Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Conversation...

held at 9:30pm.

Coach: Dad sat next to me on the bench tonight!
(yes, Coach likes to speak with exclamation.)

Me: Really? I'll bet he loved that.

Coach: He did. I called him and asked if he wanted too. But he told me he was going with mom and would just sit by her. But then when he got there, he came right on down and sat on the bench for the whole game.
( tone to his voice.)

Me: Oh, so he ditched your mom at home, or something?

Coach (confused): No, she was there.

Me: What? Your mom came and sat in the stands totally by herself?

Coach: Yea. Why?

In Conclusion:
With 5 grown children, 13 Grandchildren, a farm/home and several other facets of their life to care for: Gramma and Grandpa have absolutely nothing better to accomplish, on a Tuesday, than to drive OUT OF TOWN for a 7th Grade Basketball Game and are related to NO ONE actually playing.
And... poor Gramma had to sit alone.
during half time.
They are either Superfans or
really, really love their son.

I am both amused by this story and
slightly fearful for my future.


Unknown said...

My grandkids are so lucky! You, Tru Stories, will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Was it "Dads" night? Did he wear his boots?

So fans got a front row seat to see dad watch Coach "in action" more than the game itself?