Thursday, December 23, 2010

She Even Meaner Like Pony.

Tink has become even more Tinkeriffic. To best explain the complete and total transformation into the infamous temperamental fairy...
A random list of her Tink-like behavior.
Merry Christmas.

1.) She missed one day of pre-school. The flu?? Nope. She refused to put on clothing. No... not like she was in her pajamas all day. She was naked and physically fought back hard against any clothing.
She was called out of school: Naked.

2.) She missed one evening of Tumbling.

Tink: "Becuz mine legs are too tired. My arms are berry tired. My fourahead muscles are too tired."

Me: "Your forehead can't go to Tumbling?"

Tink: "No. It is too tired for Somenearsaults."

Yet another sweaty battle, trying to get her into Tumbling clothes.
We lost.

3.) This is a familiar picture of our Tink.

In her Time-out Chair.
Let's pay careful attention to her now faborite outfit. We snagged the (very cute) nightgown at the Mrs. Garage Sale. Tink loved it and wore in constantly, this summer. However, when the weather turned cold, we explained she had to wear warmer pajamas. One night, she added my Cubs Tshirt over top of her beloved nightgown, as a robe/shawl of sorts.
She now wears the combo at least twice a week.
We have tried hiding both.
Again... not pretty.

5.) Tink has become exceptionally short (get the joke) with her father. For example:

Coach: Tink, I love you.

Tink: No. You can't. I lobe my mom.

Coach: Tink, why are you in my closet?

Tink: I not. I in my mom's closet.

Coach: Tink, come in my bed and snuggle goodnite.

Tink: I can't. Dat's mine mom's bed. I lobe my mom.

Coach: Tink, you are so pretty. I love you.

Tink: You don't! I can't be your pretty!

Frankly, I don't really see the problem with the above. We all get tired of being His Pretty.
But it is upsetting her father.

6.) Tis The Season.

Me: What are you asking Santa for?

Tink: A Baby All Gone.

Me: What else do you want for Christmas?

Tink: NOTHING! Just a Baby All Gone.

Me: Mommy wants to buy you something.

Tink: You can't! I want nothing from you.
Santa will get me a Baby All Gone.

Me: I want Santa to get me a puppy.

Tink: He can't neber. He doesn't dink so. He wants to get you nothing.

Naughty or Nice??
I just can't decide...


Unknown said...

No mention of the fact she is refusing to wear a coat. That it takes 3 adults to force our little Pony into a coat.

andrea said...

i can't stand liars. at least she is not a liar.

The Mrs. said...

I love that nightgown too. I say thrown on some coordinating leg warmers and let her wear it. She's too cute not to let her get what she wants!

Anonymous said...

What a pile-up!

Flag Girl said...

That is totally my new desktop picture at work for the holidays.
Merry Christmas!

Doc said...

I love the new jammies!! Does Coco have a matching one? That picture is the BEST!