Thursday, December 30, 2010

So...Ya know You've Thrown a Great Party When.....

You find leftover traces of said party for several days following the event.

The most peculiar clue, would be these:

Allow me to pose 3 Questions:
Which one of our Friends...

A.) Claims The Slippers as a part of their wardrobe?

B.) Actually chose to wear The Slippers to our Party?

C.) Enjoyed themselves so very much,
they left our December Party barefoot?

Just the fact, that I am completely baffled and find it difficult to narrow the list, to even a few....
Sadly, defines the character of my group of
friends and/or family.

And I must say...
I Heart That.


Doc said...

Not it!

The Mrs. said...

Not mine either!

Anonymous said...

Crap!!! -WH

The Bride said...

fine... they are mine.. but
A.) I wear these slippers everyday (minus the days post-party where i've been looking for them non-stop)
B.) My feet get cold easily.
C.) I wore other shoes and brought those in case

Now I'll gladly take them back... (blush)

Unknown said...

I knew they were too tame to be Munchkins.

Tru Stories said...

I appreciate your honesty and your bright-happy-go-get-em attitude that just knew... bringing bunny slippers to our party, was a totally normal idea.
We'll keep ya.