Friday, November 6, 2009

Big, big weekend...

This weekend, we are happy to share the 93rd birthday of a phenomenal lady. Mother to some, grandmother to many, great-grandmother to VERY many. Her faith is strong, her love of chocolate admirable, her heart is full and her guts are made of steel. I am honored to have given GG, her 30th great-child, Coco. As honored as all the mothers are, to have given her, the 29 before. Without GG, none of this could have happened, literally.
If I live to 93, I hope to do it with her grace and her tiny waist line.

GG will spend her birthday with her 29th and our Twelve. On this day, we will celebrate Twelve's first birthday and her baptism. Twelve is full of smiles, laughs and sun-light. She is as tiny as Tink but much sweeter. She has beautiful eyes, that look a little like Flag girl and is trying her best to grow blond hair. Her and Coco will be fast friends, they already delight in seeing each other. They will have a wild, wide path to follow in life, with those older sisters.

Twelve will receive two fun, God-parents (I know, I am related to both!). My cousin (Twelve's aunt), and one of Coach's most favorite people, CW. Twelve's laugh is already as contagious as her god-mother's.
Her god-father, Uncle Warhol, is too cool. I am becoming even more impressed with his vast talents over the last 3 weeks! Following the hurtful blow to his ego, of trying to love Tink, Warhol bonded immediately with Twelve's loving spirit.

These are your god-parents, Twelve...soak that in...
They are both full of personality and very creative. From the little, I have already will fit this trio nicely.
Twelve, while the three of you are standing together for pictures. It may be possible Uncle Warhol, is smiling so widely because he is close to you.
Happy Birthday to both special girls!


The Mrs. said...

Is there anyone in the world more loved than GG? There's certainly no one more deserving. Happy birthday to the only woman I know who can rock the polyester look forty years after it was cool.

And a very happy first birthday to you too, Twelve!

flag girl said...

Happy birthday GG and Twelve! I only hope to be as cool as GG when I am 93...hell I wish I was as cool at the age of 36!