Thursday, December 9, 2010

Coach thinks I am Ugly.

I am trying my best to stay home and stay healthy...
But I had made my Hair appt weeks ago and a girl has priorities. This appt was not just necessary for my Holiday Glow... I had to hurry and JUMP before I changed my mind.
I have always wanted to Donate my hair. I have always had soooo much hair. And I felt, if I didn't do this, I would feel guilty. About a year ago, I decided it needed to happen sooner than later.
(Let's get real, the hair is not getting any younger.)
A few weeks ago, my hand literally cramped while trying to brush out my unmanageable mane. Conclusion: This is It! Made the appt, gave myself a mini daily pep-talk, confessed my plan to others and tried to ignore the fabulous hair days experienced, immediately after placing the phone call.
And now...

Did my Heart stop beating and/or leap into my throat as she began to cut?

Do I like my new short hair?
Not so much. Though, it feels more healthy and much easier to brush!

Is it the fault of my Hairdresser?
Absolutely not, she wasn't thrilled with the idea either but she did what she was told.

Am I happy, I donated?
Yes. Check one off my Secret Bucket List.

Will I be growing it back
(minus 3 inches, cuz it really was too long)?
I may even start popping left over pre-natal vitamins, like candy.

Is there a lucky little girl, who will be grateful to receive my 8 inches of naturally curly hair?
Ummm, possibly No.

Coach's reaction:

He arrives home, minutes after I have fixed up the New Do, to the best of my ability...

Me: So... what do you think?

Coach: Well, yea. I mean, I guess I would need to see it done.

Me: It IS done.

Coach (with a much higher level nervous voice): Yea. I mean, yea. It's cute. I just meant done with make-up on, you know. But yea, it's alright. I just have to get used to it. It's cute.

Me: Go away.

Label: Why do I come up with crazy ideas?


MelancholySmile said...

I'm sure it's beautiful! I've always loved your curly hair-- some little girl is going to appreciate it.

Poor Coach. My husband HATES when I ask things like, "How do I look?" There never seems to be a 'right' answer.

Anonymous said...

Atleast he noticed! Mine would say, "Why? What did you do?".

Unknown said...

Hair is Coach's life. Of course, he would notice. Well, hair & basketball. Hair, basketball, and softball. But hair is important.

Parker said...

a. do we get to see pictures of the new do?
b. why didn't you just have coach cut could have held onto a basketball as he was cutting?
c. It's just will grow back.

Anonymous said...

I want a picture!! But, I'm sure you look wonderful!

The Mrs. said...

Holy crap! I can tell just from that first picture that you cut off some serious length. Am I even going to recognize you tomorrow night? I have no doubts that you look amazing, and I can't wait to see it!

Munchkin said...

munchkin is angry at lack of before and after pictures