Monday, November 16, 2009

Man Work

Check off, one of my "Bucket List". No, not Europe or Ireland. Something a little less glamorous but equally as awesome. Our Master Bathroom!!
This weekend, a whole lot of Big Man Stuff, has been taking place. There is more Busch Lite in the fridge, than water or milk. Coach has worn one ugly sweatshirt after another. Three TV's and one computer were kept running at all times to update fantasy football. Ditta discovered our nest of alien/millipede/mutant spiders in the crawl space area. He did not actually enter the crawl space, due to a phobia, professionally labeled "Thatcrawlspaceisnastyaphobia".
I totally understand.

One volunteer was injured. After ANOTHER visit to our On Call Doctor, our friend suffered 7 stitches.
I questioned, how many more injuries need to happen in this house before the authorities are called...he answered, just a couple more. Counter is ticking.
While the Man Work takes place...the women folk are keeping the kiddies out of the way. Grammy had first shift. I had second.
I dropped, Coco (or the 'good one') off with Doc and Flag girl for her first day of lunch and shopping with her aunts. I took the older kids to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Followed with Children's Place, to pick out their Christmas clothes.
Is it too late to pick the 7 stitches?
It had to be less painful.
(Though, we love the birthday boy!)

I rounded up the troops and drove the hour back home.
Progress has been made and they are back to work this morning.
Rumor has it, I can pick out flooring by tomorrow.
Keep your fingers crossed!

*None of this could have been made possible, without the direction and organization required to take ALL 3 children to Menards on Friday, to pick out the shower and materials. Me...alone...with ALL 3 children...carrying a tape Menards, for 2 hours. Followed by another hour in Wal-mart. If, I am not going to credit myself with that amazing feat. Who will? Great job, myself. You are a super mom. And, I only had to bribe The Kid with one lava lamp.


Anonymous said...

Please do not forget you know an interior designer who has access to trade discounts for your project! PS - I'm competing for a corporate re-branding design project (22 locations in 5 states) right now that , if selected, will put my little business on a big map!

Tru Stories said...

If you can help me find, beautiful and very soft bedding that I can melt into...that would be another huge number off my bucket list.
Bedroom is chocolate brown, and creamy tanish. I say, I painted it to look like a Reese's Buttercup.

The Mrs. said...

Menards and Wal-Mart alone, with three children? For multiple hours?!?!? I'd say you're my hero but putting yourself in that position just ain't right. Kudos to you for not finding it necessary to stop by Four Seasons Liquor on your way out of town.

Can't wait to see the "after" pictures! Also, there's a very good chance our daughters could show up to Christmas in the same outfits. TCP for Christmas is as much a tradition as the "A Christmas Story" marathon on TBS.