, your birthday post will stay up for the majority of February... so we NEVER have to hear about this again!

Unknown said...

Warhol cracked me up!!

Doc said...

Hello where do you think Coach got his Superflyawesomeness!!

Nice post Bro-hol!!

The Mrs. said...

Clearly Coach and Bro-hol need to hug it out.

Flag Girl said...

Happy Belated Birthday Coach! I think it was the picture that sunk the commment list..... It didn't look like the Coach I a tie and all.

From experience.....don't try and top Doc.....she always wins....

Andrea said...

I absolutely LOVE this post. poor, poor Coach... Happy Birthday, you little young pup!

Unknown said...

Hug it out!!! Seriously, laughing so hard.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Coach, Happy Blog Birthday! I did give you your birthday present early. I thought you would know we love you without broadcasting it over the internet. I am sure we should say it more.

Is this why I did not get a call welcoming us home? So sorry I didnot look up a computer but we did have a wonderful time with my brother and his family. I had too much night life, food and reminiscing to be thinking of the day you were born and the distress of following the neighbor in the ambulance. Always know we love you.

Can this count for more than one response since it is lengthy?
Your irresponsible, unfeeling,but loving mother.

Tru Stories said...

Wow, Gramma...
Um, I probably won't call you out on the blog again.
But really, who travels to Florida and DOESN'T log onto a computer? Weird.