Monday, December 13, 2010

No Plans to join the Christmas Walk, just yet...

It has been written...
the exterior of our home, can be a bit of an eyesore. The Country Boy that lingers in my husband, has some trouble with the aesthetic.
One source of contention, in our marriage:
The ongoing Christmas Lights Saga.
I am not asking for a synchronized light show.
No bells, ribbons or whistles... of course.
Admittedly, my husband is a busy man in the winter months, clocking in MANY hours.
Which I do not discount for anything.
That said, I calmly mentioned this weekend, it may not KILL anyone to hang 1 string of lights. Not much. Just one little string of lights, wrapped around the porch pole. That is not an unreasonable request.
Just 1. Plain string. On a porch pole.
Simple, right?
Sunday morning, I faced the blizzard and headed to the mall, with detailed shopping list in hand.
(following 8:00am Mass... of course...)
The kids were shipped to Grammy's.
And Coach was left alone.
Per usual, he attempted to over-extend himself.
He headed to the Garage (black hole of lost lights from Christmas Past) and pulled out 2 lines of Icicle Lights. (Purchased during an ambitious post-Christmas Sale. Because 'Next Year' was gonna be 'The Year'... declared 3 years ago.)
The Result was sad, to say the least.
After years spent shoved in a plastic bin.
The light were a little less than Icicle-ish....

You will notice the wide gaps, as the lights are spaced randomly along the gutter. Each icicle wound UP tight.

Slight skip around corner.
Except, not from 1 corner of the house to the other....
Ohhh Nooo.
The line extended maybe 11 feet of the gutter line.
Before taking an erratic nose-dive Gap towards the porch pole. Then haphazardly wrapping the icicle lights, around the pole.

After a brief, mature and mutual discussion this morning. We decided maybe it probably wouldn't be a terrible idea, to try again. We reasoned maybe we could try stringing the lights on just one bush and see how that went.

Visions of Sugar Plums,
and what not..


Unknown said...

Tears running down my cheeks laughing. That is the poorest excuse for lights I have ever seen. Awesome attempt Coach. Were you trying to get Tru Stories to say, "If that is the best you can do, forget it."

The Mrs. said...

Punkin would offer severe criticism of this attempt at holiday decorating.

andrea said...

Punkin is the first one I thought of too, but you know, maybe at very least it brings OCH's up quite a few notches. do you turn them on?

ct said...

this somehow does not surprise me AT ALL!!!! per our conversation yesterday, as i said, i have to hang them at our house if i want it done. needless to say, we do not have any lights this year. excuse - living in the country!

yes, you guys need lights. maybe i could come in and "boss" coach around and "help" him hang lights next year. that might motivate him to do a better job next time! ;)

i know he's told you about my bossing abilities! ha. ha.