Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Her name was Coco, and she was my girl. With Yellow Feathers in her hair...

Glancing over at the 'Labels' column, it is easy to see, Coco is not feeling any blog lovin. When you follow, A Kid and A Tink, it is difficult to be the most clever in the room. On her Half Birthday, she deserves some love.
Note: This will be the only time I celebrate a Half Birthday. This is no feel good Kindergarten class, where you get a sticker for blowing your nose.

Months 2-5 are always the most boring for me. While 'I Heart You Like Crazy', this Act in our Life Play, requires a little more jazz hands to work me up.
At 6 months, you are becoming yourself.
I am happy to meet you.

You are sitting up.
In addition to nursing, you are eating food THREE times a day. With every bite, you make the weirdest, honking noise from somewhere inside your head.
Thanks to the THREE are pretty, um, solid. Dad pretends he is the hippo off Madagascar and sings, "You're chunky, you're hefty".
Don't worry, I will nip this in the bud, to prevent an inevitable eating disorder.
You adore your siblings. Tink loves you, when nothing good is on TV. The Kid claims you are his favorite sister. Him and Tink, have a Love/Hate thing.
Please be the sweet, marshmallow glue that holds them together....

...because, really, YOU ARE SO SWEET.
After the drought of love coming off your sister, we were thirsty for your affection. Especially, Daddy. We cannot get enough of your kisses.
Last night, while you were sleeping, your Snow White lips were so beautiful and red. Dad and I nearly ate them.
Please, for all that is good...TAKE A NAP.
Sadly, you have terrible dry skin.
I slather you in Vitamin E and then wrap you in fleece jammies.
Thanks to your skin, you love everything soft and fuzzy. Prepare for a Christmas with fluffy blankets.
Your hair is FINALLY growing and coming in dark.
Only one little blondie for this family.
Well, there is Dad, but how much longer can he actually lay claim to a hair color?

You can roll across the room.
The Angel Kisses, you were born with, are fading. I am secretly convinced they were from my Grandma Andy. I know, she was watching over us during that AWFUL pregnancy. She held you safely, until you arrived, with her irises.
You look great in bright colors.
You fit perfect in the snuggle of Dad's arm pit.
And, I just love you.
So much.


Grammy said...

Look at that beautiful, happy face. She is our sweet baby. Hope she has the strength to follow behind Tink and find her own way. Love you sweetie!

flag girl said...

Ahhhhhhh! The good one....

The Mrs. said...

If that first smile doesn't just scream baby jazz hands, I don't know what does. What a beautiful baby girl!

Anonymous said...

How CUTE is she!!!
Love from #1

flag girl said...

Well how cute is #1 for writing that! Sighhhhhhh....I like #1. I really really do!