Friday, December 3, 2010

Four Year Olds are Fun.

Yesterday, in one short conversation, 2 maybe 3 Grandmas were taken down with one stone.

Location: The backseat.

Children involved: Tink and Eleven.

Eleven: Who is you faborite Grandma?

Tink: Ummmm, I don know. Nothing.

Tink: Who is you faborite?

Eleven: Ummmm. I dink maybe GG?

Tink: Oh, yeah. I don know.

Soooo... Grammy, Gramma G or Grandma Pam.
I guess, it's pretty obvious GG spends the most quality time with the girls. Though, Tink seems to be pretty unimpressed with all of her grand-mothers.

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Munchkin said...

um who wouldn't have said GG?