Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"If you want Something Done, you have to do it yourself...Huh?"

... was the sentiment bellowed from across the street, courtesy of The Neighbor. And was the sentiment playing on repeat in my mind
(save a few select swear words.)
Yesterday, Coach attempted (again) to manifest a pathetic little light display. He shoved and mangled 2 lines of icicle lights and 2 net lights, into a bush.

But shockingly, when you connect and connect and connect, 2 different types of lights together...
they sometimes will not even light.
Light Lesson #1.
And shockingly (again) just because you leave that mess plugged in for 24 hours... does not mean they will magically RE-electrically correct themselves.
Light Lesson #2.
Therefore, this afternoon I dramatically declared
(in my head) "Bleep This Noise!"
I am perfectly capable of wrapping Christmas lights around a pole.
I can NOT drain a Three from the opposing team's Free-Throw line.
I can NOT put on an aerobic display of Short-Stop godliness on a baseball field.
and I can NOT be HomecomingKingFriendly (sigh).

But I CAN and I DID, string some Christmas Lights while simultaneously spreading some
Mother ##$@!% Christmas Joy.
2 colors, no less.
(please ignore use of Painter's Tape.)
Go ahead and Crown me The Queen of
"Doing myself a complete DiS-service because now my husband will never even try this again."

The entire process took 18 minutes
(actually timed for Blog Bragging Purposes.)
The most time-consuming part??
Photographing Coach's Lameness.
Photographing My Awesomeness...
and my Daughter's Grossness.

Deck the Halls...
And all that Jazz.


Anonymous said...

I noticed your lights as I drove by tonight. Looks good! I actually thought Coach redeemed himself because I hadn't read Tru Stories yet. And, I was a little disappointed that the lights that Coach put on the gutters were not on... I was anxious to see what they looked like after they were turned on!

Unknown said...

You have fallen for the most simple trap that men will set. The IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE WAY I DO IT, DO IT YOURSELF trap. Add Christmas lights onto your list of things to do at Christmas.

Coach said...

Hook, line, and sinker

Anonymous said...

Page Turner is correct. Like Father Like Son. At least Coach admits it. Welcome to Christmas Decorating. Gramma G